Nurgle garden gnomes

For the past month it’s been a very busy and stressful time with everything going on at the moment. Hobbying  has taken a backseat due to so many changes.

Someone I knew had shown symptoms of the pandemic, and after researching into it over and over said person had gone for a test. Thankfully it was a negative. It still added worry for me in terms of what would happen if any of my family had to go to the hospital if they had a positive result. Lastly I had a hobby and blog fatigue despite trying to get backlog work done.

Anyways, I’m currently working on my Warhammer fantasy battles Warriors of Chaos Nurgle Warband. I managed to put together a unit of ten neglected Chaos Warrios, and a wizard on a horse. This will give me a second core unit choice to my army and more magic assets to use.

After that I’ll try getting those kitbashed barbarian models on square bases. After that I’m free to put the project behind me and move on.

Currently I’m waiting for my model kit that was supposed to be sent last Friday. Seller turned out to be very reputable for late deliveries and poor customer service. I guess its a learning curve for me.

Apologise for this very depressing post, I’m not 100% myself after nearly a month long of changes and stress.

On the positive side. Noticed my profile picture of a dashing good looking skaven? Well, here a full version of the art work celebrating the tenth anniversary of TIoB boxset (The Island of Blood)

This is an ambitious project that’s taken me a few months to work on, mostly from a skaven prospective. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to do a blog post on an influential event.

From next month I’m planning to post my first of three celebration posts. It’s a treat for everyone as it’s a one off painting challenge! The post will be out by this weekend.

Until next time,


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