We are now officially just near the halfway point in the calendar count down, and what better way to celebrate the season of joy, and happiness than to have a zealot priest cast you down to oblivion with his religious proclamations of the Dark Gods! That’s right. Doom and gloom descends down to this post to spread the grim darkness of the 41st millennium!

Since I’m on a tight schedule getting as many posts done as I can for the calendar count down, I won’t be able to add any lore background for this model today. But not to worry, as I have, instead, photos of my latest model painted to show you guys.

This model was part of the Dark Vengeance starter set for 6th/7th edition for the Chaos Space marines faction. Originally a Champion for the unit of Chosen, I’ve decided to make him my Dark Apostle as he looked more fitting with the gear he’s equipped with.

I’ve used the same colour scheme as usual, however, I’ve painted his shoulder pads and helmet strip red to represent his office as a Dark Apostle, being taught by the Word Bearers to preach the galaxy about the undivided Dark Gods (well, this one decided Nurgle was badass to be shared with the other three gods).


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


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