My Blood Bowl team

I’m back, after weeks of having a break from the table top hobby, I’ve decided to return to start a new project. Now before I go on, I know I’ve said that I’m starting a Ghoul army, and that is still in the works, so it’s not being abandoned. They’ll be a new post tomorrow on some models I’ve painted for the army.

Anyway, back to the subject. So this week is the return of Blood Bowl, which is great news as I’ve found a few old human Blood Bowl models to re-paint. Just by chance, I found a whole bunch of old models at a charity shop last year, including models from the original Blood Bowl box set! 

In total I’ve found at least eleven models for the human team (sold as separate models), which if I remembered came around at £3-£4 in total. Sadly, I think there were a few more models needed for the team, but the whole model box was gone a week later :(.

But on the bright side, at least I’ve got a near enough full team collection to play. I can add one ogre to the team, which will be fun to heavily kit bash an ogre into a Blood Bowl player. I’ll probably call him ‘Big Steve-fist’, for obvious reasons for his role on the field.

I’m just hoping they can be used at my local GW to use for the new Blood Bowl games. If not however, then at least I can display them as a classic diorama showcase. Plan B would be to get a fresh new team of Skaven to use for the new game, naming them as Team Skelnix.

So far I’ve test painted three models (pic above) which aren’t bad, but I feel that the colour scheme looks bland in appearance. Same as with the rest of the team, they seriously need some help with a better uniform colour scheme. Thankfully I’ve got a copy of the Stormcast Eternals painting guide, which has quite a few decent colour guides that’ll suit well with these models. I’m currently thinking of trying out the Astral Templars colour scheme, as the dark purple will contrast really well with bright silver shoulder plate armour.
In a couple of weeks time I’ll do an update post on the progress for my Blood Bowl team. I may even add a small back story to finish off the project, that’s if anyone is interested. If you guys have any suggestions, post a comment below, and I’ll be glad to read your suggestions :). 

Now all that’s left is just an awesome team name to go along with team, what about the Red weasels?

If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you!

One thought on “My Blood Bowl team

  1. These are pretty cool old models! I dig the flocking. Humans teams tend to like gold, though – the eagles on the thrower’s armour could look good with a tint.

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