Bad Moons Tribe pizza delivery car (flamer included)

Loot it, deliver it, Mek it, fix it, alter it, weld it, fixing the stabilising heat gastronomic compulsion electro power it and paint it yellow. Now let’s get crazy!!!!

Took me nearly a whole afternoon painting this kitbashed creation, it was a really fun model to paint with so much room for details and tribal painting. But I didn’t want to go overboard on the Ork designs, so a small amount of yellow was used for the Ork pattern designs.

I’m very impressed with the results with the kitbash and painting. It fits perfectly with my Bad Moons collection as a fast attack vehicle. I wish I had more spare Ork Boyz to use for kitbashing more vehicle units for extra creative loot.

That’s it for my Ork project for now. Time to go back to the Stormcast Eternals once more.

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There’s more orks…….the really fast dakka ones…….

Having achieved the impossible by making my own Gorkanought, I thought I’d do one more Ork related model before I wrap up the project (for now). Today is a really fast looted car that has been lovingly bolted and upgraded to Ork engineering standards.

I’m not sure what I’m substituting just yet, but judging by its load-out of ranges weaponry, it’s pretty much a Guardmans worst fear.

Using a Tamiya model kit of the Simca 5, I’ve built the model as instructed but with added bitz and Orks. Mad Max Fury Road was one of the biggest inspirations for building this kitbash.
Take your Grot to work day. This ones having the time of his life, just see his extremely joyful body language as he’s waving his arms about. Unbeknownst to him, he’s going to be decimated by an oncoming Baneblade!

I’ll be back with an update on the painted outcome of this model.

Until next time,


Bring on the scrap giant!

Now when I said the Bad Moons Tribe project was completed, I wasn’t 100% done with the project yet. You see in the background there was an ambitious goal of creating a huge model to go alongside my Orks, this being created from plastic card, foam card, BBQ sticks, spare bitz and lots and lots of glue.

The Gorkanought

This was an on and off mini project that nearly got abandoned after some difficulties in the process of building it. But eventually I’ve reached to this point where it’s nearly done! All I need to do is add some welded parts to the model to make it look like a scrap giant of junk.

Even on the job the Grots are arguing over who can sit on the ‘boss’ seat.
Size comparison of the scratch built model compared to a Napoleonic miniature.

I’m hoping to get it spray painted this weekend and painted by next week. All in yellow of course!

There not much to say at the minute as it’s just kitbashing and shaping the model to look just as Orky as the official kit. The real challenge is painting it……

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Bad Moons Tribe project showcase

Now that I have all the Greenskins at my disposal to wreck havoc on the Imperium (especially the Imperial Fists), I can show a definitive blog post showcase of all things Greenskin.

The Bad Moons Tribe project is a patrol detachment army that covers all the slots, a small but brutal party of war hungry rich Orks. My challenge for this project was to paint yellow armour, as yellow was difficult for me at the time. I also wanted to collect a Xenos army, as I didn’t have army at the time that was Xenos.

The project has remained the same for the past two years, although a few alterations have been made like my original Warboss now acting as a Big Mek. But the goal was still unchanged.


Big Mek and Big Mek in Mega-armour
Big Mek on Warbike
Warboss in Mega-armour
Weirdnob Shaman
Fast Attack units
Heavy Support units
Elite units
Troop units
Troop units

If the ‘new’ Ghazgul model looks amazing and worth the price tag, I’ll add him to my collection as a treat and paint him yellow. Yellow Orks are da best so suck on that you grumpy Goffs!

I’m not interested in adding anything else to the project as I feel happy with what I’ve got. I have a few Ork models spare but not worth adding as it’s small model count.

That’s all I have to show for this project showcase post, a small but fun army of rich entitled Greenskins gambling on their teeth, well, on the teeth they can accumulate from the horde. Now, how’s about a diorama photo post of Orks vs Crimson Fists?

Until next time,


Bad Moons Tribe project: The End (maybe…..)

My latest unit to be added to the Bad Moons Tribe patrol detachment is finally completed, Freebooters wielding big Dakka for adrenaline rush of big explosions!

Kitbashed Nobz from the Build+Paint series, I’ve made them into Freebooters as I needed one more Heavy Support unit for my patrol detachment. I’ve added some hand weapons to make them look like pirates, however their weapons are just replicas for authentic purposes, their real offensive power comes from their kustom heavy dakka.

Sadly, this is my last unit for the project as I’ve done everything to fill in the patrol detachment, a goal I set for myself back in 2018. Now that I’ve reached that goal, I can finally retire from the Orks project knowing that I’ve painted all the models I wanted.

This project has a special place in my hobby journey as it was the last project I was working on when my dog was still around. I did it as a tribute to him after he passed away during the early work on the project.

Now in 2020, I’ve achieved the goal. I feel happy with what I’ve achieved and the journey I’ve been through to build a smashing smug Bad Moons army.

But wait! It’s not over yet…… well yes the project is over now officially. But I do have four more Ork models in storage that I need to paint, including two Ork heavy gunners, a spare Ork Boy and a Warboss from Black Reach. Whilst I’ve already got a Warboss, I have a spare one that was including in the Build+Paint box set.

Orks will be still around on the blog for some time.

So ends my Xenos project.


Bad Moons Tribe project: I missed Orktober….

Damn, I missed the opportunity to do Orktober stuff this month! But never fear, I always have a plan…….even though it’s the last day of the month. Today I present my weirdest kitbash and my new centrepiece for my Bad Moons project, a Warboss in Mega armour.

Using a neglected Warjack from Warmachine, I made a kustom Ork model using all manner of bitz to create my own Warboss. I like his assistant who’s perched on the Warboss’s shoulder, like a mutant human that looks like an small Ork.

Finally after a year of acquiring this lot of classic Gretchins, I’ve painted a batch of twenty little green Hitchers all today! Talk about motivation!

That’s it from me for today. Got loads of stuff to do with drafting more blog content, it never seems to end lately!

Until next time,


Back in yellow, da Bad Moons are back in Mek Town!

I’ve been very busy lately with life, projects and blog post draft work, so much to do but so little time to post stuff.

A couple of weeks ago I’ve been getting back into some hobby work after couple of days off from Yorkshire, a great place to unwind and be inspired by its people, culture and abundance of nature. I feel refreshed from not breathing constant pollution from where I am, and strangely I’m more positive thinking when I was at Yorkshire.

Last the week before I posted a short none descriptive post on my WIP Gorkamorka warband built entirely on neglected Skaven models. It’s a weird idea, but it’s gotten a lot of attention for that reason. Because I’m never going to get my Stormvermin and my left over Clanrats painted (not all of them, probably another unit of Clanrats will be painted as my third and last), I thought I’d get my warpstone cap on and do what any kitbashing blogger would do. Go nuts, go wild, go creative and go…….Skaveny?

I’m still working on the project as a small side thing whilst I’m working on the bigger projects, giving me an in between break from churning out new painted units. The Stormvermin with the Ork guns will be changed as they looked odd compared to the rest, even though I was going for the mutant rat theme for this side project. A follower of my blog commented to say the big armed Skaven gunners looked out of place, which I can agree with now that I’m giving it a second thought.

Funny thing was, originally all of the Stormvermin has Ork bitz for arms like axes, sluggas and chainsword, it was only after I changed a few with American Revolution parts by Warlord, that I liked the look of the warband more now that the arms were in the right proportion.

Then this project reminded me of another project I did, my Bad Moons Ork project. A nearly completed project that only needed a few more models to slot into the Patrol Detachment that I’ve been building for over a year now.

Finally, the final part of this project has commenced as I’ve got the Build+ Paint Ork set!

This set contains an Ork Warboss, 5x Nobs, 2x heavy gunners, Ork helicopter and some scenic terrain. Just enough to slot into my Warband!

But I’ll be doing some changes like making my Nobs kitbashed into a Flash Gits unit (for heavy fire power), the Warboss will either be kitbashed as a Mek boy/ big boss or a Warboss for another tribe should I ever decide to include another tribe to my Ork collection.

The Ork gunners are yet to be decided on as I don’t have an idea on what they can be used for. Any suggestions or advice?

As for the Ork helicopter I’ve already painted that model since yesterday!

That’s filled my Fast attack slots now with Stormboys and this helicopter, those Red Sunz will be gagging their speed pedals when they see our Bad Moons flying capabilities!

I’ve also got some old Gretchins to paint up too, I got them since last year whilst shopping at a car boot sale. Hopefully I’ll be able to paint them as soon as I’ve got the Ork kit done.

That’s all for today. Any suggestions on what I should make my Ork Gunners be? Post a comment below if your Gork or Mork ideas come to mind.

Until next time,


Cyber-Grot dogs

Using unused models as something useful, my two Wild West Exodus models were reused as guard dogs for my Big Mek in mega armour! Combining Grot brains (fresh) with scrap automata shells, screw some bolts and plug in some green wires, with a coat of yellow paint and now your a proud owner of two mostly loyal companions!


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


Rebasing my Orks

With Orktober in full swing now that Speedfreaks is on pre-order, I realised two things this week. 1) I still need to paint my Gretchins, I’ve been too distracted by my AoS project for weeks now. 2) I’ve also realised that some of the Ork kits will be changed to 32mm bases.

Problem is, months ago I was using the old bases which I’ve textured and painted. Now I’ve got to rip all of my Orks off their old bases and put them on 32mm. Great!

However, on the bright side, I can already see the benefits for having my Orks on 32mm bases! After the transfer work was done, I have some points below on my afterthoughts.

  • No more foot over the base, obviously.
  • The Orks look more impressive and dare I say bigger now that they fit nicely on their new bases.
  • Ork HQ look way better with the changes, especially the Painboy, as before his old base made him look less imposing compared to a Primaris Space marine.
  • Bad Moons on 32mm bases beat the other zogging git klans, I’m looking at you especially, Red Sunz!

Here’s how they look now!

Following units re-based: Ork Boyz, Weirdboy, Mek, Nobz, Stormboyz, Painboy, Runtherder and Kommandoz.

Now that I’ve got that side track task done, I can go back to focusing on the Gretchins. Then I can finally add a new Ork Vehicle before finishing the whole project off by getting my hands on the Codex.

It’s gonna be sad to finish this project off, although it’ll end on a natural conclusion as a Patrol detachment, it’s sad that this fun project will end soon. There’s a personal reason why I’ll be sad to finish it, but I’ve mention it before, which I won’t go on about here.

Anyways, I’m freaking excited about Orktober so far! Are you enjoying Orktober so far? What are your plans for Ork stuff this month?


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


Orktober: Big Mek on Warbike (Bad Moons are Da best!)

To celebrate Orktober, I’ll be posting my offerings to Gork and Mork (or is it Mork and Gork?) with two units of Orky goodness. The first being today’s post on my Big Mek on Warbike, kustombuilt from spare bitz on an old Warbike kit.

Whilst the Dark Elves have been my focus for this month, I intend to at least make some effort to contribute to the month of Orks. I only have a unit or two of Gretchins to paint for my Ork collection before I go on to adding any new units.

Expect to see more from me by next week or by the end of the month, that’s if I can find the little green blighters in time.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!