Last week in project work and food…..

It’s been relaxing last week being stuck at home, relaxing only half way through the latter part that is. Things got a bit tough with everything that’s been going on as the family self isolates, but everyone’s in good health so far. I just hope it’ll remain that we if we all play our part.Continue reading “Last week in project work and food…..”

4th Demi-company Astral Bears Collection [WIP]

When the White Scars received their index supplement last year, I wanted to start building a successor chapter built entirely from Primaris stock. Whilst I’d originally wanted to focus on finishing my Crimson Fists project as my last Space Marine Collection, the White Scars was a Legion I had always wanted to collect. My statementContinue reading “4th Demi-company Astral Bears Collection [WIP]”

The Knights of Mousillon Stormhost

This post and hombrew lore is in dedication and homage to the team and contributors at GW who designed, wrote and illustrated Warhammer Army book: Bretonnia 5th edition. ____________ Founding of the 43rd Stormhost Founded as the 43rd Stormhost to be forged for war into the Mortal Realms, the Knights of Mousillon are a proudContinue reading “The Knights of Mousillon Stormhost”

Airfix Vintage T-34 tank

When discussing the subject on Stalingrad you’ll more than likely hear about a particular Russian tank, regarded as one of the best during the conflict during WWII. Mass produced by the many due to its simple yet effective design, the T34 tanks were Russia’s offensive might against the Germans. Airfix produced a miniature scale ofContinue reading “Airfix Vintage T-34 tank”

Painting in isolation

Being stuck in the house has been difficult considering the fact that I’ve got to be 2 meters away from everyone. It’s either that or a worse case scenario happens, so I’m doing the best I can. But on the bright side, it’s sunny and I’ve got loads of miniature painting to do. Luckily IContinue reading “Painting in isolation”

To my followers and readers

Hi all, I thought I’d take some time to update on what’s going on and what my plans are going forward. Most will know about the current situation the worlds going through, it’s affecting everyone and the way life has been. To my followers and readers, stay safe, look after your family, wash your handsContinue reading “To my followers and readers”

Stormcast Eternals: Knights of Mousillon Stormhost Collection

This collection is probably one of my most recognisable feature on the blog, from my old lore fiction posts (Now retconned to be replaced by a new and more organised background), to the colour scheme of deep pastel blue and royal red, silver and black and how it’s become my personified profile identity for BjornContinue reading “Stormcast Eternals: Knights of Mousillon Stormhost Collection”

Celestar Ballista

Stormcast today, the blueberry ones this time! It’s not a bad kit, but some of the design choices are odd like the female Stormcast as she looks too flat by her pose. In 3d rotation the model doesn’t look right for me as it looks weird from a certain angle. The rest of the femaleContinue reading “Celestar Ballista”

Bad Moons Tribe pizza delivery car (flamer included)

Loot it, deliver it, Mek it, fix it, alter it, weld it, fixing the stabilising heat gastronomic compulsion electro power it and paint it yellow. Now let’s get crazy!!!! Took me nearly a whole afternoon painting this kitbashed creation, it was a really fun model to paint with so much room for details and tribalContinue reading “Bad Moons Tribe pizza delivery car (flamer included)”