Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Lord Arcanum Balthas [WIP]


Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Ghostly reinforcements

More Nighthaunt have joined my growing collection, which is inspired by the characters and events in the novel, Soul Wars (by Josh Reynolds). Today I have a unit of ten Chainrasp Horde, Myrmourn Banshees and additional Grimwraith Stalkers.

Let me know if you like these filtered photo style or just white background photography, and post your suggestions in the comment section.

We serve Nagash, there is nothing but Nagash, and all is Nagash.


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Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Evocator Helios and colour guide to painting the Anvils of Heldenhammer

Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Evocator Helios and colour guide to painting the Anvils of Heldenhammer

Today’s post is a short one as I haven’t got much to say on this particular character from the Soul Wars novel (written by Josh Reynolds), however, he’s a badass swordsman that’s for sure!

I wasn’t sure if Helios was a Evocator Prime or just an Evocator, as the book didn’t mention that he was a Prime of his battlemage unit. Fun fact, this was my first test model for painting the Anvils of Heldenhammer colour scheme.

Speaking of which, I think it’s about time I let you guys know my colour scheme for painting this Stormhost. I’ve planned this colour scheme to be an alternative method of painting the Stormhost that doesn’t require much highlighting.

Painting black armour can be difficult for some who don’t have a steady hand, so this colour scheme should be easier and just as good as GW’s drybrushing method in ‘How to paint: Stormcast Eternals painting book’.


  • Basecoat Model colour Matt black
  • Drybrush Skavenblight dinge
  • Lightly drybrush Dawnstone grey
  • Gold-
    • Basecoat 1/3 Model colours Bronze and Flat brown
      Shade Reikland Fleshade
      Drybrush Model colour Gold
      Shade Reikland Fleshade (on recesses for armour trim)

    Red Robes-

    • Basecoat Khorne Red
    • Shade Druchii violet
    • Highlight Evil sunz red
  • Cream Robes-
    • Basecoat Ushabti bone (2-3 coats)
      Shade Reikland Fleshade
      Highlight Model colour Off-white
      Shade Reikland Fleshade
      Highlight edges with Model colour Off-white

    I hope this colour scheme will help you with painting your own Anvils if Heldenhammer!

    That’s it for me for now, I’ll be posting another Soul Wars character-inspired model later on today. I think I’ll return back to the Nighthaunt with my recently kitbashed Jailor, as well as a guide on how to make the most out of the new starter box set releases for both Sacrosanct Chamber and Nighthaunt.


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    Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Knight-Incantor Miska

    Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Knight-Incantor Miska

    If there’s one wizard you can count on to make any Nighthaunt ghosties be purified and banished, it’s got to be Miska. Second in command of the Anvils of Heldenhammer’s Sacrosanct Chamber, she is a skilled Stormcaller using the light of high Azyr to burn the undead and chaos without doubt nor fear. (I would say in my opinion) She’s just as skilled in using the winds of Azyr as her leader, Lord Arcanum Balthas.

    Out of all of the characters in the Soul Wars novel, Miska would be my second favourite female character in the story (Liberator Prime Calys is first place, I’ll elaborate more on her later in a future post). I like how Miska is Balthas’s equal, as she points out his faults and keeps him on track to lead his Chamber to Glymmsforge to help with the war effort.

    Whilst she’s not the strongest and as attuned to the winds of Azyr as much as Balthas and Knossus, but Miska is still a deadly stormcaster who can get the job done.I would be thrilled if Miska was included in more stories in future AoS books, even e-short stories that explores more about Miska and her perspective of the mortal realms.

    We get some hints here and there about her, but since the story is largely focused on the battle for Glymmsforge, character focus is short. Now that Soul Wars has set the foundations for the Anvils Sacrosanct Chamber, it would be interesting to see more characters focused stories.

    If it were me, I’d do a whole novel* based on that Tomcat with a scar on its face, and write a whole backstory on how it came to Glymmsforge. But alas, a Jungle expert cat assassin-like Catachan wouldn’t fit well into the setting of AoS.

    *- I think BL wouldn’t accept it as a entry piece to join their writers guild, It would probably earn a bad reputation……….

    Anyways, that’s all I have for today! I know today was supposed to be focusing on the Evocator Helios, but I had to switch things around after I did a fairly good digital art on the Knight- Incantor. But fear not, I’ll be back very soon for another post this week.


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    Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Thunder fist and a bad Jailor

    Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Thunder fist and a bad Jailor

    Due to some hectic stuff with clearing out and a new carpet coming in soon, I haven’t had much time to do any posts for this week. So unfortunately I’ll have to delay my Soul Wars inspired miniatures series until everything is sorted.

    In the meantime however, I have three photos for you guys, a hint at what’s to come when I return to blogging later on this week. Enjoy!

    If you guys like the photography (black background), let me know if you want to see more photos like these three in the comments below!


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    Over month worth of miniature painting, end of summer of hobbying

    Originally I was going to post this last Sunday, but time was against me! So a bit later than planned, I have finally finished a whole month of painting for summer 2018. (Edit: I forgot to include 10x Chaos warriors in the photo).

    Now at first I thought that I haven’t painted much thinking of it in mind, but when I amassed all of my painted models I did for the summer, well the picture speaks for itself!

    Quite a lot of models painted indeed!

    There are a few models in the photo that I haven’t shown yet (they’ll be coming soon in their own post, patients 😉) but I included them as they were part of the challenge month. I’m pretty pleased with this years summer challenge, it’s beaten last years by a mile. A lot of back log models have been painted this year, including 19x cultists, 5x Sisters of Silence, a land speeder, an Emperors Champion, a few Ogres and a unit of Judicators.

    This has lighten my box of unused models to the point where the models haven’t piled over the box height! I’m especially happy to have finally gotten the Cultists and Primaris painted for my small project, it’s finally good to see a use for those models.

    So what’s next on Bjorn the Stormborn? Well I’ve currently got some projects on the go, and some put on hold until I’m ready to come back to them. Below is roughly what I’m currently working on.

      Building and painting both the Sacrosanct Chamber and Nighthaunt models based on the novel, Soul Wars.
      Painting a few more units for my Emperors Children project.
      Painting more Black Templars.

    I’m very busy with the first noted project at the minute as it’s been a fun time to paint all the new stuff from AoS 2.0. But after that I’m firmly sticking to getting current ongoing projects done before the end of this year.

    I’ll elaborate more on what’s going on with the blog for the rest of this year, once I’ve got RL stuff sorted for the next few weeks. Until then, thank you for reading this post as well as following the journey on my summer 2018 hobby challenge!


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    Inspired Soul Wars Collection: An Executioner awaits her due

    Warning!!! This post will contain spoilers for both the novel, Soul Wars, and the AoS Realmgate Wars audio drama series.


    Today marks the fort of many posts that I’m doing as part of my AoS collection based on the characters and troops from the novel, Soul Wars, by Josh Reynolds. I was inspired by the way the characters had an interesting backstories and motivations that were honestly too good to put the book down. Even the mortals were fascinating to read, like how cats were drawn to a girl named Elya, as if she may or may not be special.

    I could go on about the story, but I don’t want spoil it here! I’ll add some of my own thoughts about the story and characters throughout this blog post series. So who will be my first focus for part one? Well I knew I had to do the Lord Executioner, who I’ve based mine on a character called Entyr Rocha, lady of the fourth circle. In her past life she was an Executioner in Helstone who took an obsessive joy in chopping off heads, many of her victims were innocent (but that didn’t register in her mind).

    She had one bigger obsession, she wanted the Prince of Helstone, Tarsem (Tarsem would become Lord Celestant Tarsus Bullheart of the Hallowed Knights, his story can be found in the AoS Realmgate Wars audio drama series). Luckily for him, he was saved by Sigmar and sent Azyr to be reforged, leaving Rocha alone without her prince. Today, nothing has changed much for Rocha as she still reaps the innocent like a a farmer reaping his crops. Although now she’s a Lord Executioner who served under Pharus Thaum (I’ll elaborate more on him another time 😉) during the war at Glymmsforge.

    I think it’s an irony for Rocha that her prince is now gone forever, as when we last heard from Tarsus, he was in a heated combat against Nagash. I think Nagash has a sick sense of humour to hide the fact that Tarsem is now his as a trapped soul, If only Rocha knew what her master knew.

    when I got my hands on the Tempest of Souls boxset, the model itself is a fantastically sculpted model. I knew that I needed to paint Rocha with a new colour scheme that can visually capture the changing ethereal glow.

    I’ve also painted some Glaivewraith Stalkers too!

    That’s all I’ve got for part one for today. I’m really enthusiastic about this project going forward, as of typing this post I’ve already nearly painted the Nighthaunt models in the Tempest of Souls set.

    I would highly recommend giving Soul Wars a read if your interested in ghosts, horror, lore and a good story to read. If you liked Hammerhal (also by Josh Reynolds) for its focus on the people and culture in the the realm of Ghyran, then you’ll enjoy Soul Wars’s location focus at Glymmsforge.

    Oh, and write down some notes along the way whilst you read Soul Wars, as a certain character has an interesting past that I won’t spoil here 😉.

    Next up, more ghosts! As well as my first painted Sacrosanct model of an Evocator called Helios.


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