(Version 2.0) Tomb of Farnjorll the bloody

This post is an updated version of my test campaign planning, this time with alterations to the backstory, goals and what system the campaign will based on.

The story

During the Age of Myth, a barbarian king of the salt seas of Skorton named Farnjorll, ruled his lands with an iron grip and a ruthless pursuit for riches and power. His tribe, the Dajnir, had built their culture around the cliffs of the salt seas of Skorton in the realm of Beasts, Known to be rich in sea life of colossal creatures of predators and prey. Large enough for the tribe to catch and feed the whole gathering for a month of food.

The king one day found a hidden cave on the coast line down south, which had been sealed by a long forgotten tribe centuries ago. He and his people opened the sealed cave to find a cold and unwelcoming Tomb. The king didn’t care for it’s dead inhabitants history, only treasure and power was his desire, so he ventured deep into the dark decaying carcass of the dead.

It was Farnjorll who first entered the tombs throne room, which was cast in shadows of the deepest darkness, save for areas of light lit by the tribes torches. The king entered the chambers of the extinct inhabitants throne room, marvelled by the epic scale that dwarfed him. Not long after, he found a crown on a black charcoal corpse that sagged on its crumbled Throne of stone and moss. It’s jaw was wide open, as if it was frozen in mid laughter at its eternal fate. The crown itself was made out of iron in a shape of criss cross horns like a stag, with amethyst covered gems that sparkled in deepest glows of purple. As he wore the crown, he was possessed of madness and raw power of the unknown surged within him. He was gifted with great necromantic power of the necromancer, and the curse of madness that sparks from his possessed sight. He killed all of his people out of lust for their souls like a leech. He set about casting his fell magics to raise the dead with words of another world. The dead had arisen, along with his dead people and the forgotten bones of the dead inhabitants. He at this point was known as the Farnjorll the cursed, for he had set about raiding the lands of the living with madness and crazed monologuing.

History will remember this monster for many atrocities including the saking of a civil city of Fendrike and many innocent towns in the lands of Skorton. Eventually though, the king was slain at the battle of the five crows, slain by none other than king Senartati of the Sandheart dynasty with his blade of the sun gods. The king of the desert lands was given a sign by his god (or ordered by Nagash, depending on which sources are true) to go to Skorton and slay the false necromancer. He fought the mad leech king with swift strikes and well timed counter attacks with his ancestors blade. Eventually, Farnjorll died with agony from a piercing blow through the stomach, and slowly turned into withered husk of a corpse.

Senartati Ordered his men to entomb this madman’s remains in a Tomb on an Island of no wealth, power, resources nor any foundation worth building for an empire. The corpse will be sent to a worthless tomb along with his dead soldiers, that will remind those who dare offend of the will Nagash and his fell Magic. However, the king didn’t realise that the crown on the corpses skull was the source of Farnjorll’s power, which still presented a threat to the lands of Skorton……

To this day, the crown has been waiting for its next host to control and enslave to it’s necromantic will. Events that will follow will shape the history of Skorton for it’s freedom of the crowns threat, or its sadistic power consumes its new host to destroy the people of Skorton.

Now a thunderstorm rages across the lands of Skorton, as the warriors of Sigmar seek to destroy the crown once and for all. They fear that that the long lost legends of the Leech kings return and its prophecy may come true. Lord Celestant Drayven, Lancer of Sigmar, comes to bring the wrath of Sigmar with his Sigmarite blessed lance, and destroy the evil that still lingers within the crypt of Farnjorll’s grace.

However, another faction joins from realm of Shyish, the Sandheart dynasty, seeks to reclaim the crown for their patron master, Nefferata, for she wants the crown for her own political agenda against her enemies. Led by the eternal Ak’henaton, he seeks to find the crown by all means necessary to keep his truce with the Blood Queen to endure.

Path to glory campaign planning

First game- First encounter, territory defence.

Time of war in Ghur. Playing pitch battle- Knife to the Heart (GHB 2)

Second game- advancing towards Skortan Crypts.

Playing Battle plan- Clash at Dawn (Skirmish battleplan)

Third game- finding the location of Farnjorll’s crypt within the confines of the Skorton Crypt archives.

Playing Skirmish Battle- Treasure Hunt (skirmish battleplan)

Fourth game-facing the horde

Time of war in Ghur. Playing Pitch battle- (Tk) Against the Horde (GBH 2)/ or Realmgate Wars- (SE) Hold or Die (GBH 1)

Fifth game- entering the island and find the tomb to capture the Leech king

Time of war in Ghur. Skirmish battle- Seize the relic. (Skirmish battleplan)

Sixth game- stop the Leech king and destroy the enemy player.

Time of war in Shyish Pitch battle- (TK) To bind the Storm (GBH 2) or Pitch battle- (SE) War of Storms (GBH 1)

Final outcome

D3 roll for Chosen ending of three choices

The Tomb Kings goal

As the Dynasty enters Skorton, they must ensure that they recover the crown for their Queen without failure. For it’s power could progress Neferatas own wicked plans to boost her authority in her political seat of power and influence. Ak’henaton, king of his undead legion, must recover this necromantic treasure by any means possible, and maintain his oath of truce to his Queen, or be turned to ash as well as losing his daughter.

However, the Great Necromancer Nagash has demanded that he should have the crown for himself, it’s power could be used to advance his return to dominance in Shyish. Whilst Neferata wouldn’t question her master, she would however, make Ak’henaton pay for betraying her loyalty.

The king must make a decision, give the crown to Neferata, Nagash, or maybe, somehow keep both his masters pleased by another way….

The Lords of the Pisces Stormhost goal

Sent by Sigmar to stop the new Leech king, the Stormhost must stop the threat from growing beyond control. As part of their growing alliance, the Lords of the Pisces seek to help the Skortons of their plight in return for their loyalty towards the Grey-mane Dynasty truce.

Lord Celestant Drayven, Lancer of Sigmar, has recently been reforged after being defeated during a failed scout attempt to regain the East Bastion of the Grey-mane Dynasty. Having lost more of his humanity, he is slowly becoming a cold and unforgiving automaton of vengeance. His remains humanity is all that he has left to endure, or else become a hollow shell.

The Stormhost can’t fail, for not only would the people of Skorton be doomed by both the Undead legions of Nagash, but also from the Leech Kings reawakening. Failure will result in shame which will hang heavily on every Lords of the Pieces, just like their past lives when they lost their homeland from Chaos. But if they can succeed, the Stormhost may just be able to turn the tide, and rebuild a new city in Skorton.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any suggestions or questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


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