NCR Patrol

The first of many factions as part of my FWW New Vegas tabletop wargaming, the NCR Patrol are my latest painted unit. I’ve already got a few miniatures that can fit into the New Vegas setting including Supermutants, Survivors and Raiders. The NCR Patrol however is my first official unit fir the FWW New Vegas.Continue reading “NCR Patrol”

Fallout Wasteland Warfare- New Vegas: Planning

My boxing talent is my poetry. Passed down the generation since my pa along with the tribe left Vault 34 fifty years ago. The Boomers are the inherited of the sky; for we are the settlers of the  once great and powerful American Air Force. Our fortitude and resilience are like our fortified defences at NellisContinue reading “Fallout Wasteland Warfare- New Vegas: Planning”

Fallout: War on the Commonwealth part 0, The Prize (2 of 2)

They came like rhinos charging through the grassy fields, pounding the ground with each stride as they reached the combat zone. Roaring their throats in unison as their leader, Brute Straal, led the way for the hunt of fresh prey. As the warbands sub leader, Straal had seen fit to hunt out in the WastelandContinue reading “Fallout: War on the Commonwealth part 0, The Prize (2 of 2)”

Fly on the Wall post apocalyptic saga fan fiction series part 3: Time and the underworlds embrace

London, East End, est 1950/1960 On the streets in the East end of London, in a pact narrow rows of brick houses in Bethnal Green, a young man was watching outside through his window. Looking down at the street from his house, where people were going about their daily lives on a cool autumn morning.Continue reading “Fly on the Wall post apocalyptic saga fan fiction series part 3: Time and the underworlds embrace”

Four who ride in the post apocalypse

Recently it was announced on the Fly on the Wall podcast that their long running Post Apocalypse series will be ending on the 30th of December. So what better time than to reveal my week long artwork, my last one in tribute to the series. More art, I know, I probably shouldn’t be doing tooContinue reading “Four who ride in the post apocalypse”

12 days of Winter|Fly on the Wall post apocalypse series part 2: Glenn’s confession

“My names Peter Pan and joining me today is Peter O’tool…..Peter Jackson………Peter……” Said Luke as he tried recording his and Waz’s podcast on an old recording device. Unfortunately for Luke, the recorder kept skipping every couple of minutes making the recording jarring to listen back to. But he didn’t care as he was far moreContinue reading “12 days of Winter|Fly on the Wall post apocalypse series part 2: Glenn’s confession”

The Rats and The City

Today I’ve found an old comic book from a comic store, but this isn’t your usual superhero story or even a Judge Dredd story (but I was very close to getting a Judge Dredd comic today!). Rather than buying my usual favourite comic books by 2,000ad, my eye was attracted by another comic that wasContinue reading “The Rats and The City”