The Briar Queen (Fembruary 2020)

The last of my offering to the Fembruary challenge, The Briar Queen is a powerful Necromancer and Banshee who is the complete opposite to the Knight-Incantor. Whilst the former is a withering spirit who’s soul is branded to the will of Nagash, her life now eternally made to serve and destroy. The later is a reforged soul branded by Sigmar, made to fight in gleaming armour of Sigmarite to serve the God Kings cause.

The Briar Queen comes with six Nighthaunt Chainrasps, like a court of souls who follow their queens command. I’m still in the process of painting them and they’ll be up soon in my Inspired Soul Wars blog series.

That’s the end of my project work for the Fembruary challenge 2020. For my first ever participation in joining a community challenge I’ve done pretty good. I’d like to join more community challenges in the future as I like the community engagement and having a friendly contest to challenge myself and other like minded hobbyists.

If your interested to learn more about the Fembruary challenge, you can check out the official page here

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6 thoughts on “The Briar Queen (Fembruary 2020)

    1. It comes with the kit which was originally part of the Nighthaunt warband for the second Warhammer Underworlds range. The kit can be a little bit difficult to cut from the frame and put together, but it’s a nice set to look at once it’s all glued.

      Thank you! 🙂

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