Knights Excelsior Skirmish Warband: Freeguild frontier men

During the development of building a AoS warband, you get to craft a theme, an identity for your project that influences your choices on what direction you want to go for. Maybe your warband is a remnant of a Stormhost that was nearly wiped out, the souls of the slain unable to return back to Azyr. The surviving Stormcast Eternals push on towards their object, fighting through untold horrors that stands in their way.

Alternatively, your warband could be a small mercenary band, a Fyreslayer warband paid in Ur-gold to defend or bounty hunt a dangerous foe/ hero. Maybe the warband could be a mixture of different races that are tied to a clan, guild or hired work by a shadowy figure.

Anything’s possible when it comes to Skirmish with no hassle trying to build big blocks of units, and more ways of building a miniature collection for fun.

I’ve realised that I could break the rigid structure of my usual project mindset. Why not go for something fresh instead with a theme of a hunting party!

Meet the hunters, a group of hired marksmen of Ghur who have joined the Knights Excelsior hunt down a wanted fugitive. Not like your usual housed Free-city stock, these marksmen hunt in the wastelands of Ghur with a simple code of survival.

“If it’s big, shoot it. If it’s green, burn it. If it’s undead, use holy silver balls. If it’s Chaos, we’re dead”.

This kit came with an issue of Wargamers Illustrated magazine, If I can remember right they’re called the American Revolution frontier men (I could be wrong!). Produced by Warlord Games, this plastic kit is pretty awesome, very simple to build and nicely sculpted miniatures.

I’ve got another four miniatures to paint for this unit, and a spare miniature to kitbash as a leader (substituting the Free-guild Captain warscroll).

The project is shaping up now that I’ve got more units to add, I’m happy to see that this project hadn’t gone to the neglected storage. Will there be more Stormcasts? Possibly, I’m just thinking about what I could add to this project. Since I can add small units that go below the minimum unit requirement, I could use some models from the Mortal Realms magazine that I wouldn’t have use for in my two army projects.

Maybe I might go into an entirely different direction and add some neglected Wood Elves units. I’ve got a load of models that no longer have a place in AoS, so this project could be a home for the models I’ve neglected. Like I said above, there’s room for more creative ideas that don’t strictly adhere to mass unit formation.

I could go full IRO and make something so bizarre and weird that it would make the warband look uniquely exciting and disturbing at the same time. Bring out the Orruk poet…….

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Knights Excelsior Skirmish warband: Gryphound

A new member to the Skirmish party has finally arrived! A loyal Gryphound who accompanies his master, Lord-Relictor, the White Reaper.

I wanted to paint the Gryphound as though it fitted into the environment of Ghur, the Realm of Beasts. My colour choices were warm tones of red, yellow, orange and brown for the hound, whilst the equipment are cooler colours to contrast the natural and man made features.

With the base it follows the same principles as the ground is s warm, dry and overgrown environment of warm colours. The ruins was painted in blue with a drybrush of Martian desert to make it look more ancient.

  • Depending on how well my kitbashing work goes, I’m considering adding a Lord-Celestant to the warband. I’ve got a spare Palladin model that was originally a kitbashed Questor Knight, but it didn’t look right looking back now.
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  • -Bjorn
  • Knights Excelsior Skirmish Warband

    I did some work on updating my Skirmish warband of the Knights Excelsior, making the bases more lively to tie into the realm of Ghur. I would to add a few more units to add more range and Hero options, just to diversify my options.

    I haven’t done much to this project since I did a post on starting this and the Skullfiend Tribe project. But I’d like to add some more units as I really like the colour scheme. It reminds me of the Pre-Heresy World Eaters colour scheme.

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    Summer of hobbying

    Summer of hobbying

    Ah it’s that time of year when the sun is out, the heat rises to a sweaty drench proportion and everyone goes out for the day to enjoy this refreshing wether. Meanwhile, I’m getting all of my blog drafts ready to be posted for the summer holiday.

    Every summer I’ve made an effort to paint big models and infantry models as part of my year tradition here on this blog site. It goes way back two years ago when I did my first big model for the summer holidays, a kitbashed Great Unclean one as part of my AoS Nurgle Collection. Since then, I’ve made this a yearly tradition to try and paint one big model (or back log models like last year).

    This year however I’ve taken on one of my biggest projects ever, as I’ll be painting a 1,000pt Renegade Knights Collection as part of my summer project. I’m either a fool or a lucky one if I can pull this off!

    I won’t spoil too much on what the Renegade Knight collection will be based on, but I have a sneak peek photo for you guys!

    As if giant Knights were the only thing on my mind, I’ve also risen to the challenge of painting more backlog models including my Black Templars, Blades of Khorne, Orks, Chaos Space marines, Stormcast Eternals and more!

    This summer is going to be a very busy one compared to last year. Now that I’ve finished my course work and my college days are done, I can now focus back on painting more models and write more home brew fiction for my blog site.

    Tomorrow will start off with part 2 of my Tale of one Warlord painting challenge, this time with loads of Greenskins (with added Gretchins)!

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    Gathering of the bloody

    Gathering of the bloody

    As I continue to paint more Khorne Bloodbound models to my ever growing collection of the Skullfiend Tribe, I look back and see how far I’ve gotten with my finished models and take pride that my time wasn’t wasted on TV soap operas (and complain to my Xbox One’s lack of faith like one of Lorgar’s Dark Apostles) . Today, I’ll be showing you, my readers and fellow worshipers of the Blood god, my current progress of my Skirmish Skullfiend Tribe. Enjoy!

    These two were featured in my first post on my Skullfiend Tribe Collection, both being done first after painting. Using the Thunder and Blood set as my starting point for the Skirmish warband, I’ve decided to base my warband around a Bloodstocker as the leader.

    I wanted my Skirmish force to look more scarier, so I’ve opted to taking lessons from Fabius Bile and produced my own horrible creation of the Khorgorath. This beast has obvious hints as to what it used to before Khorne literally changed the thing to his desires. Question is, which head is the original one?

    Next we have my first five Blood Warriors who have had a few alterations including a Icon bearer (centre) and a Blood Warrior with a kitbashed mace (far right). These were done to give my unit an icon for improved bravery in matchplay, and a different hand weapon cus I like the look of it.

    This is where the full livery colours of the Skullfiend Tribe are applied as the Blood Warriors have both the full black and brass armour, and the blood red helmets that define the tribes livery. Unlike the Axes of Skarbrand colour scheme (which was hard to attempt on a batch load across several units) the Skullfiend Tribes colour scheme was more simpler to batch paint.

    Finally, the current unit that I’m working on are the Skullreapers, so far painted three warriors and two WIP. Whilst I’ve had bad luck playing these guys so far, I think their still worth taking for Skirmish games.

    This unit was actually a repainted unit that was originally in my Axes of Skarbrand collection, however, the colour scheme I’ve used was very lazy and looked dull from the outcome. So I’ve given these guys a second coating of armour painting to fit alongside the rest of my warband, they look much better now that they have a better colour contrast.


    That’s all I have for now on my current progress on my Skullfiend Tribe warband. The faction is already set for playing Skirmish games now that I’ve filled both the minimum requirements to play, and reach my goal of passing 50R. However, I want to add just a few more models to the warband to fill in the slots on my established units to maximum capacity (because ten Blood Warriors with 2 attacks will surely give the Skaven and Sylvaneth a hard time).

    My next tasks will be to:

    • Paint 5x more Blood Warriors
    • Finish the last two Skullreapers
    • Paints 20x Bloodreavers

    That will cover a fairly large sized warband for Skirmish with plenty of options to choose from. I plan to create a Path to Glory warband after finishing the list, so that I can use my Skullfiend Tribe for bigger games (If I ever get the chance to play anyone).


    Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


    The Three Heads are better than one!

    AoS Skirmish is a great opportunity to create unique and characterful models, making a small collection of models look really imposing on the table top. I’ve started my (second) Khorne Bloodbound collection based on the Skullfiend Tribe, who will don their red helms as sacrifice to Khorne’s growing throne of Skulls!

    I’ll have a few posts coming up in a few days on my progress with this warband. But in the meantime, here’s a sneak peak of my painted Khorgorath.


    Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


    Skirmish Warband: SE- Knights of Excelsior (part 1)

    Skirmish Warband: SE- Knights of Excelsior (part 1)

    Starting off a new project, I’ve decided to use some spare Stormcast Eternals from Thunder and Blood set to form a small warband of the Knights Excelsior. Inspired by short stories from the the Malign Portents on the Stormhosts action during the event. I liked how the Stormhost is highly devoted to Sigmar (similar to the Black Templars), to the point of purging anything touched by Chaos.

    The Knights Excelsior is morally grey in their choices, on the one hand, they are the finest when they fight for the grand alliance of order to protect those who serve the Godking. However, they are also very extreme in their ways, to the point where anyone will be slain if there’s any hint or suspicion that they may be corrupted by Chaos. Narratively, the Stormhost is a unique one compared to other Stormhost who are more noble and not as zealous as the Knights of Excelsior.

    I’ve started off my collection by painting three Liberators (including a prime), loosely following the painting guide on the Knights Excelsior from ‘How to paint Stormcast Eternals’.

    My Skirmish warband will be based on the characters set in the Malign Portents story 13, Reaper’s Revelation, including Liberator-Prime Kronois, Warden of the Underlevels (seen above with two of his retinue) and the White Reaper. I liked the story as well as others relating to the Knights Excelsior, so I’ve used that as inspiration to build my warband.

    Kronis, Warden of the Underlevels.

    Tarnisk, Warhammer blessed.

    Engris, Faithful smiter

    Currently, I’m painting my Lord-Relictor as part of my 25 renown warband. I’ve also got three Prosecutors on standby to paint after my Lord-Relictor, which will fit nicely around 50 renown warband. I might also include three Retributors to the warband, as well as finishing the warband off with a Lord-Veritant as the White Reaper.

    My next post in the series will be focusing on my Lord-Relictor model, as well as a painting guide on how I’ve achieved the colour scheme for the Knights Excelsior.


    Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!