Bind the flesh to metal with flame and misery.

Tear the emotions of mortality and goodness until nothing but void.

Combine the strongest components and materials from only the strongest subjects.

We much create the Chimera.

~chanting of the Cult of Chimera, during the creation of the Flesh Beast.

Working alongside the Harbinger Legion, the Cult of Chimera are a valuable asset to the legion for it’s war machines and ancient technology. Having proven their techno-Heresy skills when invading the Hive world of Torvalion, the cult has gained recognition and funding to build their influence for others to join.

It was the heretic Warpsmiths of the Cult of Chimera that created the unique breed of Helbrutes, the Flesh Beasts.

The Cult wear unfamiliar marks of armour that aren’t recognised by existing marks, nor altered marks of the renegade space marines. It is in fact suggested by the Tech priests of Mars, that the Cult has produced its own identity to distinguish it’s inner members.

The model was made using many spare bitz from many kits, including a classic resin metal model of a Dark Angel Space marine (I clipped its head off like a heretic 😏). The most obvious kit bashing was the helmet, taken from the Kharadron Overlords Set. I thought the alteration would look even more in line with the Dark Mechanicum.This kit bash model had saved me money and less hassle, than if I brought the official resin Warpsmith, having brought a few *cough* Finecast models in the past, I knew it wasn’t worth buying the resin one.

Whilst there’s no Mechatendrites on the model, I can just imagine it, and I think the model would look a tad bit silly with metal tentacles.

Anyway, that’s all there is to say for now on this model, but I will say that you should keep your eyes peeled for future posts, as the Cult of Chimera has influenced certain marines into their cult……

Next time, walking on four legs, bashing it’s two big claws and walks like a constipated sea crab, it’s the Defiler!……….yes……that’s all I have to say to be honest………(anti cliffhanger moment).


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!< em>-Bjorn


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