Mousillon: City of the Damned

Throughout the history of the Warhammer fantasy setting Mousillon is probably one of the least talked about place in the community. I myself had never paid attention to the place until I got my hands on the 3rd ed Bretonnia army book. within its aged old pages of 90’s colour and knightly nobility (in artContinue reading “Mousillon: City of the Damned”

12 days of Winter| Vampire Counts 7th/ 8th edition army

With the announcement that Warhammer fantasy was coming back under the brand called ‘The Old World’, I thought it was about time I cobbled together my Vampire Count army. After years of being in limbo with all my models belonging to different factions (and I didn’t want the Legions of Nagash book as I wasn’tContinue reading “12 days of Winter| Vampire Counts 7th/ 8th edition army”