Childhood memories…..

I haven’t seen this show for over a decade now! I used to watch it on (Saturday or Sunday) morning on Toonattic. Back then I was (young, arrogant and etc) more interested in the action and visual art style of the series, but now, I can rewatch this show with more interest in the characters and story.

Have you seen Oban: Star-Racers? Do you remember Toonattic on ITV? Share your thoughts and opinions below!



Group Animation project

Today I wanted to share a few practice short films on the group animation project. This is a group project that is built on shared ideas and concepts for the animation work. I don’t claim sole creator work, but I’m part of a creative group project. Hope you enjoy the post!




Hope you liked the post. If you have any suggestions or questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

Hope you guys have a great day!