New hobby challenge!: Character

Wrapping up the previous hobby challenge and being completely distracted by RL stuff (education, dreading the future of whether I’ll be able to find work after finishing college next year, oh and if I ever pass my Math’s exam…) and taking some time to get used to using Instagram. My update post will be up at some point this month to sum up what I’ve been doing, what ideas I have for the blogs direction going forward and other stuff.

For the latest hobby challenge I’ve decided to base the theme on singular hero characters and text: any character model you have on hand that’s unpainted or WIP, paint it up and write a brief background on your character and the inspiration behind your work. Painting a model can be a challenge especially if its an important character who is the front a center of your warband/ army, its not just any ordinary miniature, its a personification of a fictional or non fiction source of inspiration (or partly inspired by yourself) that dictates the actions of those surrounding her or she’s armada. The best examples of characters created from scratch to a living breathing legend is those created from the imagination into physical form from painting to gaming. Tycho, Ghazghull Thraka and Harry the Hammer are fine examples of characters born from the imaginations of those inspired by the hobby and community.

The requirements to fulfil the challenge are listed below:

  • Paint one singular character within the start and finishing date of the challenge, It can be any size from a 25mm based character upwards.
  • If the model is a special or existing named character miniature that’s not been significantly altered aesthetically (eg: Konrad Von Carstein with a helmet), you cannot make an OC background out of your entry as it is based on an existing character. However named characters in the lore that don’t have a model in existence you can make however you want unless the lore describes that character, in which case you’ll have to make it to that description (eg: Grom the Paunch). You can kitbash named character miniatures to customize your own by at least 25%, but they must look distinctive as its own individual, so just a head swap to make your OC background will not be accepted.
  • write a maximum of a 100 words in a single paragraph, although you aren’t required to write exactly 100 words if your word count is lower (note: Once you’ve done your entry miniature and posted your link on this posts comment section, your background and inspiration paragraph text will be written and featured on the challenge showcase post. If you do not want me to write it on the showcase post and prefer it to be on your entry post only, let me know and I’ll only feature you by link and some commentary on your work).
  • Once your done, post your entry post link in this blog posts comment section.
  • I will not be using your entry photo on the showcase post as I personally believe that your hard work should be rewarded, so I’ll be directing readers by the link to your entry post for you to receive the views and attention your work deserves.
  • The models story must be natural in its fictional world setting that isn’t out of place, it can be inspired by outside source material but not directly. (for example, an Ork character whos backstory is about an Ork who is the God Emperor 2.0, who is so badass that he’s already won the war using the light of the goodness to vaporize the whole galaxy). However, if mentioned background is a delusion conjured up by the Ork Shaman who thinks he is the Emperor 2.0 as a comedic purpose to show the Waaagh! taking over, I will accept it.
  • If your work is over the deadline it may still be included in the showcase post, but only on the condition that you’ve mentioned taken part within the agreed timeslot by a blog post or commented on this post. If unforeseen circumstances have occurred that has delayed your work, you may be allowed an extra week from the deadline to finish your work. Cheating will be discouraged and you will not be featured on the showcase post.

The starting date for the challenge will be Wednesday 14th October and the deadline will be the 14th of November.

My recent character model is Countess Emmanuelle, cousin of Konrad Von Carstein and resident of Templehof. After reading the lore on the Vampire Counts and wanting to build a force around the reign of Konrad, I found some snippet of information on Konrad’s cousin in the 8th ed army book. With no description of what she looked like, I had the opportunity to customize Emmanuelle as I see fit, a bloodthirsty vampire who can fly and use necromancy magic to raise the dead.

If you need some inspiration you can look up on all sorts of sources from art books, posters, reading books, fiction, non-fiction, history and many other sources.

Here’s what the last challenge based on the 10th anniversary of The Island of Blood featured and what you might expect to see in the showcase post.


Scent of a Gamer

First up is two Skaven Assassins from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, the first Skaven sculpt to receive the AoS treatment. A Scent of a Gamer painted these two sculpts by painting one as a the original Eshin assassin and the other as a Warpstone copy. a clever way of not only painting the same sculpt with different colour themes, but also to represent the assassins ability in game. I like this sculpt and the colour schemes used for the models, it adds character to the Skaven assassin who can be contrasted from the rest of the miniatures from the Silver Tower set. A shady rat who may not be the mightiest warrior or powerful mage, but equally as deadly when the time is right to strike!

A Butterfly’s Hobby Tally

The next hobbyist has a few miniatures that were part of The Island of Blood set, the High Elves Mage and the on foot version of Prince Althran. Painted in striking red and white, these two hero’s are the sword and shield of the High Elves. Both embody a mix of mystical history, magical might and the war like fury that Ulthuan’s defenders are known for. It was great to see some TIoB minatures being entered into the challenge as its a great way of showing the best of the High Elves range and the sculpts that have sadly been discontinued for some time now.  A fantastic selection of miniatures painted by A Butterfly’s Hobby Tally!

Azazel Bitzbox 

Whilst Azazel was late to post his work on the deadline, he did mention he was joining the challenge within the time slot, he also balanced the scale on this challenge to include High Elf for his entry (which equaled the Skaven and High Elves for the showcase). As part of a DnD game using the miniature he used a couple of years ago, this 1998 sculpt of a High Elves Mage was painted using inspiration artwork of the Blood Elves from The World of Warcraft. Sometimes inspiration doesn’t have to be based entirely within the fictional setting, going to outside sources can create some unique painting that personalizes your collection from others of the some collection. The mage looks absolutely stunning and a sculpt I’ve not seen before so this makes it all the more unique.


The Warlock Bombardier was released last year as part the Carrion Empire boxset for a limited stock run. later on in 2019 the Skaven Battletome release, alongside a scenery piece and three Endless spells. thankfully the Bombardier came back months later (Much to our Kin’s impatients). Unlike it’s other tech obsessed Rat-kin the Bombard wields a Doomrocket which does exactly what it says on the missile. Kaboom!!! Wudugast has done an amazing job at painting this miniature! The yellow and green colours contrast with the darker colours. The square base fits just right with the model scale, I wonder if GW had intended it to originally be released for 8th ed or End Times?

links below on all the bloggers featured here today.

A Butterflys Hobby tally=

Scent of a Gamer=




Finally here’s my Skaven models that I did alongside that last hobby challenge (I didn’t take part, I just did these after being inspired to get some Rat-men painted!).

That’s all for today. I’ll be back soon with my update post on what I’m doing with the blog these days, and I’m excited to see the miniatures for this painting challenge! Get your miniature, paints and paint brushes ready for next week!

Until next time,


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