After so many days of tireless dedication and motivation to push my painting skills to the limit, I’ve finally completed my big centre piece model! As many of you might of noticed, the model itself is from the Maggoth Lord kit but altered to have no rider. This is because I wanted the model to be my Greater Daemon of Nurgle, the size and design was fitting enough to be a grand centre piece for my combined Nurgle army.

Whilst there wasn’t any major changes to the models appearance, I did however alter the saddled seat to be a saddled sphere orb instead. I used a medium sized decorative bead and a spare plastic symbol from the maggoth kit, and superglued it on the saddle seat. In terms of what the orbs use will be, it’ll act as a selected magical item that I’ll choose for AoS games.

Below are some different angle pictures that I’ve done, to show some of the areas I’ve painted for the model.

For the colour scheme, the model was based on some video and picture guides on painting the maggoth Lord kit. I wanted to have the same concept of blending light to darker skin tones, which was something that I’ve never tried to do before.

The colour palette I used for painting the skin was inspired by some concept art of flys ( it’s weird I know, but Nurgle is know for his love of sending thousands of flys to spread his plagues, so it’s related to the paint project) and how some artists use both light and dark to make them look realistic in prospective. The palette consists of cold colours for the skin, and a few warm colours to use on areas that I wanted to define (for example, the spikes on the back and spots on the body). Basing my model on blending and drybrushing, I decided to use cream colours as the inner skin tone, and darker greys as the back skin tone.

As you can see below, the overal look of the model is fascinating to look at. By using reference pictures of different artists concepts as a guideline to practise on new techniques, can help to build a plan of what you want use to develop and evolve for your skills. 

Whilst I will say that the task was not as easy as I thought it might be, I did however try to push my skills to the limit to achive my goal at doing something that’s not in my usual painting routine.

Finally, I finished my second beast of Nurgle to add to my unit as a unit of two beasts. I used the same techniques as the first one, with a few tweaks and new techniques to the models appearance.

I hope this has inspired you to try out something new for painting your own models for your collection. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can, thank you 🙂.

5 thoughts on “Gorthoblox, Greater Daemon of Nurgle

    1. Thank you! It was something new I tried from out of my comfort zone of painting, which went well luckily. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your paint style on the model kit.

      Awesome! Are you building the kit as a one of the three riders, or as a Greater Daemon of Nurgle?


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