The Grey-mane truce, part 1: Stormhost lords of the Pisces

Today I thought I would post a backstory lore on my Stormhost that I’m currently building, this will show some context as to what my Stormhost intentions and background are about. Hope you guys enjoy the post!

In the eye of the storm, I rise from the ashes anew in coldness. Deprived of warmth and cowardness to all my enemies, and to those who would threaten the rulership of Sigmar. We are the half-lived, we care not for pride nor glory, but for the means to achive our duty. Lest we become what our elders had become, for damnation is their ways. 

We are the lords of Pisces, the tide that will devour our foes in the storm. Let none escape from our brooding hammers, for they seek vengeance at a whim.

Reincarnate and rise!!!

-Stormhost Pisces mantra, first told by Lord Celestant Karseverous the cold-born

Many Stormhosts have a hopefull mindset for sigmars great plans to retake the mortal realms, to rebuild what was lost from the golden age of mythical times. However, some Stormhosts have old agendas that linger from their past lives, seeking only to destroy and avenge their fallen people. One such Stormhost is the host of Pisces, or as other Stormhosts would name them as the ‘Half-lived’.

The reason why they are called the half-lived is a rumour, that they are so cold blooded in their actions, which could be effects caused by reforging so many times that they have lost their identity and souls by battle. Their eyes glow frost blue with inhuman stares under their helmets, implying that they have lost themselves forever in their brooding agenda.

What’s their agenda? It’s their sole purpose in life to retake their kingdom from the chaos gods, showing no mercy for the accursed taints of any who bear the mark of corruption. They seek to reclaim the Grey-mane Dynasty and re-establish a civilisation built  on the tenets of the new ways. 

So far they have reclaimed the heart of the Grey-mane dynasty capital, Lanius archvengus. However, they are being slowed down by the ghoul hordes of Elder Queen Hexter, who herself wants to reclaim the lands for her own twisted plans.

Heros of the storm

  • Lord Celestant Karseverous the cold-born, with his Dracoth Helixis
  • Knight-Questor Lancer Drakeoath
  • Lord Relictor Intonious Blackheart
  • Lord Castellant Gallenstein


Hope you have enjoyed this, of you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


[note: this is just fan fiction based post, and not officially apart of AoS lore. Stormcast and names that are apart of Games Workshops IP are owned by them and their respective property’s.]

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