Knights Excelsior Skirmish Warband: Freeguild frontier men

During the development of building a AoS warband, you get to craft a theme, an identity for your project that influences your choices on what direction you want to go for. Maybe your warband is a remnant of a Stormhost that was nearly wiped out, the souls of the slain unable to return back to Azyr. The surviving Stormcast Eternals push on towards their object, fighting through untold horrors that stands in their way.

Alternatively, your warband could be a small mercenary band, a Fyreslayer warband paid in Ur-gold to defend or bounty hunt a dangerous foe/ hero. Maybe the warband could be a mixture of different races that are tied to a clan, guild or hired work by a shadowy figure.

Anything’s possible when it comes to Skirmish with no hassle trying to build big blocks of units, and more ways of building a miniature collection for fun.

I’ve realised that I could break the rigid structure of my usual project mindset. Why not go for something fresh instead with a theme of a hunting party!

Meet the hunters, a group of hired marksmen of Ghur who have joined the Knights Excelsior hunt down a wanted fugitive. Not like your usual housed Free-city stock, these marksmen hunt in the wastelands of Ghur with a simple code of survival.

“If it’s big, shoot it. If it’s green, burn it. If it’s undead, use holy silver balls. If it’s Chaos, we’re dead”.

This kit came with an issue of Wargamers Illustrated magazine, If I can remember right they’re called the American Revolution frontier men (I could be wrong!). Produced by Warlord Games, this plastic kit is pretty awesome, very simple to build and nicely sculpted miniatures.

I’ve got another four miniatures to paint for this unit, and a spare miniature to kitbash as a leader (substituting the Free-guild Captain warscroll).

The project is shaping up now that I’ve got more units to add, I’m happy to see that this project hadn’t gone to the neglected storage. Will there be more Stormcasts? Possibly, I’m just thinking about what I could add to this project. Since I can add small units that go below the minimum unit requirement, I could use some models from the Mortal Realms magazine that I wouldn’t have use for in my two army projects.

Maybe I might go into an entirely different direction and add some neglected Wood Elves units. I’ve got a load of models that no longer have a place in AoS, so this project could be a home for the models I’ve neglected. Like I said above, there’s room for more creative ideas that don’t strictly adhere to mass unit formation.

I could go full IRO and make something so bizarre and weird that it would make the warband look uniquely exciting and disturbing at the same time. Bring out the Orruk poet…….

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Knights Excelsior Skirmish warband: Gryphound

A new member to the Skirmish party has finally arrived! A loyal Gryphound who accompanies his master, Lord-Relictor, the White Reaper.

I wanted to paint the Gryphound as though it fitted into the environment of Ghur, the Realm of Beasts. My colour choices were warm tones of red, yellow, orange and brown for the hound, whilst the equipment are cooler colours to contrast the natural and man made features.

With the base it follows the same principles as the ground is s warm, dry and overgrown environment of warm colours. The ruins was painted in blue with a drybrush of Martian desert to make it look more ancient.

  • Depending on how well my kitbashing work goes, I’m considering adding a Lord-Celestant to the warband. I’ve got a spare Palladin model that was originally a kitbashed Questor Knight, but it didn’t look right looking back now.
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  • -Bjorn
  • Gathering of the bloody

    Gathering of the bloody

    As I continue to paint more Khorne Bloodbound models to my ever growing collection of the Skullfiend Tribe, I look back and see how far I’ve gotten with my finished models and take pride that my time wasn’t wasted on TV soap operas (and complain to my Xbox One’s lack of faith like one of Lorgar’s Dark Apostles) . Today, I’ll be showing you, my readers and fellow worshipers of the Blood god, my current progress of my Skirmish Skullfiend Tribe. Enjoy!

    These two were featured in my first post on my Skullfiend Tribe Collection, both being done first after painting. Using the Thunder and Blood set as my starting point for the Skirmish warband, I’ve decided to base my warband around a Bloodstocker as the leader.

    I wanted my Skirmish force to look more scarier, so I’ve opted to taking lessons from Fabius Bile and produced my own horrible creation of the Khorgorath. This beast has obvious hints as to what it used to before Khorne literally changed the thing to his desires. Question is, which head is the original one?

    Next we have my first five Blood Warriors who have had a few alterations including a Icon bearer (centre) and a Blood Warrior with a kitbashed mace (far right). These were done to give my unit an icon for improved bravery in matchplay, and a different hand weapon cus I like the look of it.

    This is where the full livery colours of the Skullfiend Tribe are applied as the Blood Warriors have both the full black and brass armour, and the blood red helmets that define the tribes livery. Unlike the Axes of Skarbrand colour scheme (which was hard to attempt on a batch load across several units) the Skullfiend Tribes colour scheme was more simpler to batch paint.

    Finally, the current unit that I’m working on are the Skullreapers, so far painted three warriors and two WIP. Whilst I’ve had bad luck playing these guys so far, I think their still worth taking for Skirmish games.

    This unit was actually a repainted unit that was originally in my Axes of Skarbrand collection, however, the colour scheme I’ve used was very lazy and looked dull from the outcome. So I’ve given these guys a second coating of armour painting to fit alongside the rest of my warband, they look much better now that they have a better colour contrast.


    That’s all I have for now on my current progress on my Skullfiend Tribe warband. The faction is already set for playing Skirmish games now that I’ve filled both the minimum requirements to play, and reach my goal of passing 50R. However, I want to add just a few more models to the warband to fill in the slots on my established units to maximum capacity (because ten Blood Warriors with 2 attacks will surely give the Skaven and Sylvaneth a hard time).

    My next tasks will be to:

    • Paint 5x more Blood Warriors
    • Finish the last two Skullreapers
    • Paints 20x Bloodreavers

    That will cover a fairly large sized warband for Skirmish with plenty of options to choose from. I plan to create a Path to Glory warband after finishing the list, so that I can use my Skullfiend Tribe for bigger games (If I ever get the chance to play anyone).


    Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


    Skirmish Warband: SE- Knights of Excelsior (part 1)

    Skirmish Warband: SE- Knights of Excelsior (part 1)

    Starting off a new project, I’ve decided to use some spare Stormcast Eternals from Thunder and Blood set to form a small warband of the Knights Excelsior. Inspired by short stories from the the Malign Portents on the Stormhosts action during the event. I liked how the Stormhost is highly devoted to Sigmar (similar to the Black Templars), to the point of purging anything touched by Chaos.

    The Knights Excelsior is morally grey in their choices, on the one hand, they are the finest when they fight for the grand alliance of order to protect those who serve the Godking. However, they are also very extreme in their ways, to the point where anyone will be slain if there’s any hint or suspicion that they may be corrupted by Chaos. Narratively, the Stormhost is a unique one compared to other Stormhost who are more noble and not as zealous as the Knights of Excelsior.

    I’ve started off my collection by painting three Liberators (including a prime), loosely following the painting guide on the Knights Excelsior from ‘How to paint Stormcast Eternals’.

    My Skirmish warband will be based on the characters set in the Malign Portents story 13, Reaper’s Revelation, including Liberator-Prime Kronois, Warden of the Underlevels (seen above with two of his retinue) and the White Reaper. I liked the story as well as others relating to the Knights Excelsior, so I’ve used that as inspiration to build my warband.

    Kronis, Warden of the Underlevels.

    Tarnisk, Warhammer blessed.

    Engris, Faithful smiter

    Currently, I’m painting my Lord-Relictor as part of my 25 renown warband. I’ve also got three Prosecutors on standby to paint after my Lord-Relictor, which will fit nicely around 50 renown warband. I might also include three Retributors to the warband, as well as finishing the warband off with a Lord-Veritant as the White Reaper.

    My next post in the series will be focusing on my Lord-Relictor model, as well as a painting guide on how I’ve achieved the colour scheme for the Knights Excelsior.


    Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


    The Leech Kings crown- an AoS campaign (part 1: narrative background)

    The Leech Kings crown- an AoS campaign (part 1: narrative background)

    Welcome to The Leech Kings crown campaign for AoS, pitting both the Sandheart Dynasty (Tomb Kings) and the Lords of the Pisces (Stormcast Eternals) fighting to claim the crown of the Leech king.

    This post is the first of a two part series, first part is the narrative background and second is the campaign game layout.

    Today’s post will explain the narrative story, as well as all information on where the campaign will be located. Enjoy!


    In the combined kingdom of Skorton in the realm of Ghur, the ongoing war and politics between the Holds that vow to decimate one another has been going on for over a decade. Two sides are split on two masters, the God king Sigmar and the Queen of Blood, Neferata.

    One side vows allegiance to the Sandheart Dynasty (both under Neferata’s control) and the Holds that defy joining the undead. These deserting Holds are called the Skorton alliance, defended by the Stormhost, Lords of the Pisces.

    In the decade, many were unsure why the war was started, or even what value it had for both factions. Wether this was planned a long time ago, or the appearance of the Stormcast Eternals have caused friction in the land, none can say for sure.

    That was until rumours spread that both factions seek to claim the Leech Kings crown from his Crypt in the north isles. Rumours also persist that the accursed Leech king himself may rise again to seek a bloody tally in vengeance.

    Few could imagine a far worse time than the return of the Skorton blood stain history and tragic massacre by the hands of the Leech king. The crown, a cursed artefact of a forgotten age, reignites from its Crypt prison, raising the undead to seek a host to control and enslave. Only death will follow, and Undead eternally…..

    The history of the Leech King

    During the Age of Myth, a barbarian king of the salt seas of Skorton named Farnjorll, ruled his lands with an iron grip and a ruthless pursuit for riches and power. His tribe, the Dajnir, had built their culture around the cliffs of the salt seas of Skorton in the realm of Beasts, Known to be rich in sea life of colossal creatures of predators and prey. Large enough for the tribe to catch and feed the whole gathering for a month of food.

    The king one day found a hidden cave on the coast line down south, which had been sealed by a long forgotten tribe centuries ago. He and his people opened the sealed cave to find a cold and unwelcoming Tomb. The king didn’t care for it’s dead inhabitants history, only treasure and power was his desire, so he ventured deep into the dark decaying carcass of the dead.

    It was Farnjorll who first entered the tombs throne room, which was cast in shadows of the deepest darkness, save for areas of light lit by the tribes torches. The king entered the chambers of the extinct inhabitants throne room, marvelled by the epic scale that dwarfed him. Not long after, he found a crown on a black charcoal corpse that sagged on its crumbled Throne of stone and moss. It’s jaw was wide open, as if it was frozen in mid laughter at its eternal fate. The crown itself was made out of iron in a shape of criss cross horns like a stag, with amethyst covered gems that sparkled in deepest glows of purple. As he wore the crown, he was possessed of madness and raw power of the unknown surged within him. He was gifted with great necromantic power of the necromancer, and the curse of madness that sparks from his possessed sight.

    He killed all of his people out of lust for their souls like a leech. He set about casting his fell magics to raise the dead with words of another world. The dead had arisen, along with his dead people and the forgotten bones of the dead inhabitants. He at this point was known as the Farnjorll the cursed, for he had set about raiding the lands of the living with madness and crazed monologuing.

    History will remember this monster for many atrocities including the saking of a civil city of Fendrike and many innocent towns in the lands of Skorton. Eventually though, the king was slain at the battle of the five crows, slain by none other than king Senartati of the Sandheart dynasty with his blade of the sun gods.

    The king of the desert lands was given a sign by his god (or ordered by Nagash, depending on which sources are true) to go to Skorton and slay the false necromancer. He fought the mad leech king with swift strikes and well timed counter attacks with his ancestors blade. Eventually, Farnjorll died with agony from a piercing blow through the stomach, and slowly turned into withered husk of a corpse.

    Senartati Ordered his men to entomb this madman’s remains in a Tomb on an Island of no wealth, power, resources nor any foundation worth building for an empire. The corpse will be sent to a worthless tomb along with his dead soldiers, that will remind those who dare offend of the will Nagash and his fell Magic. However, the king didn’t realise that the crown on the corpses skull was the source of Farnjorll’s power, which still presented a threat to the lands of Skorton……

    To this day, the crown has been waiting for its next host to control and enslave to it’s necromantic will. Events that will follow will shape the history of Skorton for it’s freedom of the crowns threat, or its sadistic power consumes its new host to destroy the people of Skorton.

    The kingdom of Skorton After the fall of the Leech king, the Skorton tribes were free from one tyranny, and ruled by a far less bloody one under the rule of the Sandheart dynasty. Senartati, the king of the dynasty, divided the lands into seven Holds, ruled by sub leaders (like jarls under the High king). These leaders would manage their own Holds, as well as enforcing their Kings rules upon the people.

    It was during the time of Ak’henaton’s great great grandfather did the Skorton lands become a forgotten place. The king was preoccupied with other duties, Nagash was ever wanting for more lands to be conquered, and the souls brought to his realm. Soon, the Sandheart Dynasty left during the start of the Age of Chaos, as their homeland was being invaded by the forces of chaos.

    In doing so, leaving the Skorton lands to build itself as an independent state.

    In current times, there are a total of six Holds in the land of Skorton, they all vary in traditions, culture and rulership by their Hold ruler. Each hold varies in races that occupy the Holds, for example, Jivan and Velbesues Hold contains races of Aelves and Humans.

    However, one of the Holds is part of a long dead dynasty that was established after the Sandheart dynasty left. It was taken over by the Photenathos Dynasty, who carried out most of the rules and structures left behind by their deserted masters. Today, they are an undead army that are bonded by Nagash’s will, the rituals of mummification have turned the kings into undead carcasses of necromantic enslavement.

    The seventh Hold was once the capital hold in the land, but now it is a hollow and abandoned centre, cursed by the wrath of the Great Necromancer. They call the seventh Hold now as Hollow keep, where the punished never rest in the cursed keep…

    The list below records the current rulers of each Holds, and small context on the location.

    • King Photenathos Dynastyretaining millennia of traditions and laws from the past, the Dynasty is occupied by the undead legions who serve at King Photenathos’s tyranny. The pyramid was built after the Leech Kings defeat at the blade of Senartati, the pyramid was requested by the king to appease Nagash in worship and praise.
    • Jivan and velbesues Hold- ruled by decedents of two hero’s who fought during the Battle of the Five Crows, The Hold was named after Jivan the human Blades man, and Velbesues, lady of the spell tempest. Currently ruled by Trescares and Tijarn, both swore oaths to Nagash, joining Neferata’s side in the conflict going on.
    • Twilight spire Holdbuilt from hard crystal stone from the underground mines, this hold is considered to be the strongest in fortification and easily defendable. Ruled by Queen Zandrika, a widow who is considered to be weak at holding a blade to defend herself, but mighty in politics and noble in her deeds. She has proclaimed to disown her loyalty to Nagash, instead siding with Sigmar.
    • Furiosious Hold- king Astortha is judged to be a morally centred, his actions are questionable at times, but his motives are for the good. He commands an army of Fyreslayers and human Freeguild, both bring the purging flames of purification on the undead legions. Astortha pledges to join Sigmars side in the war effort, his prejudice against the undead is a roaring fire of disgust and unquenchable hatred on the filthy necromancy.
    • Hentalon Hold– The ageing king, Tarnzu, is alone and lost, stuck between his alligence to Nagash and Sigmar. He swore an oath to the Great Necromancer for many years, yet disagrees with his masters actions. However, he has also hated Sigmar for shutting Azyr’s gates, leaving many innocents to die in the Age of Chaos. Ultimately, he remains on Nagash’s side, but doubts are ever filling his mind.
    • Kivansivul HoldSeen as the least trustworthy ally to Sigmars cause, the Kivansivul family are greedy, single minded, opportunistic and cruel. They strive to build a Hold that’s vastly more wealthy and powerful than the rest, taxation and riches are all they care for. However, the family have pledged (by rare deeds) support their services to the God king with men at arms and supplies. But many see this as a means to be favoured by the God king, giving them more power by trade and wealth, as well as a chance at getting their greedy pig of a son, Gantharlix, to be reforged as a Stormcast Eternal.

    The political and war effort


    • Blue- Stormcast Eternals controlled Holds and lands
    • Purple- Sandheart Dynasty controlled Holds and lands
    • Yellow- Hold/keep/Dynasty capitals
    • Realm gate symbols

    Campaign story

    Now a thunderstorm rages across the lands of Skorton, as the warriors of Sigmar seek to destroy the crown once and for all. They fear that that the long lost legends of the Leech kings return and its prophecy may come true. Lord Celestant Drayven, Lancer of Sigmar, comes to bring the wrath of Sigmar with his Sigmarite blessed lance, and destroy the evil that still lingers within the crypt of Farnjorll’s grace.

    However, another faction joins from realm of Shyish, the Sandheart dynasty, seeks to reclaim the crown for their patron master, Nefferata, for she wants the crown for her own political agenda against her enemies. Led by the eternal Ak’henaton, he seeks to find the crown by all means necessary to keep his truce with the Blood Queen to endure.

    The Tomb Kings goal

    As the Dynasty enters Skorton, they must ensure that they recover the crown for their Queen without failure. For it’s power could progress Neferatas own wicked plans to boost her authority in her political seat of power and influence. Ak’henaton, king of his undead legion, must recover this necromantic treasure by any means possible, and maintain his oath of truce to his Queen, or be turned to ash as well as losing his daughter.

    However, the Great Necromancer Nagash has demanded that he should have the crown for himself, it’s power could be used to advance his return to dominance in Shyish. Whilst Neferata wouldn’t question her master, she would however, make Ak’henaton pay for betraying her loyalty.

    The king must make a decision, give the crown to Neferata, Nagash, or maybe, somehow keep both his masters pleased by another way. Or, he could keep the crown for himself….

    The Lords of the Pisces Stormhost goal

    Sent by Sigmar to stop the Leech king, the Stormhost must stop the threat from growing beyond control. As part of their growing alliance, the Lords of the Pisces seek to help the Skortons of their plight in return for their loyalty towards the Grey-mane Dynasty truce.

    Lord Celestant Drayven, Lancer of Sigmar, has recently been reforged after being defeated during a failed scout attempt to regain the East Bastion of the Grey-mane Dynasty. Having lost more of his humanity, he is slowly becoming a cold and unforgiving automaton of vengeance. His remaining humanity is all that he has left to endure, or else become a hollow shell.

    The Stormhost can’t fail, for not only would the people of Skorton be doomed by both the Undead legions of Nagash, but also from the Leech Kings reawakening. Failure will result in shame which will hang heavily on every Lords of the Pieces, just like their past lives when they lost their homeland from Chaos. But if they can succeed, the Stormhost may just be able to turn the tide, and rebuild a new civilisation in Skorton.


    Thank you for reading this post. If you have any suggestions and questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


    On the hobby table: Objective markers

    On the hobby table: Objective markers

    Hello, and welcome back to ‘On the hobby able’. Today, I’ll be showing you three markers I’ve made for my AoS Skirmish campaigns, ranging from a priceless treasure chest, to a decaying Crypt Horror that’s been buried (or clawing out) in the damp soil.

    These markers can also be used for different battle plans that require objective markers, or objects to defend. So when it came to creating my own markers, I didn’t need to wait long to find some bitz that would look great as markers.

    Below are three markers I’m currently working on, I hope you’ll find these markers to be inspiring and odd!

    A severed hand from a Verminlord Warpseer, still clenching his glowing artefact of corruption. This marker would be a good choice for Chaos alliance players, especially Skaven players seeking to reclaim or retrieve a rival clan artefact.

    The remains of a Crypt Horror can be both a well earned reward, and a bad omen. For their bones can be used by the Flesh-Eater Courts to create bone weapons and magical trinkets  for both champions and their delusional leaders. This objective is easily built using spare parts from the Crypt Horror kit, as well as using a spare square base (which is great for objective markers, as I have too many square bases that I don’t use anymore).

    Last but not least, the goal of all plundering raiders and treasure seekers, the good old treasure chest! This chest was taken from Games Workshops Lord of the Rings starter set (no longer produced), which came with other small objective markers for the game (whatch this Space for more objective markers from the set soon!). It was a simple step of glueing the chest onto a circle base, which looks pretty cool after painting the marker.

    That’s all for now, I’ll be back with more objective markers soon, as well as some new markers for buffs and effects to represent warscroll effects. Until then, I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I’ll see you guys next time!


    Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


    The Stagrot Gladiators (AoS Skirmish faction spotlight) [part 2 of 2]

    The Stagrot Gladiators (AoS Skirmish faction spotlight) [part 2 of 2]

    After playing my first game of AoS Skirmish, I found the game to be really engaging to play. This inspired me to create warbands that are inspired by real world history, lore for Warhammer fantasy and Age of Sigmar. Each faction will have its own unique story and culture based on inspiration that best suited to that faction.

    Today, I’ll be continuing the Stagrot Gladiators skirmish force, presenting my planned skirmish list and backstory. If you haven’t seen part 1 yet, check out [..] to learn how I came about building up more warbands from influenced research.

    Preparing my skirmish force

    With my research completed, I wanted to have a skirmish force costing around 100 renown to use for games of AoS Skirmish. My plan was to build the force using Nurgle factions from Nurgle Rotbringers and Slaves to darkness with marks of Nurgle.

    From my collection, I’ve found these following units that are eligible for AoS skirmish, including Chaos warriors, Blightkings, Chaos Knights and Lord of Plagues. Whilst the Chaos Knight might not seem fitting for gladiators, I can argue that the unit in question are gladiators that have mastered the art of cavalry combat. 

    At first it was a hard choice of deciding what I would use for my 100 renown list. I took some time to decide on what I could mix into the list, but eventually I was able to finish my list.

    The Stagrot Gladiators (100R) 

    1x Lord of Plagues (Hero)
    8xChaos Warriors

    5x Blightkings

    2x Chaos Knights

    Total Renown= 99 renown

    With the completion of the skirmish list, I can now go on to creating the backstory for my warband, based on the research and information I’ve gathered. I’ve decided to name locations and names in Greek, since I find using English to be out of place for gladiator period. However, I’ve translated Greek to English onward to make the backstory less of a hassle to translate for readers.

    (If anyone reading this is from Greece, I hope I haven’t butchered your translation from English. If the translations are terrible, I’ll take full responsibility for being lazy, since I relied on google translate).

    Backstory lore for the Stagrot Gladiators 

    The Stagrot Gladiators

    During the Age of Chaos, soldiers of order who were caught by warriors of the dark gods, from decimated battles, cowardice attempts that failed, or even civilian guards who failed to defend their post. Once captured by chaos slavers, the strongest that are still barely alive were subjected to a life as gladiators known as ‘weak meats’, which meant that they are viewed only as animals, rather than sentient individuals.

    One particular Chaos warband captured a group of soldiers from the realm of Ghur, these mismatch group of soldiers were trying to out run a northern tribe. The tribe came by the name of Αρσενικό ελάφι-σαπίλα φυλή, which translates to ‘Stagrot tribe’. The unfortunates that were alive were sent in prison carts up north to a city called Ο τάφος των κοριών (translated to The crows grave).

    A civilisation of demagogs and immoral practices 

    The city was once a highly civilised and structured from advanced architecture, reflecting on the society’s progressiveness. However, it was eventually overtaken by the fell tribe of the Stagrot, a grinding and bloody war that lasted for nearly fourteen years since the start of the Age of Chaos. 

    The city would slowly degrade with savage totems and eldritch paintings of the tribes culture. Establishing many changes of indoctrinations to the citizens of the Crows Grave, included slave trading markets, ritualistic study’s for shaman philosophers to debate, delving into many forbidden fields that are considered too violent and immoral.
    One such immoral concept that the tribal leaders have incorporated into the Crows Grave is gladiator combat for entertainment. Held in a coliseum built from slavery, this structure would hold many gladiatorial events for weak meats to fight each other to the death.
    However, one particular gladiator by the name of Αλέξανδρος (translates to Alexandros) a Laquerius class gladiator. He was a strong combatant who wanted to be free from this prison that he’s forced to fight in. He would soon be free from the Crows Grave with his fellow gladiator away to lands that still have innocents left. But fate is never kind for mortals, especially to Alexandros’s naive and stubborn understanding of what’s to come…

    Omens of punishment 

    On a cold rainy day, as Alexandros was preparing himself for his next death dual, he noticed something was oddly different. He noticed that the rain pouring down from the sky wasn’t water droplets, but millions upon millions of dead flies. 

    The day became even more stranger when the sky changed from a dark gloomy sky to a sickly green smog. Alexandros took this as a sign of a bad omen, for he had never seen the signs like this in all his six year time as a slave.

    During the death match, Alexandros fought against his opponent, by the name of Corvo. He used his dual hand weapons with precise strikes, using his adrenaline strikes to defeat his foe quickly. But tragically, he underestimated his foe, as Corvo dodged his strikes and sliced his stomach open using his Gladius. As Alexandros fell to the ground, Corvo roared with righteousness at his victory.

    Soon after, the sky grew more sinister as two sickly pus like orbs glowing in the sky, like diseased eyes. The clouds formed a grotesque grin, which silhouetted a monstrous face above the coliseum. The Stagrot tribe started to fear the changes, taking this as punishment by their gods. But the gods weren’t listening to their cries, they left their pawns behind as if they were none existent. Very much an irony for the tribe, for they themselves viewed the weak meats as nothing.

    The Stagrot reborn
    As the coliseum crowd feared in terror from the growing omen, the sky grew darker as a swarm of flies came out of the grotesque mouth of the beast in the sky. Swarming around the city like a black smog, they covered the city until unnatural night covered the Crows Grave. They chocked the tribes people from their mouths, ears and nostrils by the hundreds. People became bloated by the flies, until their stomachs bursted into gory intestines and wriggling maggots. 

    But not all flies are the same, as some were larger, and more repulsive than the lesser ones. These bigger ones blessed the living or dead with Nurgles gift, and the fresh corpse of Alexandros was one such host to bless. As the unique fly bit the cold corps of the Laquerius gladiator, the body starts to return to life slowly from the dead.

    Alexandros was once a noble warrior who made many terrible decision in his life, but now, he’s nothing more than a bloated monster who has been blessed as a Blightking. As he came around, many gladiators like himself were blessed with the same ascension, becoming Blightkings themselves, including Corvo. As the bloated gladiators formed around Alexandros, he ordered them to charge at the crowd with a sore laugh like a jester with a raspy laugh. The crows didn’t even stand a chance as the Blightkings and other fell warriors charged at their once ‘slavers’, reaping the carnage to slay any that stand in their way.

    After the decimation of all the tribal slavers of Crows Grave, the Stagrot was reborn as a nation of disease and unnatural life. Having rebuilt the city into a haven garden to grow and nurture new plagues for the army. The Stagrot Gladiators now set their sites for pillaging villages, treasures and fresh hosts to build their ever growing force. Building their reputation to become a threat not only to the allies of Sigmar, but also to the other four pantheons of the Chaos gods.

    Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


    AoS Skirmish 

    AoS Skirmish 

    This week I played my first game of AoS Skirmish using my Khorne Bloodbound faction, and I’ve got to say, it was really *fun! I’m really engaged to do more games with Skirmish, as I can see a lot of potential to create more focused narrative stories.

    (*-Not because my Aspiring Deathbringer nearly destroyed a Branchwych during the first turn ‘Cough‘. I jest, I lost the match, but I was so close to winning!)

    After the first match of Skirmish, I had a discussion with my opponent on our thoughts on the game, and wether it was worth playing into for future gaming. My thoughts on the match were fairly positive, I liked the simplicity of having smaller games that are more at stake with challenges for our factions. 

    It opens up more deeper narrative stories that can be explored upon, for example, disrupting trade logistic supply’s, protecting your factions leader whilst traversing dangerous roads, ambushing the enemies camp in the night or even an assassination plot to gain more reputation and power. 

    However, I do feel that there are areas in the Skirmish book that aren’t up to scratch, including some questionable choices for faction organisation. For example, for Nurgle Rotbringers, you can have one Gutrot Spume, one Lord of Plagues and up to five Blightkings. My criticism for this list is explained in bullet points below.

    • Gutrot Spume is a unique Hero character, as mentioned in the 2016 GHB. So how come he’s the only unique Hero model from the entire grand alliance for Skirmish? Is he now a leader model that’s not unique?
    • For Nurgle Rotbringers, we have no Sorcerer on the list, even though we have a Rotbringers Sorrcerer. Any particular reason why this character wasn’t included, as well as the Harbinger of Decay?
    • Considering if your sticking to Nurgle Rotbringers as your only faction choice (not including other Nurgle mortal and Daemon factions), wouldn’t it be an option to have ten Blightkings? having them and a Lord of Plagues would total to 90 Renown for a 100pt game would make sense. Whilst many would disagree that the unit in question will be quite powerful, as well as the re-roll difference chart being in the Nurgle players favour (which is a valid criticism). However, the opponent will be better off with their 100pt list against the standard 55pt Nurgle Rotbringers list, and never underestimate your opponent. I think I’ll let you guys debate on this with your own opinions.

    But this is only part of the issue, as one of my gaming opponents had pointed out that Skirmish might have been a rushed book due to the success of Shadow of war: Armegeddon. Now it’s debatable on wether this is true or not, but I can see how the point being raised may be closer to the truth, when you can see the limitation on what factions can use for their warbands.

    Factions like the Death alligence have hardly anything sustainable to use apart from the Flesh-Eaters Court. Factions like the Soulblight and Deathmages are lacking variety of options for warband creation. For the Greenskin faction, they don’t even have a Warlord or Hero character to use to lead their faction!

    Wether the points I’ve raised here are agreeable or disagreeable, I hope they will help to improve AoS Skirmish to become a great expansion supplement, like Path to Glory.

    Earlier this week, I’ve found a community site called tga community (The Grand Alliance Community), which has a thread on the unofficial AoS Skirmish points for more choices including FW models. I’d recommend checking out the unofficial expanded faction lists, press/click tga community if your interested to try the lists out.

    My Skirmish factions

    When deciding on what factions I’ll be using for Skirmish, I did some checklist work on what I can and can’t use for Skirmish (consulting the AoS Skirmish book). Luckily, most of the factions I’ve collected have a variety of options to build on, so I can now plan my army lists for future project works.

    Each faction has it’s list combined with the amount of renown cost, that are within the rules guideline. Here are a couple of lists I’ve done so far.

    Followers of the lost god (Darkling Covern)

    • 19x Darkspears
    • 20x Darkshards
    • 10x Black Guard
    • 1x Sorceress (Hero)

    Total renown= 124 

    Those of you who have been following my blog for some time now will know that I rant a lot about my Dark Elves from time to time. Part of me wants to rebuild this faction back to its glory days when I used to play them, however, the other half of me isn’t motivated to work on them after the old world was destroyed during the End Times.

    Skirmish might just re-ignite my motivation to get this army onto the AoS world. I’ve based the faction on a group of Dark Aelves who follow the ‘lost god’, who has influenced these Aelves to he/she’s bidding.

    Hexter’s Demi-Court hunting pack (Flesh-Eaters Court)

    • 3x Crypt Horrors
    • 18x Crypt Ghouls
    • 1x Abhorrent Ghoul king (Hero)

    Total Renown= 95

    Originally intended as a 1,000/ 2,000pt army for my Death Alligence, the Liverbone Court is now built just for Skirmish and Path to Glory games. The faction is built more on the fluff rather than gaming, a decision that I’ve not regretted. 

    Near to completion, I’ll only need to paint 15 Crypt Ghouls, which will give me enough minions to buff with my Abhorrent Ghoul Kings magic and artefacts.

    The Stagrot privateers (mixed Nurgle warband)

    • 1x Lord of Plagues 
    • 5x Blightkings
    • 10x Chaos Warriors

    Total Renown= 95

    My Nurgle warband is a mixture of mortals, some being disgustingly repulsive, whilst others being beyond mortal comprehension on hygiene. The Stagrot Privateers are part of the naval force that seeks to find treasure for wealth and reputation.

    So far, the faction is nearly completed, having purchased a unit of Blightkings to go along with the force. Sadly, I can’t include a Rotbringers Sorcerer because they’re not included in the warband list (which is quite odd).

    I’m really looking forward to playing this warband when I play my next game of Skirmish, especially now that I have a couple of tricks up my sleaves ;).
    That’s all I’ve got for now for army lists for my AoS Skirmish factions. There’s a lot more to show, including Daemons of Nurgle, Stormcast Eternals, Khorne Bloodbound and much more. Sadly, I’m pressed for time as I needed to get this post done for today. But fear not, I’ll be posting more lists with narrative backgrounds next weekend. 

    I hope you have enjoyed this post, if you have a Skirmish warband that you’d like to share, post a comment below with your army list and narrative background (if you have a blog post of your skirmish force, drop a link too!). I can’t wait to see what you guys have crafted for your own warbands. 🙂


    Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!