Hobby projects for late 2020

This year I’ve managed to get a hefty amount of backlog and neglected miniatures glued and painted. Being in isolation has forced me to be creative with what I have to work on the things I tend to put aside. If I keep up this approach I’ll have only one storage box left of neglected miniatures! But knowing myself I’ll probably only have two storage boxes left.

Most of my Skaven miniatures are all painted with barely a few spare parts left. Sometimes I can be creative with my projects if I have an idea. For example I’ve recently made five Gargoyle rats using a neglected Tyranid kit and Clanrat heads. A fine Clan Moulder creation!

Using my new camera (WIP learning the functions)

Speaking of new camera, I’ve recently gone for an upgrade after four years of using my other one. I’m still learning the basics with this new one, but I think it’s already done better job at capturing my miniatures.

The Grymthenian Lodge

Book reading challange

The first few months of the challenge was going really well. I had a few books read and managed to read a few army books in full. However due to the pandemic I’ve become very slow at getting more reading books completed.

Recently I finished reading Konrad as my tenth completed book. I’ve got six months left to read ten+ books before the 2020 challange ends. Therefore I’ll need to put more time into reading books just so I can catch up.

Hobby projects

Since my last post on hobby projects some of the projects were finished off or put aside. Below is a list of what I’m currently working on. Bear in mind though that I’m prone to changing things due to my nature of being creative.

Warhammer 40k-

  • Primaris Crimson Fists- just need one Dreadnought to finish the project.
  • White Scars Successor Chapter Astral Bears
  • Night Lords (completed)
  • Black Templars (completed)
  • DG Exiled Iron Warriors (completed)
  • Bad Moons Orks (completed)
  • Chaos Knight House Devine- considering getting a War Dog Moriax or one of the Chaos Knight kits

Warhsmmer AoS-

  • Anvils of the Heldenhammer Sacrosanct Chamber (completed)
  • Knights Excelsior Skirmish Warband (completed)
  • Knights of Mousillon Stormhost- need to paint two Knight-Incantors, one Lord-Arcanum and two units of Sequitors.
  • The Skullfiend Tribe (completed)
  • Nighthaunt (completed)
  • Ogor Mawtribe Bloodgullet Tribe (completed)
  • Skaven Clan Skelnix- few spare miniatures left including four Stormvermin.
  • The Grymthenian Lodge- completed as an ally force.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles-

  • Warriors of Chaos Nurgle warband- need to paint second unit of Chaos Warriors and a Wizard on horse.
  • Dark Elves- paint a unit of Spearmen and five cold one knights

Changing things around

Recently I’ve set up my own Instagram account as a way of broadening my reach for my table top miniature and artwork. It took me a bit of time to get the hang of things learning something new.

Rather than posting my latest works on here, I’ll be posting them on Instagram. That’s not to say there won’t be anymore content on here, instead my blog will be changing focus from WIP miniature painting to collection showcase and research into Warhammer subjects.

If you want to see my latest works or catch up on older miniatures I’ve painted in the past, you can check out my Instagram at BjornStormcast.

That’s all for today.

Currently I’m running a painting challange here on the blog, celebrating The Island of Bloods 10th anniversary. You can find out more info here: https://callumart.wordpress.com/2020/06/27/skaven-and-high-elves-painting-challenge/

Until next time,


The Beasts of Lorllaras part 2 of 3 solo campaign

As the Lord-Arcanum climbed up the hill along with his trusted warriors surrounding him, he raised his hand to indicate the group to stop. With a silent demonstration he pointed the group towards an archway flanked by two Aelven statues that have aged for many centuries, like time erosion that kreeps into everything.

Would erosion ever affect a Stormcast Eternal? Are the reforged who can live out their eternal lives without constant reforming become broken, old and forgotten over time? The Lord-Arcanum would ponder this for many days if he had the time to spare. The noble must be found at all costs, alive preferably.

As he examined the distance, a Sequitor named leras approached the Lord-Arcanum. By the essence of her soul, she originated in the realm of Aqshy as her birth land. Fiery, determined, quick tempered and willing to battle against the over numbered foes. Second reforged. She’s still as one but the signs of change can be seen within, parts of her identity left missing by the process of rebirth.

She spoke in a heavy accent, sophisticated but hard like a instant statement in sharp clicks. “My Lord, why waste time observing? The path is set and we must go onwards, better to go in and face our foes rather than standing around planning”. Sometimes Leras can be infuriating to the Lord-Arcanum; despite her willingness to go in and fight. Battles are one thing, planning and executing a well placed plan is another.

“We could charge in and reach our destination point”. Said the Lord-Arcanum “But, you fail to observe the shadows that move in the veil of the fog. Observe, see that shadow over there near those trees. That’s one of the Ogors that attacked us yesterday, probably the tyrant knew we would come this way and wanted to trap us”.

Leras swallows her pride at her brash suggestion to go through without realising her error in judgment. “I’m sorry my Lord, I….”. She was cut off by her lords hollow, almost Crypt like chuckle at her apology. “No need to apologise, you suggested a plan rather than going against orders and charging in. You may have a fierce determination of Aqshy, but I can see wisdom beneath that fire that will be useful in times of need”.

Her lords honesty made her speechless as though he has taken her voice away temporarily. She finally spoke just barely “Thank you, Lord-Arcanum”.

The Lord-Arcanum spoke quietly like a wisp on the crypts of Shyshian deserts “Brothers, Sisters, let us plan our route through this nightmare…..”

The Bear Eaters Skirmish Warband

Of all the once mortal hero’s who died a heroic or valiant last stand against the impossible, reforged in gleaming Sigmarite and imbued powers of the Azyr celestial storm, three is one such hero who is quite literally a man of many words. The untamed beast that can never be caged nor reasoned with, his name is Hamilcar Bear Eater!

From ages past…….

From ages past was a soul that once fought beside the greatest of hero’s, at a time of great strife and bloodshed in humanities darkest hour. His soul drifted across the void, lost, forgotten and trapped in a land of strangers in the spirit plane.
Then a bolt of lighting cast his soul into the forges in Azyr. There he was reforged as a Stormcast Eternal.

Arise, arise anew and once more take your staff and crush the legions of Chaos as though you were there at Kislev again. Defend the faithful of Shyish in Lethis, Glymmsforge and other cities of Sigmar that call for your aid.

Ride forth, Lord-Arcanum, Marshal of Glymmsforge.
War has called for you

Inspired souls Wars, The Anvils of the Heldenhammer Sacrosanct Chamber project concludes this weekend………


This week it’s all about the Heldenhammer

Continuing on from my last blog post, I have two more units painted for my Anvils of the Heldenhammer Sacrosanct Chamber.

First up, my replacement Lord-Exorcist is a fine addition to the project, probably my second favourite HERO character from the range as I really like the design of the model. Not too cartoony, but not too generic (unlike me when I’ve drawn too many anime mechs).

Finally I have a unit of three Evocators on Dracolines just finished this morning. They need texture basing before it’s completely finished. However my supply of Stirland mud is in short supply, and I’ve only got just enough to cover my three remaining Evocators on foot.

I’ll be doing another painting guide on Dracolines at some point in the coming week.

That’s all for today, stay safe.

Until next time,


Inspired Soul Wars: Lord-Arcanum on Dracoline

After glueing most of the models from the Stormcast Battleforce set, I went ahead and started painting my Lord-Arcanum. However there was only one problem.

I didn’t have any matt black spray paint…..

Fortunately I had a can of spare matt white spray paint, and decided I would spray my Dracoline. The plan was to go completely out of my comfort zone and paint a bright and lighter colour scheme to contrast the dark pallet of the Lord-Arcanum.

I tend to paint the darker aspect in models as it I prefer to present my miniatures in grim, brutal and less high colourful fantasy choice of paints. I think it’s down to the fact that black is a great undercoat to build up layers of lighter colour, as recesses are already covered when drybrushing.

However, I needed to start trying out new and risky attempts at panting stand out models such as my general. The higher the risk, the better it looks (for painting before anyone decides to misinterpret what I’ve said).

Here’s what you’ll need to paint a Dracoline.

  • Citadel Contrast Nazdreg Yellow
  • Citadel Corax White
  • Model colour White
  • Citadel Shade Druchii Violet
  • Citadel Macragg Blue
  • Citadel Aliatoc Blue
  • Citadel Hoeth Blue
  • First, undercoat the Dracoline in Humbrol matt White spray.
  • Then shade the recess areas in Citadel Contrast Nazdreg Yellow, use minimal amount of contrast so it doesn’t pool on the model as well as areas you don’t want painted.
  • Next, drybrush the whole model in Corax White as you smooth out the dry edges of the contrast paint. This will give you a smooth transition of white to cream recess. Corax White for me was off white when applied so if you want the same lighter tone as the spray undercoat, I’d suggest using Model Colour White to drybrush instead.
  • Next, mix a small amount of Model Colour White and Citadel Corax White and drybrush that over the raised areas.
  • After that use Druchii Violet over the spine, claws, mouth and scales. Like contrast it will pool if not controlled, so use it sparingly to endure its even when dry.
  • For the scales I used Citadel Macragg Blue as a basecoat, followed by a small highlight of Citadel Aliatoc Blue (dotted at the top right of each scale) and finally a smaller dot of Citadel Hoeth Blue.
  • Finally, drybrush lightly over the scales and spines in Citadel Corax White, Make sure not to apply too much pressure as you drybrush the model. An even feathering will lighten the raised areas but retain the colours you’ve painted.

With that you’ll have something like this.

My Lord-Arcanum on a Dracoline will be Balthas Arum (main protagonist of the Soul Wars novel) as he rides to war on his steed. whilst I’m slightly breaking cannon as he rides a Gryph-charger, I’d like to think he has a range of mounts he can chose from depending on the mission he’s tasked to accomplish. Besides, Dracolines are badass models!

My only criticism for the kit is that the rider and mount cannot be separated when constructing. As both are segmented parts that have rider and mount together casted, so painting them separately is difficult. The Cold One Knights kit would let you separate the mount and rider, making it easier to paint them individually.

But apart from that, the kit is a fantastically detailed miniature that offers a great range of parts to customise your Evocators or Lord-Arcanum.

With that painted, I have only three more units left to paint including a Lord-Exorcist, three Evocators on Dracolines and three more Evocators.

I’ll be posting my unit of Evocators on Dracolines in the near future, where I’ll explain more of my thoughts on the kit.

Until next time Stormlings,


This week……I haven’t done much

Ah it’s that time of the week where I show my weekly miniature painting work. Yeah……..that’s usually the case, but not so much today. I’ve hardly done much tbh.

But! I have done some work, I always have work……..

First off, I painted two old metal Undead BloodBowl miniatures as Substitutes for Chainghasts, dudes that like to hang out with the Spirit Torment.

I found these two (and two others) in a charity shop years ago, and painted them up for a AoS project around the time I started blogging. Since then, I’ve stripped the old paint off so I could give them a brand new, cleaner look to fit with the rest of my Nighthaunt army.

Last time, I mentioned that my Nighthaunt collection was pretty much going to end. What I didn’t realise was that I have a few more miniatures kitbashed/ added from my backlog. The Backlog box disgorged it’s stomach of forgotten miniatures onto my desk and laughed at me for thinking I was done.

Always remember, your backlog is your worst friend.

Well, at least I’ve got some more undead stuff to paint. That’s if I had any Matt black paint left………

It’s not just the dead that’s been on my painting table (sounds disturbing but don’t worry, I’m a novice Necromancer!) I’ve also made a scenery piece of a long forgotten Aelven/Elven ruin.

This is part of my scenery set for areas that are obscure and long forgotten lands that were once inhabited. I did a similar scenery piece in the same style, you can see that one below.
Scenery piece I did awhile ago.

These two scenery pieces will be featured in my third and last solo battle report campaign. I can’t wait to do some immersive photography!

Next up, whilst I’m not sure if I’d say this is completed, however, it’s looks good enough to post here (I’ve got nothing else new to show so why not). This is my WWII diorama display representing the Lincolnshire Regiment.

Still WIP.

The last miniature for this week is a kitbashed Knight-Incantor of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer.

Morbid, depressing, dead, sinister, dark, brooding and metal x100.

It wouldn’t be a send if I didn’t show my latest efforts in cooking meals. This week it’s pasta again, but slightly improved after weeks of practicing.

I had planned to show something cool for this weekend, but sadly things didn’t go to plan. Maybe next week I might be able to do a post on it for when it arrives.

Stay safe Stormlings (yes, that’s what I’m going to call you for now on).


The Beasts of Lorllaras, part 1 of 3 solo battle report

In the Realm of Ghyran, a unnatural thick fog spreads in the forests of Lorllaras. High into the mountains of undiscovered lands, hides the beasts that prey on travellers and foolish adventures. No one knows who or what these beasts are for no one can describe a thing that uses the fog to hide its true form. All the locals could say was that anyone caught in the fogs embrace would be lost, taken away and never to be seen again.

At first it was believed to have been fell spirits of the Nighthaunt, ghosts of long deceased victims or criminals who are enslaved to eternity of damnation. Tales of the Fog watchers spread through taverns and local settlements, a cautionary tale that no one really believed in.

That was until one day, a noble from a hold in the kingdom was traveling through the road leading to the City of Gladesdawn. He was summoned to meet his highness on matters relating to the tithes dispute, for he was a week behind his duty to give his tithe to the crown.

He never came to his kings court, for he was taken by the fog, and all of his guards too. A eye witness saw the whole thing as lumbering brutes twice the size of a man came charging in and stuffed the noble and his guards in sacks of meat and bones. They lumbered off back up the mountains from whence they came, the fog followed them like a magical veil.

As the news spread, the severity of the situation required aid from those who could understand the trickeries of magic, and put down whatever it is that’s killing innocent people before things could escalate beyond preventing. So the duty was given to the Anvils of the Heldenhammer Herengtha Chamber, led by Lord-Arcanum Elistraph and two of his finest Sequitor retinue to hunt down and slay the threat that looms in the fog. Their primary goal is to find the missing noble and bring him to safety, if he cannot be found then dire political upheaval could cause friction with the kingdom and the nobles hold. With no proof, speculation and conspiracy would create a distraction, such gaps could invite threats of small warband’s to larger gatherings to commence invasions.

The price of failure will spell portents if ill will for the people of lorllaras.


This campaign was set up after the release of a free AoS Solo campaign PDF, pitting a three battle game using your miniatures against Trolls. Taking the opportunity, I wanted to try out this solo campaign and create a narrative story based on the campaign.

Warhammer Community did mention that even if you don’t have trolls on hand to play, you can alter the rules to include different adversaries including Flesh-Eater Courts (Troll boss being replaced by a Abhorrent Ghoul King). So for my campaign I’ve replaced my Trolls with two units of Ogors Gluttons and a Tyrant to lead the opposition.

For my army I’ve included a Lord-Arcanum (note: at the time my kitbashed model was going to be a Lord-Arcanum until I decided to make him a Knight-Incantor instead. But for this campaign the model was a Lord Arcanum) as my leader, and two retinues of Sequitors.

I’ve not added any additional game features like realm rules, Malign portents nor rules that are outside of the warscrolls. This was my first test run so I could get a good understanding of how the game would be played as was intended.

My first game was played using the Battleplan The Treasure of Strangleweed Swamp, an objective game to secure a treasure objective at the enter of the battlefield. For my army, when moving and charging, I have to roll each time to see if the swamp causes any damage to my units.

I present the first battle, enjoy!


The game started off with all of the units on the table, Ogors being placed 15” away from my units. The aim of this game was to secure an objective until round six, whilst the Ogors mission was to kill all on site and steal the treasure.

For narrative purposes the treasure was the nobles last whereabouts, the objectives contains some loot, a sealed documentation proving it was the noble and any clues as to where he was taken.

First round, my unit of Sequitors made a normal move to secure the objective (and act as a defence line to push back the Ogors until the Lord-Arcanum can secure the objective himself). On the Ogors side only one unit made a move.
Sadly, the unit lost it’s first casualty as I failed the roll test which inflicted mortal wounds that killed a Sequitor. Only four remain……
Second round was an utter devastation as the Ogors Gluttons dealt a boulder sized cannonball blow to my second Sequitor unit. However, the unit did manage to almost slay the entire unit of Gluttons. The Lord-Arcanum and the other Sequitor unit stayed put for they still were near the objective.
By round 3 the Stormcasts made a valiant effort as the Lord-Arcanum charged into the last Ogre and killed it without a second thought. Revenge for his defeated retinue. However, the Tyrant finally made a move after staying still in a dream like trance. He moved a few feet away from the Sequitors but couldn’t charge in. Now it was the fight to see who could claim the objective once and for all!
Alas it was not meant to be a victory for the Stormcast Eternals. The Lord-Arcanum moved in to claim the treasure within grasps, but the Tyrant who was enraged that this spell weaver would steal his missing prize, charged in and smashed the Lord Arcanum into the distance. With no victory in sight, the remaining Sequitors retreated to find their lord and find an alternative route.


As the Sequitor unit who were first beaten up and fled, led by Corvo II, retreated from the Ogors and later found their Lord in the foggy slopes of the mountain, they made a temporary camp to rest and find a new course of action as to how they may find the noble.

They were found later that night by the other Sequitor retinue, battered but still alive and well despite being beaten by the Gluttons. Lord Elistraph gathered his warriors and set out a new route that could help them find the noble, a dangerous route that could doom the entire mission if they all fail.

The new plan was simple, go through the ruins of a long abandoned Aelven site, dodge the Ogors and leap across to the other side of the fissure valley. From there, the Anvils of the Heldenhammer can find the lair of the Tyrant in the heaviest fog covered area of the mountain.

However, not all will survive this, and some may never return to Azyr again………

Last week and Monday I painted things

There’s not been much progress with painting the backlog last week, I needed to take a break for few days as I wasn’t in the mood for painting. However, I did manage to paint a kitbashed Knight-Incantor using a Sequitor model from the Mortal Realms collection. I figured it would be better off being used as another wizard, since a Sacrosanct Chamber can have up to nine Knights in total.

It would have been a good Lord-Arcanum model, but, I decided to hold back on that.

A star staff, cus a Shyish star was all we had in the Forge. At least it glows better in the dark!

As well as hardly painting any models last week, I tried two games of the free AOS solo game PDF to test out. Whilst I did do some alterations with the Trolls to be two Ogors Gluttons and a Tyrant. It was a really fun game to play as the game is set on a smaller, more personal match against a randomised opponent.

I’ve already got a few photos ready to be drafted into my three part battle report/ mini story, I just need to play my third and last game to complete the series.

Lastly, today I’ve painted my second to last unit of Nighthaunt units, this time it’s an unusual substitute unit of undead riders……

Skeletal knights on skeletal horses? Ha! Ghostly raptor knights are way cooler, much cooler because their undead…….

That’s all I have for today. I may have a surprise to show this week depending on all things going ahead. If the surprise isn’t coming, then I’ve got my last unit of Nighaunts to show before wrapping the project for good (a sad but a great privilege to have worked on).

Until next time, stay safe,


The Knights of Mousillon Stormhost

This post and hombrew lore is in dedication and homage to the team and contributors at GW who designed, wrote and illustrated Warhammer Army book: Bretonnia 5th edition.


Founding of the 43rd Stormhost

Founded as the 43rd Stormhost to be forged for war into the Mortal Realms, the Knights of Mousillon are a proud host of armoured warriors. Tracing their origins from the tribes of the Corielatuvi, the Stormhost are prideful warriors with a fierce reputation for fighting at forefront of war.

The Stormhost can at times be viewed as unsettling by the aura that surrounds them, rooted deep within each warrior of the Knights of Mousillon. A lurking presence that has been mingled with the souls of the reforged, not of the influence of the Ruinous powers, but something ancient and long forgotten. Some say the warriors who are reforged gain a heavy burden of guilt, a memory that is forged into their minds that mark them as a knight of Mousillon. No matter how many times a warrior is reforged on the Anvil of Apotheosis, the implanted dark memory is intact and sharper than before.

What is the memory that haunts them? None can say for only the Stormhost knows what these dark shreds of the past are, so too does Sigmar know of this flaw in the Stormhosts founding. If the god king has a reason for this Stormhost to be still functioning and growing with the flaws, then all of the Knights of Mousillon would fight until their time has come for these memories bear fruit the answers they seek.

Home of the Knights of Mousillon

Like many Stormhosts who enter the Mortal Realms to reclaim lands lost by the ravages of the ruinous powers, the Knights of Mousillon were sent to the realm of Ghyran to reclaim lost territory in the name of Sigmar.

In the atlas area of the western realm, there is a land called Woldorian, stretching far and wide with grasslands, snow peaked mountains, flowing streams of water and forests covering much of the land. It seemed almost picturesque and peaceful at first, but deep within the mountains there are foul monsters and beasts that roam the lands. All these nightmarish things seek to feast the settlers that trespass into the domain of the lair.

An Ogre Mawtribe of the Bloodgullets had ruled these lands for many centuries as a central location for ceremonial feasting. When the tribe goes on a mass hunt for food, very few Ogres stay to Guard the sacred hills unless they’re picky for eating only the wildlife in the area. When the Mawtribe return from its gut crusade, they celebrate by offering spoils to the gut alter to Gorkamorka.

The snow peaked mountains of Wold, in the lands of Woldorian. It is here that human mages built towers of gleaming crystal keeps in the Age of Myth, until the Age of Chaos forced the Ogres to migrate and destroy the human population for food.

When the knights of Mousillon arrived through the Realmgate of the False Cup, they were entering the peak celebration of the feast. To the Ogres, these new arrivals would be a perfect offering to the gut Lord. A battle ensued as Warhammer and club sparked, Stormcast Eternals fighting in organised phalanx against charging brutes of Ogor warriors.

History would be written when Lord- Celestant Rodarnor Grismere and his Dracoth swiftly bolted through the battlefield like a knight on a steed, charging into the fires of enemy fire from the Leadbelchers. The Gutlord, Skrengus, faced the knight wielding his two handed halberd and lunged towards his foe. The two clashed as their blades made contact with a mighty clash of sparks and enchanted backlash.

Lord-Celestant Rodarnor would prove the better master of war when he charged his Dracoth toward the tyrant. As the tyrant swung his blade, Rodarnor would swing his hammer upwards rather than downwards. Catching the tyrant by the chin and tearing his head off.

Thereafter, the entire Ogor tribe was decimated apart from those who surrendered and offered themselves to the rulership of Sigmar. These Ogres would stay on to become the builders of a new city, one that their descendants would thrive and change (slightly) into civilised folk who still had an appetite for meat.

Some Ogres would escape the massacre and move on to another realm to lick their wounds. The tribe had lost their leader and holy prayer site, there will be bloodshed to spill when the Mawtribe was strong again.

Free-city of Woldwater coast

In the Age of Myth, a tribe of hunters called the Corieltavia settled on the coast near the mountain of the western peak. This tribe would be the founding population that would develop into a knightly order, the Knights of Mousil.

The order would carry on until the Age of Chaos when the Daemons and mortals of Nurgle marched into Ghyran. Infesting the land with decay, misery, disease and blight into the lands natural beauty. Nothing could stop this, not even a knightly order.

The last king to rule the throne, Maldra the ‘little’ (not for his size, but in jest of his short patience and his arrogance as prince of the kingdom), led a failed charge against the forces of Nurgle with an army of trusty knights of the Realm. The army was nearly wiped out, Maldra fled back to his citadel, the Tower of the Cup. He’d lock himself and his trusted lords in his throne room to die, dining on wine and meat in madness as the land was overrun by the legions of Chaos.

When the Age of Sigmar started, the armies of Nurgle had long since been erased along with their foul influence. Instead the lands of Woldorian were inhabited by Ogors from the Bloodgullet Mawtribe. They hunted anything for food, and offered much to their enormous bowl on the peak of the mountain to their god. When the Stormcast entered the realm and faced the Bloodgullet Mawtribe, the Lord-Celestant would slay the Ogor Tyrant and claim his head as a trophy, signalling he end of the battle.

Now that the land was free from the Ogor menace, the Stormhost established its base of operations in the lands of Woldorian.

A few centuries later, much of Woldorian had changed as on the island where the realmgate stood was now a Free-city called Woldcoast. Next to that on a smaller island is where the Knights of the noble son Chamber gather in their keep.

On the high peak of the great Wold mountain resides the collegiate arcana and (after the initial stages of the Soul Wars) The Sacrosanct Chamber of the Daughters of the Mousillon arcane.

South west from the peak is a village that is occupied by the tribals of the Corieltavia, those that stayed behind to carry on their traditions as hunters and settlers. They view the free city as a beacon for disaster as it’ll more than likely attract greater foes, and dark horrors from beyond…..

Hero’s of the Stormhost

There are many chambers under the Knights of Mousillon Stormhost that have earned great honours and deeds since the Age of Sigmar. Such legends like the Knights of the Noble son Chamber, who valiantly eradicated the Bloodgullet tribe from the face of Woldorian. Or other legends like The last son of valour Chamber, who assassinated the Warlord of the Blister Spire, a Mortal Nurgle army that wanted to reclaim Woldorian back into Nurgles Garden.

Such power and sacrifice have these men and women owed their lives in service to Sigmar. For the few saved, many more will follow.

Here are some of the Chambers of the Knights of Mousillon.

Knights of the noble son Warrior Chamber, led by Lord-Celestant Rodarnor Grismere

  • The last son of valour Vanguard Chamber, led by Lord-Aquilor Alarbault, The Knight Errant
  • Knights of the Midnight Order Extremis Chamber, led by Lord-Celestant Girvauldar, The Black Knight of Woldorian

Daughters of the Mousillon arcane Sacrosanct Chamber, led by Lord-Arcanum Malflerona, Lady of the shattered Soul

Chronology of the Knights of Mousillon

Age of myth-

  • The tribe of the Corielatuvi started out as a small gathering of people who settled in the Realm of life. They build a small camp west in a place that would one day be called Woldorian.
  • As the Gods gather and unite under Sigmars pantheon, the God king finds the Corieltauvi tribe and offers them the chance to prosper and grow. In return, he asks them to swear an oath of fealty to the pantheon. The most of the tribe agrees and joins Sigmars cause, the rest move on to find a safer place to settle. These would be the survivors of the Age of Chaos who’s decedents still settle in the lands today.
  • Centuries later, the tribe evolved into a mighty army of a knightly order. They call themselves the Knights of Mousil, inspired by tales of legend by an old wise woman named Malfeur
  • By the near and of the Age of Myth, a jealous prince named Maldra who wouldn’t be king by line of ascent, concocts a plan to assassinate his oldest brother. Hiring an Aelf assassin, his brother was killed on the night before his crowning. Unheard of in the land, the news of the Kings death shook the people of Woldorian. For not only was a promising prince killed in cold blood, but his brother would be crowned king. However, unbeknownst to Maldra, Nagash had marked his soul to be claimed.

Age of Chaos-

  • Maldra, last heir to the throne is crowned king of the Woldorian peaks. The Knights of Mousillon bow before their new king, but doubt him in secret for he is a fool and an arrogant wretch.
  • The horns of Chaos boom across the land announcing the Age of Chaos had begun. Maldra doesn’t send support to his frontier forts, thinking that payment would suffice these new and powerful invaders. His plan fails. The Mortal Nurgle army advances through the frontier and slaughters the guards at the forts.
  • The armies of Nurgle invade Woldorian, decaying and spreading plagues to the living. Maldra full of arrogance and rage leads a knightly charge against the Lord of Plagues, Purifitor the squelch-heart, on the fields of Owerstan. The charge fails. With only a few surviving knights of Maldra’s army left, he calls for a retreat.
  • Rodrigan, knight of the Realm, defends his village in Woldorian as the armies of Chaos storm through the defences. He died a noble death facing impossible odds against a Greater Daemon of Nurgle. His soul was captured by Sigmar and sent to Azyr to be reforged.
  • Maldra locked himself in his court room along with his trusted lords and ladies in his tower. As they drink and eat to mark their final days, Maldra so drunk by his excessive drinking let slips his darkest secret to the court that he was the one that sent an assassin to kill his brother. Shock, anger and hatred flared in the court, causing a civil war as the one side wanted to kill Maldra. The Kings guards defend their king, but they all stopped fighting when they see that their false king choked to death from drinking his wine. The wine was poisoned from a false grail.
  • Woldorian is claimed by the armies of Nurgle, and settles in the lands for a time until a band of Ogors from the Bloodgullet Mawtribe arrive into the land. They slaughter the worshipers of Nurgle after years of bloodshed and destruction.

-Age of Sigmar

  • The Age of Sigmar arrives as Sigmar unleashes his creations out into the Mortal Realms. One of these Stormhosts is the 43rd, The Knights of Mousillon.
  • The Stormhost is transported through a Realmgate out into Woldorian in the Realm of Ghyran. Partyway through a ritual celebration, the Ogor Mawtribe of the Blodgullets were interrupted by the arrival of these metal armoured warriors. An all out war commenced as Ogor and Stormcast Clash.
  • Lord-Celestant Rodarnor Grismere slays the Gut Lord, defeating the Ogors and driving them out from the lands of Woldorian.