The Dovaskar Legacy- part 2: The Red Queen

Today, present part two of The Dovaskar Legacy series, exploring one of Dovaskars ethereal allies, the mysterious Red Queen. Enjoy!

Greykeep is known for its myths and lost legends of old, including some legends that still roam the village to this day. But none are so vastly infamous as the lady of mystery herself, ‘The Red Queen’.

Her real name has been lost to the ages, since the Age of chaos began. All records of her true identity were destroyed during the fall of the Red Scarlet dynasty. All the souls of Greykeep are those who had fallen during the fall, many know each other from the past, but they have no knowledge of the accursed queen.

They say she my have been a Unknown necromancer who was killed by a hunting party of Nurgle spawns. Others say she may have been a hidden royal bloodline, hiding away as an embarrassment to her kin if her true origins were revealed. 

But alas, these are but theories from the lost, only Dovaskar knows of ‘The Red Queens’ origins. When war comes to the Ghur, in the ruins of the dead dynasty, the Queen will shriek her voice, and tear those who stand in her way.

|| Next up-part 3: Allthenius, King of ashes. Monday 9th May ||


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