Inspired Soul Wars: third and final Knight-Incantor

Took me some time to paint but I’ve finally done it. This was an exclusive miniature from the Mortal Realms collection for issue 5, a female Knight-Incantor whose design is quite unique like other variants of the Knight-Inacntor range. As part of #Fembruary challenge, I’ve painted this as my first of two female miniatures. TheContinue reading “Inspired Soul Wars: third and final Knight-Incantor”


My current AoS hobby projects are the Anvils of the Heldenhammer Sacrosanct Chamber, and the Nighthaunt procession project. Both projects are just about worthy of 1,000pt game, now that I’ve got reinforcements from the Mortal Realms series. But some of the Stormcast issues will be going towards my other project (used to be called LordsContinue reading “Knight-Incantor”