House Devine: plug into the Throne Mechanicum

Lately I’ve been feeling distant from doing my 40k projects. Three reasons why this is the case is due to 1) being busy focusing my time with my AoS projects finishing two factions and working on other army projects. 2) I’ve finishd most of my 40k projects apart from the Primaris projects, I’ve been waitingContinue reading “House Devine: plug into the Throne Mechanicum”

Astral Bears demi Company Collection, Chaplin, Aggressors and Intercessor squad

The Astral Bears 4th demi Company Collection

This year was set to be my final year of army building after years of investing into projects, some taking years to complete. I thought I had been satisfied with my work after painting my last Imperial army, the Crimson Fists. But, things have changed after the release of the new Space marine Codex andContinue reading “The Astral Bears 4th demi Company Collection”

Lords of the Night

It’s taken me some time to work on this project after weeks of paint striping, glueing and painting my neglected Chaos Space marines. I have way more to work on which is taking more time than usual (Warptalons are a pain to brush off), but thankfully I was able to get a few units readyContinue reading “Lords of the Night”

Nurgle month-week 3: Harbingers Death Guard

Today’s post is just going to be a visual post, as I’ve not planned any real backstory to the Harbingers Death Guard side. The collection is only recently been started, after buying myself the Death Guard Codex and Mythitic Blight hauler after Christmas. My collection will only be a small warband, as I don’t wantContinue reading “Nurgle month-week 3: Harbingers Death Guard”

12 days of winter [day 7]: Dark Millennium Faction Collection- Daemon Prince of Nurgle

[A quick message to you guys readingthis] It’s strange now that I’m posting loads of Chaos Space marine models on the blog for months now, I would never have imagined that I would be able to paint as many as I am now. To be honest, many of the models you have seen so farContinue reading “12 days of winter [day 7]: Dark Millennium Faction Collection- Daemon Prince of Nurgle”

12 days of winter [day 5]: Dark Millennium Faction Collection: Harbinger Legion- Dark Apostle

We are now officially just near the halfway point in the calendar count down, and what better way to celebrate the season of joy, and happiness than to have a zealot priest cast you down to oblivion with his religious proclamations of the Dark Gods! That’s right. Doom and gloom descends down to this postContinue reading “12 days of winter [day 5]: Dark Millennium Faction Collection: Harbinger Legion- Dark Apostle”

Dark millennium faction collection: Harbinger Legion- Chosen

The Chosen are veteran marines who have seen many battlefields and the slaughter that follows from their bolter and blade. Unlike most Chaos Space marines, the Chosen are well versed in combat, arming themselves with rare and finer weaponry than the renegade marines. For my Chosen, I’ve kitbashed mine using the Chaos Warriors kit mixedContinue reading “Dark millennium faction collection: Harbinger Legion- Chosen”