Black Templars, 8th edition collection part 5 (Collection progress so far)

Today I’ll be showing my 8th edition collection progress that I’ve been working on for several weeks now. After four parts of hobby progress on my Black Templars collection, I thought it was about time I did a check list on what I’ve done so far for my army.

Bearer of the word, for the undivided!

I’m back with a new post on a project that’s been going on and off for a few years now. It’s a short post though, as I’m not feeling too enthusiastic to make a full post like usual. (Hopefully my enthusiasm will return once I’ve done completing my writing on my course work annotations. 🙂Continue reading “Bearer of the word, for the undivided!”

Fancy new bio pigeon

After much work on what my Tyranid models will be painted in, I’ve finally got a good colour scheme. I’ve used the colour guide from the Stormcast Eternals painting book, using the Celestial Warbringers armour coating.  I’ve used Drakenhoff nightshade as my shade, rather than the guides suggestive shade colour. This gives the model aContinue reading “Fancy new bio pigeon”

Infestation of unused models!

Today, I found some forgotten Tyranid models from the storage cupboard that were left there for several years (about six years to be exact).  Now that the Genestealer Cult has been announced for release on Saturday, I thought I might go back and recover my wasted Tyranids, and see if they might prove any useContinue reading “Infestation of unused models!”