Today’s post will be covering how I’ve painted my own Knights of Excelsior Skirmish warband. The pictures shown in this past are done in stages that I did on two models, but the process is still the same nonetheless.

Without further or do, I hope you’ll enjoy this short painting guide!

Step 1

Spray White matt as a Basecoat for the white armour, apply the colours below:

  • Basecoat the shield and shoulder plates in Model colour Ultramarine blue
  • Use Model colour flat brown for the purity ribbons.
  • Mix 2/3 Model colours Flat brown and Gold on trims and areas of metallic texture.
  • Use Acrylic black on the belt buckle and dagger scabbard.
  • Use Khorne Red for the leather strips.
  • Paint Model colour Gunmetal on the Warhammer and scales.
  • Finally, Basecoat the weapon handles in Screamer pink.

Step 2

For the inking process, I’ve used Reikland Fleshtone for the white armour, leather, weapon handles and gold trims. For other areas I’ve used watered down Acrylic Black (Nul Oil as an alternative) on the blue areas and silver areas.

Step 3

For layering and drybrushing I’ve used different colours, which I’ll bullet point below:

  • For the white armour, I’ve used Model Colour Off-White as layer colour (two thin coats is needed to get a smooth look). This was then finished off with Model Colour Foundation White as a edge highlight.
  • Drybrush Model Colour Off-White for the silver, blue and gold areas.
  • Highlight the leather straps with Evil Sunz Red.
  • Drybrush the weapon handles with The Screamer pink and Emperors Children.
  • Finally, splatter some good old blood with Blood for the Blood God on the Warhammer (apply a thin layer and don’t go overboard with the effect unless your a certified heretic!!)


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


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