Hobby projects 2020

This year it’s all about finishing remaining projects I’m still working on, as well as small projects that I’m building up over time. Last year was a big leap in terms of getting a lot of projects progressing towards the end goal, like my Black Templars project and Skaven project.

I’ve reached the point where I’m a decade over into the hobby and I’ve built and painted many factions over the years from WHFB to AoS. This year is the straight road towards the end, silly I know, but after a decade of a long, crazy, fun and creative journey, I want to take a break from the hobby.

A bit of a twist, but this has been a choice I wanted to make for over a year now. But I’ve been adamant on ensuring that I complete my projects. Who knows how long it’ll take me to get the remaining projects done?

I’ll be covering each project in its current progress and what o plan to do with it going forwards.

Warhammer 40k

Black Templars-

This project took some time to get get to the point where I’ve painted everything I current have, my Crusader Squad was going into the backlog for a long while due to the Primaris reveal years back. The Primaris had made my work on the Crusader Squad sluggish as I was unsure as to where the Firstborn future will be. Will it be Primaris only going into the future? Will my current BT collection be useless and consigned to Legends?

Despite my worries, I’d managed to finish my last five Crusader models as well as including a unit of five Intersessors (a painting experiment I wanted to try out for Primaris BT if I consider adding more). My project for the BT has reached its end once I’ve get some scouts to add into my CS.

I refused to purchase the Psychic Awakening book, Faith and Fury due to the fact that I’d be paying a Codex with only a few pages on the BT. The story I heard was bad too.

Crimson Fists-

A project I started last year that’s stopped expanding after a few months into 2019. I think it’s down to the reputation of the Crimson Fists always being few in number in the face of overwhelming odds. It feels right to keep this project small with only a few units to play.

I would like to expand more options for my army with more units and vehicles, but I just don’t feel like it would be the wrong thing to do. But I think it’s worth adding a Redemptor Dreadnought to finish off this project for good. A good send off in my opinion.

Night Lords-

Just paint removing old models and repainting them as Night Lords, not much to say so far but I do have a nice small army ready for gaming.

Exiled Iron Warriors-

Almost done, I just need a few character models to finish the project off.


We’ll, the Greenskins are nearly done, there’s just the matter of painting a unit of kitbashed Flash Gitz and a spare Warboss. But will the Psychic Awakening provide anything to my Bad Moons?

Astral Bears Chapter-

By the latter half of 2019 was a change of direction after the new Codex Space Marines was released along with the White Scars supplement. Years ago I did a White Scars successor chapter project (way before I started blogging), which ended a few years later with badly painted models.

But in 2019 I mentioned that my Crimson Fists and Exiled Iron Warriors would be my last 40k army projects. However I had to be a hypocrite and start my Successor White Scars chapter, entirely on Primaris space marines.

After much research and planning I used a small reference in the supplement as my successor chapter, The Astral Bears. The goal was to build a Demi company sized army using the Primaris Marines.

The project gained a lot of traction with all of my command and specialist characters built and painted. Units in my army consist of a unit of Aggressors, a unit of Intersessors and a unit of Infiltrators.

Going forwards I have a Primaris Captain as 4th company Khan to replace my Khan on a bike, although the Khan on a bike will be used in some games but not as my official 4th company Captain. I’ve also got plans to build a unit of five Intersessor elites from 1st Company, who will act as my Khan’s elites.

I plan to end the project with the option of either getting the Know no Fear boxset, or individual units of my choosing. Hopefully I’ll have a Demi company sized force by the end of this year.

Warhammer AoS

Stormcast Eternals-

My Lords of the Pisces project was completed awhile ago now as I was able to build a Warrior chamber using 1/3 of warscroll battalions for my army. However I’m planning on rewriting the lore behind my Chamber as with the current progress with AoS, I thought it was time I needed to make a better backstory and give the Chamber a new name.

The Lords of the Pisces was a good name at the time, but doesn’t suit AoS considering the constellations are not like ours. So I’m going back to the retcon my factions lore and hopefully create something more appealing and fun to use in my project.

Anvils of the Heldenhammer-

In 2018 this project was based on the book, Soul Wars, by Josh Reynolds. Led by Lord Arcanum Belthas, the Anvils of the Heldenhammer were a major part in the story as they took on the Undead that ushered in the Soul Wars.

I took a break from this project for some time now, and I’ve been meaning to get a few things done before I finish it off. I’ve already kitbashed my Lord-Ordinator and Knight-Incantor ready for painting. On top of that I have two Sequitor models to add to my two units, which will make them a full minimal unit to play.

My only problem is my Evocators as I’ve only got two from the Tempest of Souls set. Technically I need five to be able to play this unit, so I’m playing an understrength unit. With the Mortal Realms collection out now, I’m hoping to collect some issue to cover my Evocator unit and boost my army with other units.


I’m pretty much nearly done with this project as I only need to get an Icebrow Hunter, and a scratch built mini pirate ship for my Gnoblars.


For some time this collection has been gathering dust in a box after over a year since I last did anything. But with the weekly release of the Mortal Realms Collection, I’ve got some Chainrasp Horde to build up my battleline units. So far I have one unit of 20 Chainrasp Hordes and one painted unit of 10 models. I plan to add another ten models to the unit which will give me two solid units for gaming (they don’t last long, I lost my unit of ten ghosts pretty fast).

I’d expect many of my existing units and new units to be added over the coming weeks, now that I’m dedicated to only one Death faction.


I had intended to add one more unit to the project to fulfil my two battling unit req, but I’ve not been enthusiastic about it. I think I’ll leave this project as an ally pool for my Stormcast Eternals. Maybe one day I might feel like adding more stuff to this project.

Mini projects

Rats from the Eastern war-

This project will be a very strange one to introduce, but I think it’ll be fun doing something small scaled and not constrained by faction and setting. Just imagine Apocalypse Now mixed with Skaven. In a matter of days I’ll be showing my first trooper, he likes his red lunch box.

Fan Fiction writing

After a few months of writing fan fiction stories based on the Fly on the Wall Podcast Post Apocalyptic Saga, I’ve decided to give it a break and focus on my hobby project work. I like writing the fan fiction work, but there’s a point where I feel like it’s taking over and trying to be my own thing rather than a fan fiction. I don’t hear much from readers about my fan fiction, so I can assume it’s just not worth putting much effort into.

But hey, at least I tried. I’m happy I was able to reference the late James Herbert into the story. I’ve had tons of fun doing this, it’s been my first engagement in an online community of sorts where I’ve contributed something. The Prologue story even got read by Waz on the podcast which was fantastic to listen too.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

All army factions need rebasing and painted into a coherent army, Bretonnia project has additional units to be painted.


So that’s what to expect on the blog coming soon. There may be some posts that cover off topics feature like my treasure hunting (looking for dusty old Warhammer items). I’ve also got my book reading challenge as well, which I’ve made a start on.

That’s all from me for today, until next time,


13 thoughts on “Hobby projects 2020

  1. A lot to finish mate. My list of projects is as long as my arm too haha. Good luck with it. Sorry to hear you’re quitting the fan fiction. Both Big Waz and I really enjoy it but, admittedly, I’m still chipping away at it. I like your spin on things, especially the character building. We are starting a new saga in the podcast next week so it would have been cool to get your fan fiction on that too. It’s a much simpler story this time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, quite a lot to do lol.

      How many projects are you working on? It sounds like you’ve got way more to do!

      I enjoyed writing the fan fiction a lot, and I would’ve carried on if I wanted to but I think it’s for the best that I leave it for awhile. I may come back to it someday and carry on, maybe a break to think on it might improve the story.

      I’m glad you two have enjoyed it! 🙂

      Ah yes, I’m currently listening to your podcast as I’m typing! I’ve read some interesting ghost stories recently in a book on Yorkshire, some of the stories are pretty crazy paranormal events.

      The new podcast story series sounds really awesome, I’m looking forward to yours and Waz’s story!

      You know what, I might do a one off story just for fun, not a series but just a single story. I’m thinking early Pink Floyd meets The Plank (an old Tommy Cooper film).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They didn’t like it? Saying that I can see why as looking back on the film there were a few things that I didn’t notice in the film when I was younger first watching on VHS tape. The bin men scene and the lorry van scene might not be appropriate anymore by today’s generation.

        The opening is still golden!

        Stick some Dad’s Army on or Blackadder, they’ll get some laughs for sure.

        How far did you and Waz read up to in the fan fiction series? I’m interested to know what you guys thought about the story so far, and anything you liked or disliked?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m not sure where Waz is up to. I’m only halfway through part 2. Glenn is just telling me about Gwen. It reads sort of like a movie script. How cool would it be to turn our humble little saga into a small indie movie hehe.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I won’t spoil the rest, your gonna love/ hate what I’ve done for part 3 and the special 😁.

        A movie script, that never came to mind for me now that I think about it, but it sounds cool as script! So who would you cast for the parts? Would Rowan Atkinson play as you and Brian Blessed as Waz? Just imagine Brian shouting “Twitter!”.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Probably the script would have casted the whole Monty Python crew. Monty Python and the Apocalypse.

        Great news, the fan fiction story is just about nearly done, I just need to edit the finalised draft before I post it. It’s a strange story that might not click at first, but it’s a story that has an interesting theme behind it. I’m sure you and Waz will enjoy it, it’s a short singular story so it won’t take too long to finish.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. A lot to be getting on with!
    I hope it takes you long enough that by the end of getting it all done (If there is ever such a thing) you’re no longer feeling the desire to move on to something else/stop hobbying.

    It’ll be great to see you doing all this hobby stuff over the year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So much to do, but at least one day I won’t have to resupply on paint and spray paint anymore! I’m hoping I can get most of these projects done by the end of the year.

      I’m pretty mixed on my decision because I really enjoy the hobby with all the painting and exploring new things, there’s an endless stream of great work from fellow hobbyists and miniature company’s like GW. However, on the other hand, there’s a point where I want to take a long break from the painting and collecting hobby and be more free to do other things like table top gaming and reading lore. It’s trying to break away from the habit of consuming and adding more work when I feel already fulfilled with what I’ve got.

      I have another point of thought but it’s a bit too negative on my views with GW.

      I’ll be sure to post loads of hobby stuff going forwards! 🙂


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