Hobby challenge is back!

I think I’ll start this month off with a hobby challenge, I haven’t set one up for awhile so why not? This month’s task: your current tabletop miniatures project. Whether it’s a single miniature, a squad, a tank or a small warband, so long as your work is built and primed you can join in!Continue reading “Hobby challenge is back!”

Side project: Warmachine-Protectorate of Menoth stater set 

Today I thought I’d show my starting Warmachine faction that I’m  still currently painting as a side project (a year over and still, not completed……). I tried to keep the Menoth look, but with minor colour changes including the trims being purple and the overal metal plates in dusty pale paint. Above is my paintedContinue reading “Side project: Warmachine-Protectorate of Menoth stater set “