Inspired Soul Wars: Lord-Exorcist

I’m back on my Inspired Soul Wars project after a four month break, and I’ve got a lot of work to do! The first of 2020 edition for the project is a model many of you will recognise from my contrast testing post, and I think I even included in a previous post in the series. Either it was going to be a Lord-Ordinator or a Lord Exorcist.

The latter would be my choice for who this model would represent in game, and with a new base for model, he looks pretty cool!

I can imagine this model is a still life of the Lord-Exorcist powered by the light of Azyr, as he banished the fell spirits of Nagash to cleanse the souls (and Sigmar steals these souls to be reformed as Stormcast Eternals).

I’m nearly done with the hero units for the Anvils of the Heldenhammer Sacrosanct Chamber army. I just need a Lord-Ordinator, a Lord-Arcanum and one more Knight Incantor. I’ll hopefully get these through the Mortal Realms collection, if it’s not too silly like one frame per issue of an incomplete model.

Next up I’ve got a unit of twenty Chainrasp Hordes to paint, my last two Sequitors to paint for my two units to make the a minimum playable unit and ten more Chainrasp Hordes to make my other unit a twenty unit strong horde.

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Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Leading the cats

It’s not just Stormcast Eternals that are in this collection as I’ve included a new human miniature (hobbit size), Elya. Whilst she’s only a child in the story, Soul Wars, she does have some bizarre ability to attract cats to her. Don’t ask me why.

Since there’s no AoS civilian kits yet, I had to use my imagination by using a spare plastic Hobbit model from an old LoTR boxset. I painted her the best I could using colours that would fit both a street traveller and the colours of Glymmsforge.

Here’s a size comparison for those of you who want a visual contrast of height.

That’ll be it for today’s post, and I’ll be giving this series a break whilst I focus on getting other projects done. Hopefully I’ll be returning to finish off my remaining tasks by the end of December, or the new year.


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Inspired Soul Wars Collection short: Lord Ordinator Hagramities and Lord Relictor Dathus

My first OC that I’ve been kitbashing of a Lord Ordinator, which will be joining my Sacrosanct Chamber as chief engine-seer. What’s interesting about this character is his previous life before he was reforged, I won’t spoil it here for now, but I’ll hint that he was a captured slave in his past life in the World-That-Was.

Secondly, I have made a kitbashed model of a named character from the novel, Soul Wars, called Dathus. A Lord Relictor who’s responsibility was placed upon him to ensure his warriors guarded the under crypts at all costs. Like a Chaplin of sorts, he guided his fellow warriors on the best solutions to ensure their duty was done.

I’ll be sure to post these two models again once I’ve painted them, and hopefully they’ll be done by the time series one of Inspired Soul Wars Collection is done.


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Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Retributors

Just recently painted these two for my Stormcast Eternals collection, as part of the Warrior Chamber for the Anvils of Heldenhammer. I might include one more Retributor so that the unit size is at a decent number of models to play (even though it’s still under strength).

With this unit done, I only have the final task of getting the Shadespire Stormcast Eternals set to cover both my existing Liberator unit, and a Lord Celestant that I’ll be kitbashing. Then that’s it for the Stormcast Eternals for this series!

My Other collection in the series is nearly done, my Death alliance has only two more units left to paint. Currently the Skeleton warriors are nearly done, I just need to get their bases textured to finish them off.

I’m wondering what I should do to celebrate the series 1 finale post, I need more time to plan on that one….


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Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Prosecutors of the Gravewalkers Chamber

After finishing off my last unit of Sequitors for my Sacrosanct Chamber, I went straight onto painting my Warrior Chamber of the Gravewalkers, the Anvils of Heldenhammer who guard Glymmsforge. I thought it would be fitting to paint my Prosecutors based on the legendary unit led by Prosecutor-Prime Galen Sleekwing, who helped Glymm (now known as Knossos Heavensen) defeat Vaslbad the Unrelenting during the first war for Glymmsforge.

During the battle, both human and Stormcast worked together to face against Vaslbad the Unrelenting, who wanted to seize the Free-City of Glymmsforge’s realmgate so that Nagash can summon his undead legions into the realm of Azyr.

Galen Sleekwing swooped into battle and took away Vaslbads only defence from his immortal life, his protective banner he took on his skeletal mount. When he lost his banner, he was vulnerable against any blessed weapons that would kill any foolish Soulblight vampire.

Glymm rode to war with his blessed lance and impaled the cursed Soulblight vampire through the heart. A major victory for the defenders of Glymmsforge and it’s safe keeping of its realmgate, the Shimmergate. However, this would come at a price as Glymm himself was fatally sliced in half by Vaslbad, his valiant heroism and victory was cut short.

But Sigmar had seen Glymm’s heroic deed and reforged him as Knossos Heavensen, Lord Arcanum of the Hammers of Sigmar Sacrosanct Chamber.

Galen Sleekwing would later return to defend Glymmsforge when the Knight of Shrouds, Malendrek, led his Nighthaunt host into a seige warfare to take the Free-City.

Whilst it took me only two days after painting my Sequitor cohort, it wasn’t plain sailing when painting this unit. Originally they were going to be part of my Knights of Excelsior warband in games of Skirmish. However, after reading Soul Wars novel, I wanted the unit to be in this collection instead.

Since they already had a white undercoat, it was difficult for me to Prime it in black as 1) I needed several coats of paint and 2) I didn’t have much paint in the spray can at the time. So, I had to paint areas that didn’t get the Black Prime with Abbadon Black, which wasn’t as good as Model colour Matt black in my opinion.

Anyways, it took me some time to get the coating right, but thankfully the unit was finally painted in the end!

Next up, I only have a unit of two Retributors left to paint before I need to get additional models for the collection. It’s been ages since I’ve brought miniatures for the project as I’ve been saving up for Orktober (and golfing equipment, but that’s a story for another day!).

My plan is to get the Knight of Shrouds model and the Shadespire Stormcast set, which will not only add more notable hero’s to my collection, but finish off the series. Well more like a series finale as break, I don’t want to burn out doing this project for too long.

Anyways, I’ll get back to work on my Retributors. Until next time!


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Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Second Cohort of Sequitors [Sacrosanct Chamber final!]

As the final unit of Sequitors are painted and the basing done, I was finally relieved to have finished this collection after what seemed like a long journey. I’m proud to have made it to this point of the series, I feel like a duardin fulfilling one of the many oaths I’ve promised (well partly, I still have the Nighthaunt to finish off and some Stormcast Eternals that aren’t Part of the Sacrosanct Chamber faction).

Today’s post is going to be in two parts, one focusing on the second cohort of Sequitors, and the other being a full showcase of the collection. Starting off, here’s my final unit of Sequitors, led by Sequitor Prime Porthas.

I brought the Tempest of Souls set which only had five Sequitors, two being Primes. Since I wanted both Mara and Porthas, I needed a female prime model (found in the Storm strike set) so the second prime was made as a regular Sequitor. You’ll notice the model on the far right has distinct features of a prime which sadly I couldn’t get rid of easily without ruining the model. I imagined this model being bestowed honours during secret missions when the Sacrosanct was still a secretive Chamber.

The second cohort is led by Sequitor Prime Porthas, who along with Mara’s cohort fought alongside Lord Arcanum Balthas during the battle of Glymmsforge. Whilst nothing is known in detail about Porthas, we do see how well he and Mara’s cohorts fight, with great team work and devoted to fight against the undead horrors unleashed by the Great Necromancer.

If Balthas and his Chamber do have their story continued in future books, I’d like to see more about Porthas and what his strengths and weaknesses are, and what was his past life like before being reforged. AoS is getting better each year now thanks to GW and Black Library’s hard work and creativity, we’re seeing more narrative progression and stories about the mortal realms in novels and gaming supplements. Hopefully these stories will be continued for years to come.

Now it’s time to have a look at the Anvils of Heldenhammer Sacrosanct Chamber Collection!Lord Arcanum Balthas leads his Chamber to battle against the damned legions and the legions of the undead, smite by hammer and magic.

Knight-Incantor Miska channels the winds of Azyr to Perform a deadly spell against even the strongest of corrupted champions.

Lord Arcanum Balthas channels his magical talents using the alchemy winds of Chammon (lore of Metal).

Heroic in stature is Sequitor Prime Mara, but nevertheless she is determined to see the enemy of Sigmar destroyed for the preservation of order.

Evocator Prime bares the scars of war on his face that looks grim and morbid, his skills of the blade and magic is much to be feared and respected.

The wonders of warfare science has created such exquisite, master-crafted and deadly crafted weapons like the Celestar Ballista the means to being punishment from afar.

Evocator Helios along with a lone Gryphound share a common goal for loathing Chaos, the undead minions of Nagash even more.

Sequitor Prime Porthas and his cohort are warriors made for war, immortal by Sigmars creation, but not without a price……

The Castigators led by Castigator Prime Qunitus are specialists of long range weaponry, they are just as deadly as their close combat kin.

If you want to see more of these painted models on their own, check out my previous posts on Inspired Soul Wars Collection series on my blog.

That’s it for this long and well deserved finale post on my Sacrosanct Chamber side of the project. I’d recommend reading the novel Soul Wars, by Josh Reynolds, as a staring point for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar for newcomers and long time readers. It’s a fascinating story full of strange and wonderful characters and locations that make the story feel like a good read.

However this isn’t the end of Inspired Soul Wars Collection, as I’ve mentioned above I’ve got more work to do! Currently I’m getting my unit of Prosecutors painted, representing the unit led by Prosecutor-Prime Galen Sleekwing.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!