Knights Excelsior Skirmish Warband: More hunters

Today I have the next four hunters ready to join the hunting pack warband to track down some foul beasts and dangerous foes.

Having all of the painted miniatures together in one unit looks pretty cool, I’m happy with the results. After I’ve got a few more miniatures painted I’ll do a project final post on this warband of all the models I’ve painted.

My next goal is to paint some Freeguild Great-swords to add this warband project, some close combat mortals who will be just as crazed as their Stormcast allies.

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Knights Excelsior Skirmish Warband: Freeguild frontier men

During the development of building a AoS warband, you get to craft a theme, an identity for your project that influences your choices on what direction you want to go for. Maybe your warband is a remnant of a Stormhost that was nearly wiped out, the souls of the slain unable to return back to Azyr. The surviving Stormcast Eternals push on towards their object, fighting through untold horrors that stands in their way.

Alternatively, your warband could be a small mercenary band, a Fyreslayer warband paid in Ur-gold to defend or bounty hunt a dangerous foe/ hero. Maybe the warband could be a mixture of different races that are tied to a clan, guild or hired work by a shadowy figure.

Anything’s possible when it comes to Skirmish with no hassle trying to build big blocks of units, and more ways of building a miniature collection for fun.

I’ve realised that I could break the rigid structure of my usual project mindset. Why not go for something fresh instead with a theme of a hunting party!

Meet the hunters, a group of hired marksmen of Ghur who have joined the Knights Excelsior hunt down a wanted fugitive. Not like your usual housed Free-city stock, these marksmen hunt in the wastelands of Ghur with a simple code of survival.

“If it’s big, shoot it. If it’s green, burn it. If it’s undead, use holy silver balls. If it’s Chaos, we’re dead”.

This kit came with an issue of Wargamers Illustrated magazine, If I can remember right they’re called the American Revolution frontier men (I could be wrong!). Produced by Warlord Games, this plastic kit is pretty awesome, very simple to build and nicely sculpted miniatures.

I’ve got another four miniatures to paint for this unit, and a spare miniature to kitbash as a leader (substituting the Free-guild Captain warscroll).

The project is shaping up now that I’ve got more units to add, I’m happy to see that this project hadn’t gone to the neglected storage. Will there be more Stormcasts? Possibly, I’m just thinking about what I could add to this project. Since I can add small units that go below the minimum unit requirement, I could use some models from the Mortal Realms magazine that I wouldn’t have use for in my two army projects.

Maybe I might go into an entirely different direction and add some neglected Wood Elves units. I’ve got a load of models that no longer have a place in AoS, so this project could be a home for the models I’ve neglected. Like I said above, there’s room for more creative ideas that don’t strictly adhere to mass unit formation.

I could go full IRO and make something so bizarre and weird that it would make the warband look uniquely exciting and disturbing at the same time. Bring out the Orruk poet…….

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Inspired Soul Wars: upgrading my Freeguild Captain + first 20x Chainrasp horde

I’ve got my Captain repainted and kitbashed a cloak to make him look more intimidating, as well as making him look like a leader of experience. The repaint was to correct a lore error I did as I did his stripes in yellow, not mauve purple. Mauve is the colour of a Glymmsmen’s uniform.

I’ve also finally got my first unit of twenty Chainrasp Hordes done, with a second unit needing ten painted.

Next up I’ve got a unit of Myrmourn Banshees to paint to boost my existing unit. Crossing my fingers that this will be enough to cope enough longer in games of AoS.

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1 year anniversary of Inspired Soul Wars Collection

It’s been over a year now since I started my project on the Soul Wars, an event in AoS that shook the mortal realms by Nagash’s plot to screw the living. Would’ve worked too if the Skaven didn’t mess up the plan. But Nagash still got what he wanted in the end!

Inspired by the novel Soul Wars, by Josh Reynolds, I wanted to recreate the characters and factions that fought during the crucial battle for Glymmsforge. Not only was the cities Realmgate (which led straight to Azyr) at risk, but what the city housed below could spell disaster for all.

My project was split into two factions, the Anvils of the Heldenhammer led by Lord-Arcanum Balthas and the Nighthaunt led by a Night of Shrouds, who’s history ties with the SCE.

A year on I now have a new model to add to this project to mark this first year anniversary. A Glymmsforge Freeguild Captain, wearing his golden badge of office on his dashing black and yellow dress code. Using a Warlord miniatures model as a substitute Captain.

Garyius Moorr, Captain of the Glymmsforge Freeguild garrison.

Because I haven’t got as much Order models for the Soul Wars project compared to the Nighthaunt, I thought it would be fitting to add some humans to my project. I also have some WIP Great swords to go along with my Captain as his bodyguards. Ooooh spooky!

If possible, I might boost this unit to ten models to fit the minimum unit size on their warscoll. With the Free cities of Sigmar on the horizon, I’ll be getting my army ready for a unified force of Stormcast Eternals, humans and other races to represent the Glymmsforge defenders.

Size comparison.

That’s all from me for today, I’ve got loads of work to do that’ll be on the blog very soon.

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The Time of tribulation month (1/3)- King Astortha, Ruler of Furiosious Hold

“I am the king of Furiosious!!! How dare you insult my people with your blight of falsehood and crazed devotions to that corpse of a Necromancer Nagash!!!” The king on his throne roars his lungs out like a grated blade sharpen by stone. He stared at the messenger, who’s appearance is concealed by a black hooded cloak. Still as stone and unshaken by the Kings outburst is silent as a grave.

Astortha continues his fury outburst with a deep tone, with some pride in his speach. “In Furiosious, the people learn to survive not by cheating death with magic or blasted prayers to the gods, we survive because we sacrifice ourselves so that a new generation can carry on our traditions. They carry the linage, the soul and the legends of Furiosious alive”.

“If Nagash wants me to bow down to his wretched rule after what he did to my Queen, he took her as a pawn for his legion of the undead. No, no I will not join his side, I’ll smite his face with my bare hands and drag him to the edge of the realm myself. I’ll cast every single necromantic abominations to the edge until all of the realms are free from Nagash’s vile magic”.

now the king rises from his throne, determined to set the record straight to the ‘thing’ in front of him, who dared Astortha to join Neferata’s conquest for Skorton, and join Nagash at his side once again. “My name is king Astortha, son of Darmik, ruler of the fire and soul of Furiosious! Tell your mistress Neferata to turn back, or face the men and women of Furiosious’s rage!

– king Astortha’s speech to the messenger of Neferata, in the Hold court of Blackfire spire.

Astortha is one that can either be a great ally in times of need, or an arragont b****** who could ruin a campaign if unchecked. It is for this reason that Lord Celestant Drayven, Lancer of Sigmar, must be vigilant and firm towards the king, lest Astortha’s rage consume himself.

The Model was originally from the starter set for Lord of the Rings: Mines of Moria. I’ve proxied this model as King Astortha, which suits the characteristics of a close combat warrior.

Once, a king who was considered a fair and noble leader who pitied the weak and cruel, his kindness wasn’t taken for granted by his compassion. He believed that all should be equal and be as one as a kingdom. Married to Queen Espheress, they both ruled Hold Furiosious with peace and harmony.

But such fairy tale is a hollow concept to the outside world, for such utopian life is a lie, the wicked and corrupted can pierce this reality like needles sinking into flesh.

The Hold was soon in madness as Duke Harton, a Soulblight vampire, raised an army of the undead to breach the kingdoms walls. Sent by Nagash to strip Astortha’s kingdom down for denying the god of the dead his payment of souls. Soon, the Queen would be slain and taken to the salt seas, where she would be casted into the cold black sea. Astortha, rage filled by the loss of his Queen was condemned to live the rest of his days as a rage-full shadow of his former self. His distasteful the undead his made him all the more hatefully towards the denizens of Shyish, ordering any sighting of Necromancers and dead alike to be killed on sight.


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12 days of winter [day 6]: The Grey-mane Dynasty lore series- the art of the Grey-mane, year 1

12 days of winter [day 6]: The Grey-mane Dynasty lore series- the art of the Grey-mane, year 1

This year was the start of a long series of my homebrew lore series on the Grey-mane dynasty for AoS. The lore was planned to tie all of my AoS factions from an origin root that would spread out and build many perspectives from different factions.

However, the story couldn’t be fully realised without the help of visual imagery art. So this year was an effort for me to not only build my lore series, but also to provide visual art of my stories.

Today, I would like to show you guys a whole years worth of art from ‘The Grey-mane Lore Series’, ranging from portrait art of the Grey-manes themselves to the landmarks that define the dynasty’s history and heritage. Enjoy!

Arashar The Master Alchemist, Grey-mane of Metal.

Future sight of the second fall

Realm map of the Grey-mane dynasty land in Aqshy.

The Corrupted constellation above mount Silver Throne.

Map of the Grey-mane city.

Roar of the Lighting God.

The Stagrot Gladiators heraldry.

A dynasty falls, the Dark Gods rejoice.

The birth of the land

Matron of the Shadows

Oaken the Ancient Ghuldryad, Grey-mane of the Beast.

Croscarvro, Whight king of the Frost Crosil Crypt, Grey-mane of Death.

Lord Celestant of the Grey-mane truce.

Towers is the Celestial Order.

Palace of the dynasty.

The Fire Horse Freeguild.


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