A Tale of One Warlord: Month 1

Its been a very tight month for my first challenge on building an Ork army using the Start Collecting! Set. I’ve had to take an on and off progress of painting my models as I’ve got course work mixed in during the month. The hardest part would have to be painting the Ork Boyz andContinue reading “A Tale of One Warlord: Month 1”

Preparing and Painting Jago ‘sevatar’ Sevatarion, 1st Captain of the Night Lords Legion (part 2 of 2)

Today, I’ll be presenting part two of my painting work on 1st Captain Sevatar of the Night Lords Legion, this time focusing on his diorama base. I’ve had to delay this post due to distractions of late, so I needed this post done before I go on to my new army project. For my firstContinue reading “Preparing and Painting Jago ‘sevatar’ Sevatarion, 1st Captain of the Night Lords Legion (part 2 of 2)”

Wild West Exodus K9 Gun dogs

Yesterday as I was looking around my local newsagent for the latest White Dwarf magazine, I happen to come across a magazine called Miniature Wargaming. On the cover was a free sprue of an orange plastic frame containing two cyber dogs from a miniature game called Wild West Exodus. I’ve only ever seen WWE atContinue reading “Wild West Exodus K9 Gun dogs”

Recovering Warhammer relics from the 90’s

Today I have a few items that I’ve recently found whilst looking around an outdoor market, such items on sale are either good, okay-ish, or just odd. However, with a good eye and the right timing, I was able to grab three classic Inferno issues and one very rare book. Let’s start off with theContinue reading “Recovering Warhammer relics from the 90’s”

Take a break, take a Khorne flake

Lately things have been difficult with course work, reality, motivation and etc. I’ve been distracted from blogging (apart from updates on my art work and other stuff), but nothing big like my model painting collection or lore series on the Grey-manes. I think I’ve reached that time of year when my energy is low fromContinue reading “Take a break, take a Khorne flake”