The Beasts of Lorllaras, part 1 of 3 solo battle report

In the Realm of Ghyran, a unnatural thick fog spreads in the forests of Lorllaras. High into the mountains of undiscovered lands, hides the beasts that prey on travellers and foolish adventures. No one knows who or what these beasts are for no one can describe a thing that uses the fog to hide its true form. All the locals could say was that anyone caught in the fogs embrace would be lost, taken away and never to be seen again.

At first it was believed to have been fell spirits of the Nighthaunt, ghosts of long deceased victims or criminals who are enslaved to eternity of damnation. Tales of the Fog watchers spread through taverns and local settlements, a cautionary tale that no one really believed in.

That was until one day, a noble from a hold in the kingdom was traveling through the road leading to the City of Gladesdawn. He was summoned to meet his highness on matters relating to the tithes dispute, for he was a week behind his duty to give his tithe to the crown.

He never came to his kings court, for he was taken by the fog, and all of his guards too. A eye witness saw the whole thing as lumbering brutes twice the size of a man came charging in and stuffed the noble and his guards in sacks of meat and bones. They lumbered off back up the mountains from whence they came, the fog followed them like a magical veil.

As the news spread, the severity of the situation required aid from those who could understand the trickeries of magic, and put down whatever it is that’s killing innocent people before things could escalate beyond preventing. So the duty was given to the Anvils of the Heldenhammer Herengtha Chamber, led by Lord-Arcanum Elistraph and two of his finest Sequitor retinue to hunt down and slay the threat that looms in the fog. Their primary goal is to find the missing noble and bring him to safety, if he cannot be found then dire political upheaval could cause friction with the kingdom and the nobles hold. With no proof, speculation and conspiracy would create a distraction, such gaps could invite threats of small warband’s to larger gatherings to commence invasions.

The price of failure will spell portents if ill will for the people of lorllaras.


This campaign was set up after the release of a free AoS Solo campaign PDF, pitting a three battle game using your miniatures against Trolls. Taking the opportunity, I wanted to try out this solo campaign and create a narrative story based on the campaign.

Warhammer Community did mention that even if you don’t have trolls on hand to play, you can alter the rules to include different adversaries including Flesh-Eater Courts (Troll boss being replaced by a Abhorrent Ghoul King). So for my campaign I’ve replaced my Trolls with two units of Ogors Gluttons and a Tyrant to lead the opposition.

For my army I’ve included a Lord-Arcanum (note: at the time my kitbashed model was going to be a Lord-Arcanum until I decided to make him a Knight-Incantor instead. But for this campaign the model was a Lord Arcanum) as my leader, and two retinues of Sequitors.

I’ve not added any additional game features like realm rules, Malign portents nor rules that are outside of the warscrolls. This was my first test run so I could get a good understanding of how the game would be played as was intended.

My first game was played using the Battleplan The Treasure of Strangleweed Swamp, an objective game to secure a treasure objective at the enter of the battlefield. For my army, when moving and charging, I have to roll each time to see if the swamp causes any damage to my units.

I present the first battle, enjoy!


The game started off with all of the units on the table, Ogors being placed 15” away from my units. The aim of this game was to secure an objective until round six, whilst the Ogors mission was to kill all on site and steal the treasure.

For narrative purposes the treasure was the nobles last whereabouts, the objectives contains some loot, a sealed documentation proving it was the noble and any clues as to where he was taken.

First round, my unit of Sequitors made a normal move to secure the objective (and act as a defence line to push back the Ogors until the Lord-Arcanum can secure the objective himself). On the Ogors side only one unit made a move.
Sadly, the unit lost it’s first casualty as I failed the roll test which inflicted mortal wounds that killed a Sequitor. Only four remain……
Second round was an utter devastation as the Ogors Gluttons dealt a boulder sized cannonball blow to my second Sequitor unit. However, the unit did manage to almost slay the entire unit of Gluttons. The Lord-Arcanum and the other Sequitor unit stayed put for they still were near the objective.
By round 3 the Stormcasts made a valiant effort as the Lord-Arcanum charged into the last Ogre and killed it without a second thought. Revenge for his defeated retinue. However, the Tyrant finally made a move after staying still in a dream like trance. He moved a few feet away from the Sequitors but couldn’t charge in. Now it was the fight to see who could claim the objective once and for all!
Alas it was not meant to be a victory for the Stormcast Eternals. The Lord-Arcanum moved in to claim the treasure within grasps, but the Tyrant who was enraged that this spell weaver would steal his missing prize, charged in and smashed the Lord Arcanum into the distance. With no victory in sight, the remaining Sequitors retreated to find their lord and find an alternative route.


As the Sequitor unit who were first beaten up and fled, led by Corvo II, retreated from the Ogors and later found their Lord in the foggy slopes of the mountain, they made a temporary camp to rest and find a new course of action as to how they may find the noble.

They were found later that night by the other Sequitor retinue, battered but still alive and well despite being beaten by the Gluttons. Lord Elistraph gathered his warriors and set out a new route that could help them find the noble, a dangerous route that could doom the entire mission if they all fail.

The new plan was simple, go through the ruins of a long abandoned Aelven site, dodge the Ogors and leap across to the other side of the fissure valley. From there, the Anvils of the Heldenhammer can find the lair of the Tyrant in the heaviest fog covered area of the mountain.

However, not all will survive this, and some may never return to Azyr again………

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