Inspired Soul Wars: Lord-Ordinator

Kitbashed to look like an engine-seer, my Lord Ordinator will be of great use to my artillery units giving some much needed greasing and adjusting for maximum celestial impact! A battlefield needs some ruins to make wargaming immersive and gritty, so I brought myself a single scenic piece and painted it. I’d like to addContinue reading “Inspired Soul Wars: Lord-Ordinator”

Inspired Soul Wars: shared soul of two Executioners

The Lord Executioner, or two in the case of this duo of undead spirits acting as one. I thought I’d use some models from W:UW that I had spare for this unique model, on the theme of a shared spirit acting as one Lord Executioner. I’ll think of a backstory when I’ve got all ofContinue reading “Inspired Soul Wars: shared soul of two Executioners”

Inspired Soul Wars: Souls of the Skaven

It’s not only the souls of humans that can be used by Nagash as tools for war, undead vessels that are one with Nagash. At times the Great Necromancer can even pull the souls of other races to his command, the Skaven are no exception. The Night of Shrouds (left) was once a Skaven warlordContinue reading “Inspired Soul Wars: Souls of the Skaven”


My current AoS hobby projects are the Anvils of the Heldenhammer Sacrosanct Chamber, and the Nighthaunt procession project. Both projects are just about worthy of 1,000pt game, now that I’ve got reinforcements from the Mortal Realms series. But some of the Stormcast issues will be going towards my other project (used to be called LordsContinue reading “Knight-Incantor”

Inspired Soul Wars: Guardian of Souls (the Skaven ones)

If there’s a race that Nagash despise most, it would have to be the Skaven. Both in the Old World and the Age of Sigmar, the Skaven have caused Nagash much trouble when he was nearly on the cusp of completing his grand plans. Those pesky rats have a thing for ruining the part. JustContinue reading “Inspired Soul Wars: Guardian of Souls (the Skaven ones)”

Oh Alister, Asylum short story

Drip Drip, drip Drip, drip, drip “SPOOOOGGGEE!!!!” “For god sake Luke!!! You ruined the tension, the silent atmosphere of the unknown with only the sound of droplets being heard! Why must you ruin the moment, the tension was almost palpable!!!! My show was going so well until you F it up! Go and sod offContinue reading “Oh Alister, Asylum short story”

Inspired Soul Wars: upgrading my Freeguild Captain + first 20x Chainrasp horde

I’ve got my Captain repainted and kitbashed a cloak to make him look more intimidating, as well as making him look like a leader of experience. The repaint was to correct a lore error I did as I did his stripes in yellow, not mauve purple. Mauve is the colour of a Glymmsmen’s uniform. I’veContinue reading “Inspired Soul Wars: upgrading my Freeguild Captain + first 20x Chainrasp horde”

Another bot painted

Today I’ve got another Transformers toy to show you guys, I’ve forgotten the name of this particular one, but it was part of a duo set I got over a decade ago. This one was one of my top ten favourite Deception toys because of its design and flexible poses, it’s simple but visually awesomeContinue reading “Another bot painted”

Adding painting improvements to Transformers Headmaster Quake

Last year I painted a Cyberman toy as a test experiment for fun, which turned out really well. Now, I did some test work on some toys I had left in a box for awhile now, judging by the paint work from production, I thought they lacked a lot of things that would’ve made themContinue reading “Adding painting improvements to Transformers Headmaster Quake”

Hobby projects 2020

This year it’s all about finishing remaining projects I’m still working on, as well as small projects that I’m building up over time. Last year was a big leap in terms of getting a lot of projects progressing towards the end goal, like my Black Templars project and Skaven project. I’ve reached the point whereContinue reading “Hobby projects 2020”