Best of 2016

A bit late for this post to be made, considering it’s the first of February tomorrow! Also, it’s soon going to be a year since Ive first started blogging!

But anyhow, today I want to show some of the best posts of 2016 from my blog that I thought deserved some spotlight treatment. It’s a mix of  table top hobby mixed with my own art work. Enjoy!


Skaven Warlord, Scarus the left claw

This was probably one of my favourite painted small miniature from last year, I had tons of fun painting the model for my combined Skaven army (although at the time he had a different name for the model, before I changed it to Scarus). The purple skin tone marks him as one of the enlightens followers of Pestilens, in service to Verminlord Sektretch.

This year I’m hoping to make a second Warlord as Scarus after the events of the campagin that he was in. He won’t be the same as he is in the picture, but I won’t spoil the surprise. πŸ˜‰

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Project: Sci-fi inspired scratch built robot 

The biggest project of 2016 was my scratch built robot (none-functioning of course), which had to be made on a six week deadline with process notes, design sketches, prototypes and the final outcome design. Thankfully I was able to complete this project a week before the deadline, with just a few annotation work to finish off.

When I look at this project, nostalgia just hits me like an incoming paper duck on superglue. It’s a big achievement to me, as the task was something I didn’t want to fail. I was a lot more prepared for this task with a calm mindset, in a mirror reflection of my near stress anxiety levels of my GCSE art project final design.

I’m hoping to do a project that will be more elaborate and a successor to this design, pushing for more creativity and professional standards.

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Gorthblox, Greater Daemon (SEVEN!!!!!!)This big fella was done during the summer holidays, a time when all manner of Nurgle priests and Nurglings came to my door for crusty coffee and plague cakes (no kidding!). They offered me a rust encrusted lantern that can summon a Great Unclean one from the realm of chaos for free! (Well they jabbered on about in exchange for my soul or something….).

All jokes aside, I brought this model as a treat for getting a merit in my Level 2 art and design course. This model in particular I’ve been pushing new techniques and colour pallet that I’ve not tried out before, resulting in form of a really disgustingly badass Daemon!

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Completing my first AoS army!It took me nearly a year to get this army completed before I finally had my first game of AoS last year. This army would be the starting point for my combined Skaven force for Clan Skelnix, lead by a very old Verminlord.

This was a massive achievement in terms of actually getting a fully painted 1,000+ pt, where as before I could never paint a full army for WHFB. Not only that, but an army that looks great from painting all the models in consistency. 

Funnily enough, just months after this army was done, I was able to have a fully painted 1,000pt Nurgle force done as well! I’m hoping to reach up to 2,000pt for my Skaven force, with at least two units of 20x Clanrats (that’s gonna be nightmare to do πŸ’€).

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Blog Persona profile imageBased on my stuffed toy monkey ( if you must know his name is Jeff), who inspired me to use his face as a reference to create a digital art picture of him. Whilst people might use selfies or logos for their profile, I’ve decided to take a different route to have some sort of recognisable image associated to my blog site.

After ten years of being in the loft, I’ve finally found inspiration to take Jeff from his retirement to be use for art project. Hopefully he’ll be used for future projects.

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Verminlord SektretchThe post that started it all off, this model was my first project for my blog site. This model is an important piece in a personal way, as it got me to where I am today with my painting standards.

At first I found the task to be difficult to undertake for professional standards. But I continued the project with determination to finish the model by pushing my techniques and styles to the limit. 

The result is astoundingly amazing, back then I thought this would be the only model that can achive with the best of my talent at art. However, it was only just a stepping stone for the posts that followed on from it. As you’ve seen above, I’ve since painted a lot more models that far exceed the standard of this model. But to me, this model derseves a personal place as the model that really got me into painting table top miniatures.

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It’s thanks to you guys that I’m still blogging for nearly a year now, your comments and compliments have given me that much needed inspiration to do the best that I can. I can’t thank you guys enough at how your comments have helped me through a very mixed year.

I hope you have enjoyed the post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

Until next time,


Elder Hag Queen Hexter

Elder Hag Queen Hexter

The Elder Hag is a title given by king Ren himself, for those who can master the arts of enchantment, Alchemy, magic and leadership of a small army. Hexter, Queen of Ren, is the first and still to this day the first of the title. She may not have the majestic inspiration and awe that king Ren is known for, but her magical talents are more potent and devastating than even that of her kings own dark malice.

Hexter creates enchantments from the bones of Crypt Horrors, using them to craft into objects of rewards to warriors that have impressed the king in court. She also creates potions that are beyond the skills of even the master brewers such as Mazagrax the brewer-men and Tazix Valhalu, the Tzeentchian Cult Alchemist. Her skills weren’t just a craft that was practiced and learnt, for she is a descendent of a long line of female alchemists of a long lost legend.

Today we take a indepth look at one of the Liverbone Courts most tragic and dammned members of the inner court, Elder Hag Queen Hexter. This is not only her origin story, but also a story of a tribe that once knew of freedom. A tribe that had risen to dynasty, that which in turn became ashes. Enjoy!

The old ways of the Grey-mane
Once she was a traveling alchemist in rags of ash and dust, traversing the bubbling hot water springs region in the realm of fire, going by the name of Arashar Chemalos. The name ‘Arashar’ is name that was passed down to each generation of female descendent of magical and alchemical talent in the Grey-mane tribe, before the tribe became a royal dynasty during the Age of Myth. The name was given by the elders of ash, a group of wise men and women who own nothing, work for nothing and live but to pass on their knowledge of freedom by not being tempted by luxury nor self importance. The name they have given was the name of the original bloodline of an alchemist of legend, who was said to have created potions and poisons of master craftsmanship.

This Arashar was the ninth in the generation, and the last of the lineage. The original Elders that gave the ninth her name were all but gone when she was seventeen, for they had departed to join their kin in the constellations that embraced their souls for eternity. The new elders who took over had abandoned the old ways to embrace the God kings rein of peace and prosperity. Luxury, pride, lust, greed, envy and self importance had created fools of a mockery in reflection to their departed ancestors.

The new elders were jealous and afraid of Arashar, for she clings on to the old ways with her title and devotion to the tenets she followed. So the seeds of Chaos was sown, the corruption filled the elders with ideas and plots to get rid of the ninth descendent forever.

The fall of Arashar

And so began the threads, one by one was arranged so that Arashar would be set up for accidents and ‘supernatural’ scenarios in relation to her craft. Soon the population of the young dynasty were worried about the Alchemist, so prejudice and insults were thrown at her wherever she went. 

Arashar begged for forgiveness, pleading that without her the whole dynasty would succumb to plagues and diseases. But none would listen to her pleas, but instead laugh at her turmoil, just as planned by the elders.

Soon the Elders put the final nail in the coffin, as they decreed that alchemy would be band, for it would bring about trouble to an age of prosperity and peace. All traces of Arashar were to be erased from history, to be replaced with onyx statues of new gods such as Sigmar, Alarielle, Grimmnir and so on. Arashar was sent out of the city, sent to be outcasted to the wastelands of fire to never return to the city of the Grey-mane dynasty.

In truth however, Arashar was lucky to have left the city, for in a few days time, apocalypse would tear the dynasty to its foundations. In fact, the whole reason why the new elders were leaving the old ways was because they themselves were the puppets of the master of fate himself, Tzeentch!

The seventh and ninth instrumentality

As she left, days past as the city carried on as normal, the elders were joyous at their success at getting rid of the last Arashar for good. However, reports have been coming in of diseases and strange magical anomalies appearing around the city. The elders ignored this however, for they themselves would not care for a few lives lost. But what they didn’t know, was that these were messages that their city would be a battlefield against two gods, a war between Nurgle and Tzeentch!

Soon, the Age of Chaos arrived, the city was in turmoil as the Lord of fate and the Farther of plagues minions battled each other for dominance for this city’s souls. The elders tried to escape, but perished in their attempt to flee from the chaos. Soon the war was over, the gods were bored and left the ruined city to find a new playground to fight. Leaving behind the burnt wreckage of a husk.

Some have suggested that years later, the city returned from the grave, giant men in cold blue armour had risen by a dark storm of neon blue lightning bolts in the sky. The cold iron faces of misery had risen to stand guard over their city again as if it was still alive…….

The fate of Arashar the ninth

As for the last Arashar? She traveled the wastelands of fire, finding food and water whoever she could find them. Her once rich clothing had become rags caked in ash, her skin became pale from exhaustion. She became what her elders had been living by, the souls of nothing who own nothing.

For years she traveled, her hunger was painful for each step she had taken. Soon she fell into a sink hole of ash as she accidentally fell into an old underground temple. She was unconscious for a day until she was awoke by the celestial light of a cosmic entity.

This entity was one of the old elders who Arashar knew when she was young, its name was Astran Grey-mane. It talked to her as if it was flesh and blood, eyes of sorrow as he saw a once proud lineage forgotten by hatred. It told her that all is not lost, that he had a message of hope to her from a wise king. But before it told her of the kings request, Astran revealed a dark secret to her, for the elders had a secret that took a dark irony to their old ways.

For the reason why they own nothing, work for nothing and live to share their knowledge, is because that is their price for eating the flesh of their own kin! This fact alone was an irony to their good and kind nature that they appear when everyone looks up to them as morally right. They have done this for generations, even the original Arashar was a kin eater too!

Arashar was in disbelief at what this entity had revealed, the old ways was a cover up for the acts of feasting on the kin of the dead. All she knew was a lie, a tribe built on nothing but lies. However, the entity gave its reason for these acts, for the price of their sin, they give knowledge and services for nothing. That whilst not morally right for eating the dead kin, they know that a balance must be made to ensure that their people will live on from their wisdom. To enjoy life before being consumed to the realm of their real destination, Nagash’s realm!

Arashar was sceptical at its reasons, but nevertheless understood the equal exchange of their acts. The entity told Arashar that it was a manifestation of the spirit of Astran Grey-mane, a spirit that was bound to a unliving king by the name of Ren. The king was interested in the legend of Arashar from studying the lost legends of the Grey-mane tribe, and he wanted the last descendent to attend his court.

Events after this were sketchy, but it is believed that Arashar had died at the court of king Ren. From her death came a new form from the ashes, the Elder Hag Queen Hexter had risen. Her skills have only grown stronger by her evolution into the Elder Hag Queen, becoming what the elders would consider to be damnation of kin eating.

Her gaze is set on retaking the Grey-mane dynasty city ruins for her own, to retake the home of the original elders and to bring back the old ways for the new generation of kin eating Ghouls. 


Hope you guys have enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or theory’s on this post, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

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Subject of the week: My disagreements and unanswered questions for AoS

As many of you will have noticed, I’m very much enthusiastic about the way Warhammer fantasy is going so far. The rules are great to play against anyone, no matter if they’re new players, or old veterans. New factions look really jaw dropping in their sculpting design, pushing for new and creative ideas for the Age of Sigmar. As well as lore which is slowly improving each year now.

However, I do have some disagreements with AoS, especially in some of its decisions on certain factions and lore continuity from the world-that-was. Today I’ll be giving my thoughts and opinions on my disagreements and what I want to know on AoS. 

Dark Elves being part of the Order Alliance? 

For those of you that have not played Warhammer before AoS, a time when infantry blocks and miscast tables were a thing, the Dark Elves were mostly on the side of evil. Whilst not really part of the chaos faction, they were corrupted in soul rather than physical corruption. 

The backstory behind the Dark Elves was both clever and sad, how a once proud and united race was fractured by betrayal and corruption within the Elven hierarchy (we can all thank Morathi for shaping the events to come, even if her son was burnt to the crisp like an overcooked burger on BBQ). The Witch king has since tried to retake his homeland to reclaim ‘HIS’ rightful throne (I certainly think it should be his tbh), which at the End Times came to be a reality. 

Now I don’t know the fully know the fate of the Elves in the End Times, however, I do know that the Elves reunited as one to fight against Chaos before the end of the world.

Which leads us to AoS, where it appears that the Dark Elves are part of the Order faction. Now I know that the Elves were united, and they aren’t fighting for Ulthaun anymore. But to me, I feel the Dark Elves don’t belong to to the Order Alliance at all. I personally feel that the Dark Elves are unique in that they are a spitting reflection of the High Elves in culture and actions in how they shape themselves to be.

But since this is a new realm that’s been around for nearly 1,000 or so years or more, cultures can change from its original purpose. The Dark Elves could be philosophisers of the dark aspect of elven culture, balanceing with their kin of the light path. This is all a theory from what I can gather, but it’s at least a logical explanation as to what the Dark Elves represent in the Order Alliance of elven kin.

I hope there might be some news that will shed light (or the light fantastic) on what the Dark Elves will be portrayed as in the lore of AoS.

( also, at least three models; The reaper bolt thrower, Dreadlord on Manticore and Dreadlord on footmodels aren’t supported anymore for the official army faction. Just compendium options now 😦 ).

Council of the Thirteen/ Verminlord councils existents?

Having gotten one of the Skaven factions for AoS, Clan Pestilence, a lot of the old lore is still intact within the factions culture and philosophy. However, it didn’t mention at all about the Council of the Thirteen, or wether theirs a new (and slightly better cooperation with council members, I blame you Greyseers for this!) council in place.

I might have overlooked the battletome, but I couldn’t really find anything to do the Council at all. What’s the Skaven hierarchy like now? Is it all separate into different four main clans? Not much is explained on this, but it’s a shame that there’s no council of the thirteen to read on for AoS.  

One of the reasons why I’m so indistsnt on knowing if there is a council is because it was quite an interesting insight into the under-empires politics and how they deal with their currency, soilders, backstabbing intentions and most of all, what the councils intentions are for the surface world.

Slannesh’s disappearence

[I’ve mentioned this before in my subject post of the week, if you want to read about what my thoughts were on that, click here to see the full post.]

Overal, it’s a shame that slannnesh is currently missing in the AoS lore, and he/she’s fate is uncertain for now. It’s something I hope GW will resolve soon with some hope that Slannesh can carry on as normal or changed to fit the current setting of Warhammer.


That’s some of the main points I wanted to point out, there were many more but are small and not so important issues to point out. Whilst I would of liked to have created a Elven Slanneshi cult, I doubt I’d invest in Slannesh models until I know for sure that it will continue on. But here’s hoping for the best!

Thanks for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


Expedition of the Grey-mane truce army [23/1/17]

Expedition of the Grey-mane truce army [23/1/17]

Welcome to the first post in my collection for the Order Alliance, which combines both Stormcast Eternals and the Fyreslayers into one small Warband. Unlike the Liverbone Court (that’s still WIP by the way), this army won’t be as big as I’m not planning on using it for pitched battles. Instead, it’ll be used for narrative games for story driven campaigns.

So far I’ve already nearly collected half of what I’ve needed for the Stormcast side of the army, with a full unit of Judicators, Liberators and a near completed unit of Retributors. Currently I’m. Painting my Judicators which have sort of left a bad taste to my impression on them so far. For some reason, I’m not sure if the colour scheme is right for the army. At first I was going to use green acrylics for the shoulder pads, but after shading and drybrudging them, I just didn’t like the way they look. 

I’ve tried using red paints instead, which seem to be a better option so far, but I’m still think it doesn’t look right. It’s early days, so I’ll try to complete the painting process and see if the overal look has improved (I hope so, I really don’t want to go through the tedious effort on getting the paint off 😦 )

The liberators are currently on standby to be undercoated in black primer spray paint, just waiting for the two liberators to have their paint be fully removed before spraying the whole unit. I’m also leaving the Retributors on standby until I can get one more model to have a playable unit.
That’s pretty much it for now, not much to say at the moment but it’s early days. Considering that this is about half the required models I need for the army, it’s not a bad achievement. Now it’s just a case of getting used to painting these guys in a colour scheme that I like.
I hope you guys have enjoyed this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you!


What’s coming up in 2017!

What’s coming up in 2017!

A bit late for hobby resolutions, but I plan these things before I make any concrete decisions. 2016 was a year of challenges for me, from keeping consistent with my course work, to deciding who to vote for in the EU Referendum, pushing my hobby skills to another level and finally, getting as much table top hobby time as I can.

I’ll be posting the best of 2016 from archive blog posts that I think were the best from last year. This will be up at some point next week.

So whats my plans for 2017? Well most of it is table top hobby related tasks, mixed with other stuff that I want to try out. Below is a list of what will be coming for this year:

  1. Finishing off my Flesh-Eater Courts army, including more Crypt Ghouls (human/Duardin/elves/Skaven) Crypt Flayers, kit bashing Varghulf, more Ogres and Morghast Archai.
  2. Build my Grand Alliance of order, consisting of; Stormcast Eternals (using Hammer and Anvil battalion) and Fyreslayers (either Lords of the lodge or Subterranean Fyrestorm battalions).
  3. Completing my Grand Alliance of Chaos, with my Nurgle force needing a few units of Blightkings, Chaos warriors and Daemons of Nurgle stater set.
  4. Communicating with the hobby community more, by commenting other bloggers posts that I like, and joining in discussion groups to contribute to the hobby.
  5. Discovering new styles and mediums in art projects, developing new designs that’s not in my comfort zone.
  6. Telling the rest of the path to glory campagin story of the battles between Clan Skelnix, and the Whitebark Clan.
  7. If the dark elves have a new release, I’ll be rebasing and painting my entire collection if I find the new lore for the faction to be satisfying.
  8. Painting Skaven model inbetween hobby projects.

Hopefully at least a few of these will be completed by the end of this year. But for now, its small steps at a time.

    I hope you guys have enjoyed this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


    Flesh-Eater Courts: Liverbone court army [17/1/17]

    Flesh-Eater Courts: Liverbone court army [17/1/17]

    “Sometimes, the hunger never stops. It scratches and gnaws at you until you feel as if your teared apart from the inside out. It’s only a matter of time until your fully lost in the madness for eternal hunger.

    Humans are susceptible to the cursed gaze of the Ghoul kings madness, the most common of races to be controlled by the half living kings. The liverbone court has however used its influence on other races to bolster its forces to retake the old kingdom of Ashtheon. As of known record, only one race, the Ogres, have been seen within the forces, both as bodyguards and high ranking butchers of the court.

    Ghoulified Ogres, well that’s another story entirely…….”

    -Necromancer Xarvan, book of flesh and possession.


    This week I’ve been able to finish off my Crypt Haunter Courtier, painting his bone weapon and decorating the base. I’ve also decided to do some test photography on the model collection, having a visual reference to see how it’s shaping so far. (Also, if you look carefully you might be able to see what will come next from collection in the  post series πŸ˜‰ ).

    I’m falling in love with this model, comparing it to the Ogres size is obvious enough, but at the same time fits nicely into its own bodyguard unit. The paint pallet for the model works well for its appearance, thankfully not cheesy or OTT in presentation.
    Once I’ve completed the next three models for the second unit of Crypt horrors, I’ll be able to use the battalion warscroll in full effect for the attendants at court. Can’t wait to see what their like on the battlefield! 😈

    So far I’ve been impressed with the current model painted, they look cohesively close as a whole army. I think my only doubts are the Ghoul king on foot and the Crypt Ghast Courtier, as they don’t like they are suited to the army’s heraldry colours. I might improve them if it’s getting on my nerves too much.
    Very soon I’ll be doing a new post on scenic photography with these Ghouls, using scenery and grass mat to create a fantasy collection setting display. Can’t wait to try that out soon!


    Hope you guys have enjoyed the post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

    Until next time!


    Topic of the week: Confession of a comic collectorΒ 

    We all have something that we want to collect, from trading cards, to stamps, stickers, books and so on. For me, trading cards are one thing (I’ll get on to that in a future post) , but collecting comics is another but stronger obsession of mine. But not just any comic, no, I’m talking about 2,000ad comics!

    It can be said that 2,000ad has gone through a lot of changes during its time, from paper material, to comic content and tone. But what hasn’t changed is its continuing focus on one particular mascot (if you could call him that, probably against Mega-city one laws), Judge Dredd! He’s a recognisable character, even when he’s aged a lot through the decades!

    I’ve started collecting 2,000ad since way over a decade or so (2003/2004?) buying my first issue when I was really young (couldn’t really understand it back then to be honest). Then I brought my next issue in 2009 when I noticed it was in my local newsagent, and finally I found a whole stack of old issues at an antique shop in 2013. As to this day I’m still hunting down any classic issues that might appear in car boot sales or antique shops.

    Why do I collect 2,000ad comics? It’s because I feel connected to the publication more than Marvel and DC. Yes, both publishers are top of the comic book industry and influence in the industry. However, I’ve lost interest in these two after reboots to their universes, which made me feel like I’ve wasted my interest in their characters and lore progression.

    2,000ad on the other hand is different, it’s main star, Judge Dredd is a continuing story that throws all sorts of story’s and situations in the post apocalyptic America. For example in Prog 507 (prog meaning ‘program’) story about an Italian mobster boss known as Giovanni, who wants a Taxidermist to stuff his deceased goons body’s without the judges knowing. weird right?

    However, the publication does have its flaws, as many antagonist characters in the story arcs are killed off or in prison, making it hard to re introduce these foes to the story. Whilst Judge Death is an eternal character, he can’t be overused for every story, or else be a boring villain. But never the less, Judge Dredd is certainly an interesting and unique comic run that aims to show no mercy to it antagonists. 

    But what’s my favourite 2,000ad prog series? Well it’s actually a weird name to those who have never heard of it, but my favourite series is the ABC Warriors! Why you may ask? It’s because of the many personalitys that are shown within the featured characters in the series. Some are badass, others tragic, and some just plain psychotic. 

    Whilst I’ve only glimpsed at a few combined issues from the series, it’s still impressive how much efforts the writers and artist put into each story part in the series arcs. My personal favourite is Prog 581, an absolutely jaw dropping display of art work by Simon Bisley. I recommend having a look at this issue yourself, as I can’t describe how detailed the art is in my own words.

    [off topic paragraph on the Dredd movie, skip to the next paragraph if your not interested] I’ve even seen the Dredd movie (not the Stallone one……) which really captured the essence and tone of the Judge Dredd universe. Karl urban nailed the performance of Dredd from its source material, and for once was a film that was really enjoyable. Sadly, as many of you will know there won’t be a sequel due to its low box office result. Such a shame, the film was probably the best cinematography I’ve seen. Personally, I feel it should have had a second chance to really show itself as a contender in the comic book movie industry. But I guess it’ll be just a dream now.

    Anyway, back to the subject. I think now is the time to show you guys what comics I’ve collected on 2,000ad. [Note: issue cover art, content and publication belong to 2,000ad and its respective creators. I dont own the art nor content within the issues. These are shown for visual display only]

    Yup, quite a few comics, not a horde of comics but just a few in my collection, Spanning from 1986 to 2014. The reason why I haven’t brought any new issues is due to being distracted from buying them, and spending more time getting books and Table top miniature collection. But then again, do I need to buy new issues?  Feel happy with what I’ve gotten, incomplete story’s yes, but never the less a pleasure to look at now and then when I want to see some nostalgic comic books. 

    Not only that, but I want to preserve these comics to future generations who want to see a piece of history. I feel it’s my obligation to make sure people see what creative talent was like back when the issue was made, showing what comics were like back in that decade it was produced. 

    Whilst comic books of today have evolved from the use of inking and colouring to newer digital mediums, i still think the traditional use of comic book art is still amazing even to this day. 


    I hope you guys have enjoyed this very personal blog post on my particular interest in 2,000ad comics. I felt it was a great way of introducing old and new reads to something that they might want to have a look at. 

    If you have stories to share on your experience with this subject, or even post you have made on your collection. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and opinions. 

    I hope to see you guys again soon!


    [Note: I do not own the following; characters, story arcs and series mentioned in this post. They are owned by 2,000ad and its respective creators]

    Flesh-Eater Courts: Livebone court army [12/1/17]

    Flesh-Eater Courts: Livebone court army [12/1/17]

    Production has been going at a better pace now that I have my own workspace to do my modelling, surprisingly a lot more models are now completed! So far, I’ve managed to paint my Abhorrent Ghoul King, 3x Crypt Horrors, and based my two Crypt Ghast Courtiers and Ghoul king on foot.

    Follow the link here if you haven’t seen the first post on the collection: Flesh-Eater Courts: Liverbone court army [31/12/16]

    The collection is slowly showing its own identity now that a few units have been painted, showing diversity in each units colour scheme and alterations. I would like to add more races into the army, such as Fyrslayers and Elven models to be Ghoul Kings/ Crypt Ghouls.
    Already I have a kitbashed model of a hybrid Wood elf/ Ghoul as a Ghoul king, a female sorcerer that stands over her minions as the elder hag witch of the army. She’ll be like the Queen/ close advisor for the Abhorrent king, guiding him on battle plans and etc.

    Hope you guys enjoy the photography work! πŸ™‚


    King Ren, Abhorrent Ghoul King on TerrorgheistThe king in all his majestic glory, riding upon his fabled beast as they take flight in a rainbow glow of light (that’s what Ren thinks in his grand illusion that is). In reality, the king is but a mad man in rags, riding on a corpse bat with the aroma of dark magic pouring out from the Kings being.

    The model is probably my favourite so far out of the collection, it’s pretty big, especially the wings! Painting the model was a joy to do, as I’ve tried out different layer applications to the model. The wings especially, I like how they looked once they were painted.

    Elder Hag Queen, Hexter (Sycophant)The Queen of the Ghouls, Hexter is the Elder Hag of the court, advising the king on serious matters involving magic based situations that threaten the court. She also makes bone charms for the worthy warriors who have earned them by battle, taking them from the excessive bone growth of the Crypt Horrors.

    The model was kitbashed using a wood elf archer and some spare bitz from the Crypt Ghouls kit. I’ve altered the right foot to be slightly angled in place on a spare bone claw, so she can be glued in place on the rock easily. The pony tail was taken from the Verminlord kit and shortend down to fit onto the model at the right length.

    Frostbone knights (Crypt Horrors)The Frostbone Knights serve their Haunter lord, who attend the court to prepare the kings feast. However, on the battlefield they serve as the living shield wall for their master from artillery strikes. 

    Where these ogres come from is a mystery to scholars and bards across Aqshy, however, they predict that these ogres follow Gorkamorka in the aspect of death and endless hunger. They’re also concerned as to why the banner holders of the unit hold an icon of the stag, could it be linked to the courts past, or even its religious deity?

    Crypt Haunter ‘Face of Nagash’Face hidden beneath a rusty iron helmet, the Haunter is an ambassador of the undead legion of Nagash. The court attendants distrust him with scrutiny to his every move, however Ren sees this have an opportunity to bolster his forces with alligence to Nagash. Only time will tell if this allegiance will be succeful, or dammning to the courts existence.

    Crypt Haunter, attendant at courtThe butcher of the court, this Haunter is the kings closest friend as allies, fighting in the name of the Liverbone court. His skills are far superior to his Crypt Courtiers, who dally about whilst he does the reaping in battle.

    I tried to make this model look similar to his warrior kin, whilst also making sure to make him look more old and wise. The old bones growing out of him are a testement to his age and wisdom to the court, which are cut down for trinkets to his favoured warriors of the Frostbone Knights.

    The model isn’t completed yet, although he looks exceptionaly good so far in the painting process.

    Prince Alister (Sycophant)Just as mad as his farther, Alister takes great pride in yapping about his excellence and grandure for his royal linage. Some of his men are aspired by his deeds and honour, whilst others just want to shove troll waste down his greasy mouth for peace of mind.

    The Crypt CourtiersThese two are the kings frontline leaders, ordering the minions to advance, patrol and spy on the enemy territory for new land to take. One is the courts youngest partrol leader in the courts history, whilst the other is an outcast ghoul from a fallen court who’s joined the court for his experience as a leader.


    Hope you guys have enjoyed this post. They’ll be more updates on this collection in the near future, so keep an eye out in a couple of weeks for the next update.

    If you have any questions, post a comment below, and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

    Have a great week, and hope the winter snow doesn’t ruin your day this weekend.


    Small projects part |||

    Small projects part |||

    Just quick post on my current small projects that I’m currently working on. Including process work on photography  and digital art for my course work on protest art. 

    The work is based on the theme of corporate slavery for my protest art in photography mixed with digital art. I wanted to create a piece that shows a side of corporate slavery that’s not known to a lot of people. It’s deeply rooted in the educational system, which I believe corporates take advantage of, therefore it has to change in my personal opinion (however, I respect others opionions if they don’t agree with it).

    Enjoy! πŸ™‚

    If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you!