Production has been going at a better pace now that I have my own workspace to do my modelling, surprisingly a lot more models are now completed! So far, I’ve managed to paint my Abhorrent Ghoul King, 3x Crypt Horrors, and based my two Crypt Ghast Courtiers and Ghoul king on foot.

Follow the link here if you haven’t seen the first post on the collection: Flesh-Eater Courts: Liverbone court army [31/12/16]

The collection is slowly showing its own identity now that a few units have been painted, showing diversity in each units colour scheme and alterations. I would like to add more races into the army, such as Fyrslayers and Elven models to be Ghoul Kings/ Crypt Ghouls.
Already I have a kitbashed model of a hybrid Wood elf/ Ghoul as a Ghoul king, a female sorcerer that stands over her minions as the elder hag witch of the army. She’ll be like the Queen/ close advisor for the Abhorrent king, guiding him on battle plans and etc.

Hope you guys enjoy the photography work! 🙂


King Ren, Abhorrent Ghoul King on TerrorgheistThe king in all his majestic glory, riding upon his fabled beast as they take flight in a rainbow glow of light (that’s what Ren thinks in his grand illusion that is). In reality, the king is but a mad man in rags, riding on a corpse bat with the aroma of dark magic pouring out from the Kings being.

The model is probably my favourite so far out of the collection, it’s pretty big, especially the wings! Painting the model was a joy to do, as I’ve tried out different layer applications to the model. The wings especially, I like how they looked once they were painted.

Elder Hag Queen, Hexter (Sycophant)The Queen of the Ghouls, Hexter is the Elder Hag of the court, advising the king on serious matters involving magic based situations that threaten the court. She also makes bone charms for the worthy warriors who have earned them by battle, taking them from the excessive bone growth of the Crypt Horrors.

The model was kitbashed using a wood elf archer and some spare bitz from the Crypt Ghouls kit. I’ve altered the right foot to be slightly angled in place on a spare bone claw, so she can be glued in place on the rock easily. The pony tail was taken from the Verminlord kit and shortend down to fit onto the model at the right length.

Frostbone knights (Crypt Horrors)The Frostbone Knights serve their Haunter lord, who attend the court to prepare the kings feast. However, on the battlefield they serve as the living shield wall for their master from artillery strikes. 

Where these ogres come from is a mystery to scholars and bards across Aqshy, however, they predict that these ogres follow Gorkamorka in the aspect of death and endless hunger. They’re also concerned as to why the banner holders of the unit hold an icon of the stag, could it be linked to the courts past, or even its religious deity?

Crypt Haunter ‘Face of Nagash’Face hidden beneath a rusty iron helmet, the Haunter is an ambassador of the undead legion of Nagash. The court attendants distrust him with scrutiny to his every move, however Ren sees this have an opportunity to bolster his forces with alligence to Nagash. Only time will tell if this allegiance will be succeful, or dammning to the courts existence.

Crypt Haunter, attendant at courtThe butcher of the court, this Haunter is the kings closest friend as allies, fighting in the name of the Liverbone court. His skills are far superior to his Crypt Courtiers, who dally about whilst he does the reaping in battle.

I tried to make this model look similar to his warrior kin, whilst also making sure to make him look more old and wise. The old bones growing out of him are a testement to his age and wisdom to the court, which are cut down for trinkets to his favoured warriors of the Frostbone Knights.

The model isn’t completed yet, although he looks exceptionaly good so far in the painting process.

Prince Alister (Sycophant)Just as mad as his farther, Alister takes great pride in yapping about his excellence and grandure for his royal linage. Some of his men are aspired by his deeds and honour, whilst others just want to shove troll waste down his greasy mouth for peace of mind.

The Crypt CourtiersThese two are the kings frontline leaders, ordering the minions to advance, patrol and spy on the enemy territory for new land to take. One is the courts youngest partrol leader in the courts history, whilst the other is an outcast ghoul from a fallen court who’s joined the court for his experience as a leader.


Hope you guys have enjoyed this post. They’ll be more updates on this collection in the near future, so keep an eye out in a couple of weeks for the next update.

If you have any questions, post a comment below, and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

Have a great week, and hope the winter snow doesn’t ruin your day this weekend.


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