Fan fiction Post Apocalyptic Saga special: Sammy and me

This is a story I’ve planned on writing as part 4 in the fan fiction story, however after much thinking and writing the story I thought it would be a great as a special. It’s set years ago pre Apocalypse that focuses on one of the four protagonist in the Post Apocalyptic Saga. Enjoy! ___________Continue reading “Fan fiction Post Apocalyptic Saga special: Sammy and me”

12 days of Winter|Fly on the Wall post apocalypse series part 2: Glenn’s confession

“My names Peter Pan and joining me today is Peter O’tool…..Peter Jackson………Peter……” Said Luke as he tried recording his and Waz’s podcast on an old recording device. Unfortunately for Luke, the recorder kept skipping every couple of minutes making the recording jarring to listen back to. But he didn’t care as he was far moreContinue reading “12 days of Winter|Fly on the Wall post apocalypse series part 2: Glenn’s confession”

Horror Harvest: James Herbert The Fog

I’ve now decided to theme my horror reading book blog posts under the ‘Horror Harvest’ title, so it will be like a series of sorts with a nice artwork. Before I begin with The Fog, I’d like to thank IRO (Imperial Rebel Ork) and The Fly on the Wall podcast, for taking my suggestions forContinue reading “Horror Harvest: James Herbert The Fog”

The Harbinger Legion 2.0 is coming (soon)!

The Harbinger Legion series v2.0* is coming soon! Structured in a similar way as my AoS faction collection series, this post series is dedicated to the grim darkness of the 41st millennium. This collection series will be focusing on my renegade Chaos Space marine collection, called the Harbinger Legion. Here’s a few photo teases ofContinue reading “The Harbinger Legion 2.0 is coming (soon)!”