Cast me some rat magic

Magic? The Old World? Skaven?

For many this might be something you’ve never seen before, and for a few you might remember this card reference set. Like many of the other Warhammer factions, it wasn’t on sale for long. Truth is, GW used to have a habit of limited time products for Warhammer 8th ed. From Storms of Magic assets, a few limited print expansions like Blood in the Badlands and even the End Times paperback editions (kinda limited since they went in months when AoS came out).

Magic cards are like AoS gaming cards of today, easy to read and accessible for quicker gaming sessions. The Skaven had their magic cards back in their second wave release, after their 7th edition army book came out a year before.

Limited by a few packs per store, this set would’ve never got into my hands by the time it was released. Luckily I got my pack from my local GW a few days earlier before its release date. I can remember the manager showing me all the new Skaven stuff that came in the second wave, I don’t think he was allowed to. But as a compromise, I didn’t open the pack or become an ass by selling it on eBay until release day.

I got the cards for ease of play. Did I get better at playing Warhammer? Nope, but at least I didn’t get moaned at for taking time to read the text.

Looking back, wouldn’t Warhammer 8th edition be so much better if it had AoS profile cards? It would’ve made the game way easier for me back then.

Anyways, what’s in the pack?

you get three gorgeous art backing of the three magic lores in Skaven society, Clan Skryre magic, Clan Pestilence magic and a Greyseer exclusive spell. In total there are thirteen cards (it had to be), whilst only two clans could do magic on their respective lores, the Greyseers and I think even the Verminlords can pick both spells and their own single exclusive spell.

For the Clan Skryre they get six spells

Pestilence get the same amount of spells, but with a topping of infections.

Finally, the big one!

Fun fact, I did mange at one time, and only one time to this day to have successfully cast this spell! I think about four High Elves got turned into Skaven Clanrats!

Thats all for today. Yesterday I came back from my four day holiday, refreshed and ready to do some blogging. I’ve still more Summer of Hobbying 2019 posts to do for next week. I’ll be working on my AoS Nurgle army showcase post, which will be out a day or two.

until next time,


Skaven Terminator clad Wizard

With some spare bitz and an neglected Warmachine model that’s been left in a box, I decided to create my own Arch Warlock for my Clan Skryre army. I wanted to create an imposing iron clad killing machine that looked steampunk, but also has the appearance of Skaven identity.

Also, I made a unit of three Warplock Jezzails.

For the past few weeks I’ve been painting a lot of Skaven models, more than I would usually paint when I’m motivated to paint this army. It’s pretty much a relief now that I’ve only got four more units to paint, rather than ten or twenty units in the backlog.

I’ll be taking a break from painting my Skaven now that I’ve just about done nearly everything. Once I’ve taken a good long break I can come back fresh and motivated to finish off the last few units.

I think my Crimson Fists needs some attention now after weeks of silence.

Until next time!


It’s Skaven again….

More Skaven today! It’s a never ending progress of getting Skaven models painted since February. I’m nearly reaching the end of this project with only few more units to paint, and the goal of getting Clan Skryre and Clan Pestilence at 1,000pt (including painting all of my Clan Verminus models). As well as kitbashed models recently done to fill in place of the Finecast version/ models I want to make alternate versions of.

I have one kitbashed Master Moulder who will be leading my Clan Moulder army, a very hideous and mutated lord who has become more monster than rat.

My second and final kitbashed model is the Plague catapult with a mixture of Skryre design. I had loads of spare bitz and a rectangle base left unused, so what better way than to use these unused parts and make myself a war machine!

Next up I’ll be showing my last two kitbashed Clan Skryre units of Ratling gun and Warplock Jezzails. These will be useful for my Skaventide lists as attachments for my Clanrats, bringing some much needed firepower.

Until next time!


The moving Gatling trolley

Work on my Skaven is gradually getting me closer to the end as I’ve nearly painted all of my models that own so far. What started out as a reboot in 2015/2016 for repainting (and finally painting neglected models) my collection, has become a long but successful project.

For years now, I’ve been chipping away at each greater clan units and slowly building my army. I made a decision years ago to stop buying Skaven (I did a blog post on this actually) as I wanted to move on to collecting a Death Faction of Flesh-Eater Corpse. This helped me to paint many neglected models that needed a fresh paint, although this was a slow process as motivation wanes from time to time.

Today marks a milestone for this project as I’ve finally painted my second unit of 20x Clanrats. This is pretty important as Clanrats are necessary for Clans Verminus army as battleline, and now for a combined Skaventide army. I now have enough to justify a 1,000pt list!

It feels like forever to have finally painted a unit of Clanrats, having two sets of Skaven from the Island of Blood back in 2010.

What marks this day as a true milestone though is that I only have four more units (of Clans Verminus) left to paint before I’ve painted every Skaven I own! It’s about time too, I’ve finally been productive with my life to get this far, so I want to get this lot done before the end of 2019.

However, this isn’t to say I’m done with my Skaven after I’ve painted my remaining units, as I want add a few more new units to my collection before I can finally retire this project for good. I’ve made two kitbashed models today of a Gatling gun weapons team and a Master Moulder.

I’ll be sure to post an update these kitbashing models some time soon. I’ve also got one more kitbashed model that I’m working on, but I’ll show the finished work when I’m done.

Until next time!



Two weapon crews painted and ready to burn those golden thunder man-things! I’m glad that I’ve finally got these two painted, got them since Island of Blood came out a decade ago. I’ll be sure to use these as detachments for each of my Clanrat units, some meat sheiks cover will help the weapon crews get close enough to cause some damage.

I’ve got my copy of the Skaven Battletome the other day after waiting patiently to buy it, so far I’m enjoying it. However, I have doubts about it. I have this feeling that the book lacks something, it feels unfinished in some areas. I’ll share my full thoughts once I’ve had time to analyse the whole book.

Anyways, that’s nearly Clan Skryre done with only one Warlock Engineer left to paint before I can move on. Then it’s just painting all of Clan Verminus models (60+ Clanrats and one unit of 20 Stormvermin). Currently I’m working on my second unit of 20x Clanrats in order to have a second battleline unit, good enough for a 1,000pt Skaventide list.

Until next time!


When Skryre got steam

I’m back with more painted Skaven models done after a few days of spraying and painting my batch of models. I’m getting many backlog models (even neglected ones from 7-8 years ago) painted in order to finally getting a fully painted army ready for gaming.

Today, I have three wizards (one a rocket looney, another a self egotistical renaissance Warlock Engineer and an old Grey Seer) and one Doomwheel.

First up is my second Warlock Engineer, who’s sporting a very proud crest and a fancy warplock pistol. His ego is as long as his halberd (no innuendo joke), so much so he even states his halberd is his way of boasting his genius whilst slashing it at his captives (they prefer a swift death since his boasting is said to drain the life force of any individual who hears his crap).

Next up is my own kitbash of the newest leader option for Clan Skryre, the Warlock Bombardier. I really like this model as it looks ridiculous, but also pretty cool! I think it’s the weird combination of kitbashing of parts that make it kinda unique. I hope to get the official model one day when it gets released as a single kit.

The last Metal Model I brought before Finecast took over for a short period, this Grey Seer has had a rough journey over the years. My first paint job wasn’t amazing as I painted his cloak purple (back when my Skaven army had purple to represent the clans name which I won’t say). Now he’s updated with a better look to fit in with the Grey Seers description. Compared to the latest plastic Grey Seer version, I prefer this metal model as he has the four goat horns which I think look better.

This is my fourth (and hopefully the last repaint) time I’ve painted this model after years of bad painting. It’s a relief now that I’ve painted this model at a good standard, which has made me happy now to use this killing machine in my army lists.

The banner symbols were done using an artist pen to draw the designs based on the Skaven 7th ed art. A way easier method than using black paint as it takes less time to do, and more precise than taking ages using a fine paint brush.


That’s all I have to show for today, but before I go, I thought I’d share my current progress on painting my Skaven army. Rather than making a long list of models I have for each Clan, I’ve decided to just number the units of the total Clan numbers and combine them to total my current progress.

Total painted units of each Clan

  • Clan Moulder- 11 Units
  • Clan Verminus- 3 units
  • Master Clan- 3 units
  • Clan Pestilence- 6 units
  • Clan Esher- 2 units
  • Clan Skryre- 7 units

Total Skaven painted

  • 32/37

most units left to paint are from both Clan Verminus and Clan Skryre, mostly Clanrats they need painting. I’ve only got three more Skryre units left before I’ve finished with the Clan for now.

Then maybe a I can add some Stormfiends………one day……..

I’m looking forward to show you guys the current full army collection once I’ve either painted all the Clanrats, or at least have two units of Clanrats done.

Next up, the last three Skryre units I’m currently working on, with two weapon teams and a Warlock Engineer.

Until next time!


Steam punk Skaven suits

Steam punk Skaven suits

Over the past couple of days I’ve been researching all things Skaven, from new lore in the sample Battletome preview and updated rules for the Skaven in the AoS app.

All things went well. Lore so far was good with the established location of Blight City, and some small bits about post End Times history. But when it came to looking at the AoS warscroll app for the updated Skaven rules, well, I’ll be honest I was not happy with some of the changes implemented.

I’ll list my reasons.

  1. No more Shock prod Pack Master option
  2. Poisoned Wind Mortar is no longer an option
  3. Warlord (Clawlord now) has only one weapon option
  4. Giant Rats are a joke, their old rules were worth building a unit of 30+.

The positives

  1. The Master Moulders are back, and has a useful ability of restoring defeated units back into the field.
  2. Pack Master can be taken in units of three, I can see that being a useful change.
  3. Grey Seers are mad as ever
  4. The option to have a United Skaven army is a dream come true for many long time Skaven players

Anyways, on a brighter subject, I have more units painted for my Skaven army. Plague Priest

Plague Censer Bearers

Poisoned Wind Globadires

That’s all from me for today. I’m planning on doing more of my 10th anniversary posts, as I haven’t done many for the past week with the Skaven being my main focus at the minute. Hopefully after my next batch of Skaven models are painted I can go back to my original post work.

Until next time!