[unofficial] Tomb Kings Battletome on Mengel Miniatures

A few days ago whilst I was looking through some hobby blog sites, I’ve found something that I had to spread the word on. A website called Mengel Miniatures has an article about an unofficial and fan made Tomb Kings battletome!

Tyler M and contributors have created a jaw dropping battletome, that many Tomb King players would be inspired to read and play. What’s even better is the fact that the battletome is on PDF, so it can be read anywhere on the go.

I have a friend who has a Tomb Kings army that he’s been using for a few AoS games now, creating an amazing backstory and colour scheme to represent his army. Sadly it’s a shame that the faction is no longer being supported in AoS, only carried on in the compendium download.

However, this stunning fan battletome has all of the existing warscrolls with new battalion warscrolls, alligence ability’s and so much more. If your a Tomb King collector, I would highly recommend you check out Mengel Miniatures website which I’ll link below:



Thank you for reading this post. If you can, check out Mengel Miniatures and spread the word about the site. Fan made projects like this deserve praise for the hard work and effort being put into the project.

Until next time guys, 


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