The Bear Eaters Skirmish Warband

Of all the once mortal hero’s who died a heroic or valiant last stand against the impossible, reforged in gleaming Sigmarite and imbued powers of the Azyr celestial storm, three is one such hero who is quite literally a man of many words. The untamed beast that can never be caged nor reasoned with, hisContinue reading “The Bear Eaters Skirmish Warband”


This is a reference to a meme on the Fly on The Wall Podcast instagram. I decided to draw Nigel because I was bored being stuck in isolation. At least Luke can now create more memes of Nigel. Nigel is the hero we never asked for, but deserved in our time of need. Until nextContinue reading “Nigel”

Roboute Guilliman, art project

You thought I would forget Lorgar’s arch nemesis? Well, I did just that earlier than expected, it’s a nice picture that I’ll be using as my new profile picture. That’s all for today, until next time, -Bjorn

Lorgar, Bearer of the Word: Art project

The other day I wanted to do some drawing, so I got out my sketchbook out and started planning what I wanted to draw. After my test drawing of Perturabo using a reference photo impressed me, I wanted to do something similar for this drawing. I wanted to draw Lorgar, inspired by ADB Horus HeresyContinue reading “Lorgar, Bearer of the Word: Art project”

Fan fiction Fly on the Wall Podcast Post Apocalyptic Saga link post

I’ve decided to make a post to link all of my Post Apocalyptic saga fan fiction posts, based on The Fly on the Wall Podcast series hosted by Luke and Waz, into an all in one link post. This will be updated with each new fan fiction post published on the blog, links below areContinue reading “Fan fiction Fly on the Wall Podcast Post Apocalyptic Saga link post”

#Fembruary challenge 2020

First things first, this is my first time entering a blogging community challenge, it took me awhile but I’ve finally got the courage to start. Second thing is, I ain’t that good at painting feminine miniatures. But hey, that’s what challenges are for, to test yourself and overcome areas that your not comfortable at. IfContinue reading “#Fembruary challenge 2020”

Fly on the Wall post apocalyptic saga fan fiction series part 3: Time and the underworlds embrace

London, East End, est 1950/1960 On the streets in the East end of London, in a pact narrow rows of brick houses in Bethnal Green, a young man was watching outside through his window. Looking down at the street from his house, where people were going about their daily lives on a cool autumn morning.Continue reading “Fly on the Wall post apocalyptic saga fan fiction series part 3: Time and the underworlds embrace”

Four who ride in the post apocalypse

Recently it was announced on the Fly on the Wall podcast that their long running Post Apocalypse series will be ending on the 30th of December. So what better time than to reveal my week long artwork, my last one in tribute to the series. More art, I know, I probably shouldn’t be doing tooContinue reading “Four who ride in the post apocalypse”