Primaris Crimson Fists: part IV

Today I wanted to show my current progress for the Crimson Fists project, which is already nearly reaching its end! However, there’s still much work to do before I can officially say the project is done. I have some transfer work to do (tedious and irritating to attempt) and start painting my latest kitbashed model.Continue reading “Primaris Crimson Fists: part IV”

Warhammer Pub Quiz book

Did you know, Black Library released two official quiz books for Warhammer and Warhammer 40k? Neither did I! Way before my time, back in 2007 BL released two quiz books full of questions, puzzles and other factual games. The main chunk of this book has questions for every faction/ race from easy to hardcore lore.Continue reading “Warhammer Pub Quiz book”

Primaris Crimson Fists: part III, Captain Sandor Galleas, Lieutenant Titus Juno and those flying things

Took me awhile to get this project going as I had some issues with the project. I was nearly tempted to abandon the project and paint them as Black Templars instead (the hypocrisy of me). However, I pulled through and stuck to my original plan of painting a Crimson Fist army. But I made oneContinue reading “Primaris Crimson Fists: part III, Captain Sandor Galleas, Lieutenant Titus Juno and those flying things”

The Rats and The City

Today I’ve found an old comic book from a comic store, but this isn’t your usual superhero story or even a Judge Dredd story (but I was very close to getting a Judge Dredd comic today!). Rather than buying my usual favourite comic books by 2,000ad, my eye was attracted by another comic that wasContinue reading “The Rats and The City”

How to paint Iron Warriors (with Nurgle’s Blessing)

In today’s post, I’m going to share my colour scheme for painting Iron Warriors with a mix of Nurgle influence. I’ll be splitting the colour guide into separate sections for simplicity and finding sections you might want to experiment with your own collections. I managed to get over a week worth of painting done forContinue reading “How to paint Iron Warriors (with Nurgle’s Blessing)”

The Poxwalkers

The last unit to be painted from the Know No Fear starter Set is finally done, ten wretched Poxwalkers are now ready to spread the joy of Nurgle’s kindness to all! It only took me about two days to paint this unit, using more simpler steps to get them done faster. Since I might wantContinue reading “The Poxwalkers”

As true as Iron

Today I have finally finished my painted Iron Warriors corrupted by Nurgle, painting all of the marines and flyer from the Know No Fear starter set. Every day I painted my models slowly to get best results for the outcome, rather than rushing it for a day or two of lazy painting. The results speakContinue reading “As true as Iron”

The Rusted Iron, within and without

The latest update on my ongoing side project, whilst still WIP, I’m nearly done with these guys! All that’s left to do is wait for the base texture to dry, then drybrush them for raising the fissure details. But until then, I thought I’d share what I did yesterday. I’ve finally added some chevrons toContinue reading “The Rusted Iron, within and without”

The Blight-stuff

Last night I’ve been continuing my side project painting on my Nurgle-corrupted Iron Warriors. Now that I’m halfway through the project, the models are looking ever closer to the iconic look of the Iron Warriors. I’ve completed my first model last night, the Foetid Blight drone. I’m really impressed with the finished look of theContinue reading “The Blight-stuff”

Current progress with my Iron Warriors mini project

There’s been a considerable amount of progress made today, with the marines and HQ slowly looking better with each layer of paint. Also, the Blightdrone is just about finished, with only a few touch ups to finish some effects. I haven’t got much time to explain all of my painting processes today, but I thoughtContinue reading “Current progress with my Iron Warriors mini project”