The Beasts of Lorllaras part 2 of 3 solo campaign

As the Lord-Arcanum climbed up the hill along with his trusted warriors surrounding him, he raised his hand to indicate the group to stop. With a silent demonstration he pointed the group towards an archway flanked by two Aelven statues that have aged for many centuries, like time erosion that kreeps into everything.

Would erosion ever affect a Stormcast Eternal? Are the reforged who can live out their eternal lives without constant reforming become broken, old and forgotten over time? The Lord-Arcanum would ponder this for many days if he had the time to spare. The noble must be found at all costs, alive preferably.

As he examined the distance, a Sequitor named leras approached the Lord-Arcanum. By the essence of her soul, she originated in the realm of Aqshy as her birth land. Fiery, determined, quick tempered and willing to battle against the over numbered foes. Second reforged. She’s still as one but the signs of change can be seen within, parts of her identity left missing by the process of rebirth.

She spoke in a heavy accent, sophisticated but hard like a instant statement in sharp clicks. “My Lord, why waste time observing? The path is set and we must go onwards, better to go in and face our foes rather than standing around planning”. Sometimes Leras can be infuriating to the Lord-Arcanum; despite her willingness to go in and fight. Battles are one thing, planning and executing a well placed plan is another.

“We could charge in and reach our destination point”. Said the Lord-Arcanum “But, you fail to observe the shadows that move in the veil of the fog. Observe, see that shadow over there near those trees. That’s one of the Ogors that attacked us yesterday, probably the tyrant knew we would come this way and wanted to trap us”.

Leras swallows her pride at her brash suggestion to go through without realising her error in judgment. “I’m sorry my Lord, I….”. She was cut off by her lords hollow, almost Crypt like chuckle at her apology. “No need to apologise, you suggested a plan rather than going against orders and charging in. You may have a fierce determination of Aqshy, but I can see wisdom beneath that fire that will be useful in times of need”.

Her lords honesty made her speechless as though he has taken her voice away temporarily. She finally spoke just barely “Thank you, Lord-Arcanum”.

The Lord-Arcanum spoke quietly like a wisp on the crypts of Shyshian deserts “Brothers, Sisters, let us plan our route through this nightmare…..”

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