The Beasts of Lorllaras part 2 of 3 solo campaign

As the Lord-Arcanum climbed up the hill along with his trusted warriors surrounding him, he raised his hand to indicate the group to stop. With a silent demonstration he pointed the group towards an archway flanked by two Aelven statues that have aged for many centuries, like time erosion that kreeps into everything. Would erosionContinue reading “The Beasts of Lorllaras part 2 of 3 solo campaign”

Army Showcase 2019: The Ghoul Gutbusters

Today marks the end of my current project on the Ghoul Gutbusters 1,000pt army collection, a project that was a rebirth from a failed Flesh-Eater Courts project that I did years ago. Whilst not all of my FEC models have moved over to the new project, I do intend to use the left over modelsContinue reading “Army Showcase 2019: The Ghoul Gutbusters”

The Ghoul Gutbusters

Gutbuster Tyrant bellows his lungs out as he demands more meat sacrifices for him to feast on. The Gorgers aren’t worth doing diplomacy with……. The Butcher has a strange affinity to the winds of Shyish, his magic can summon spirits from the underworld that his culture believes they’ll go to once they die in battle.Continue reading “The Ghoul Gutbusters”

Ascended Horror Tyrant [WIP]

Finally, my 500pt/600pt collection of Ghoul Ogres have a leader that fits in scale as a tall imposing beast of a leader. Meet the Ascended Horror Tyrant! I used an old starter set (giant or troll?) from the LoTR, and made several changes to the model including new head, arms, weapons and appearance to theContinue reading “Ascended Horror Tyrant [WIP]”

Ghoul Ogres

When I put my AoS Death alliance in an army case and left in the loft, I thought that would be it for the collection for about a few years or more. I just found the collection to be difficult to work on as I didn’t like the way it was going, the project wasContinue reading “Ghoul Ogres”