Throt the Unclean, weapon crews and Clan Skryre makeover

Throt the Unclean for using AoS rules in the setting of Warhammer Fantasy Battles
Ratling gun crew, now mounted on wheels
Kitbashed Warp Grinder and Poisoned Wind Mortar

As well as working on these from earlier this week, I got the courage to paint my third unit of Clanrats in three days. Another step towards the final battleline unit to paint for Skaventide, just one more unit of Clanrats to paint and backlog box will be considerably less daunting to look at.

My third unit of Clanrats was slightly painted differently to my usual green Clan colour as I ran out of paint! However, I had a crackin idea!

Just today I decided to change the green Clan colour to red for all Clan Skryre units, that way there’s a thematic theme that separates Clan Skelnix to its Thrall counterpart. Both are still one of the same as an army, it just adds more creative ways of building an army without the feeling of repetitiveness.

Clan Skrentus is a Thrall clan of Clan Skelnix, an offshoot cluster of Skaven that was once part of the zealous infected brotherhood of Skelnix Clan Pestilence riots. However, decades of war and strife eventually toppled the clergy of Clan Skrentus to be replaced by the growing influence of Clan Skryre. Whilst Clan Skelnix has tolerated Clan Skrentus in its Clans Skryre culture, they secretly despise the Skaven who toppled the clergy as a threat to the future of Clan Skelnix.

Finally, I’ve made this scenery piece to go along with my Skaven as an objective point or visual immersion piece.

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6 thoughts on “Throt the Unclean, weapon crews and Clan Skryre makeover

      1. I haven’t done anything but work and podcast lately so I haven’t had a chance to look at any of it yet. I screen shot the list though. I’ll let you know what I think once I’ve listened

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