If there’s one thing I love most apart from table top hobby, it’s big metal alien robots from another planet. Or to be more specific, the Transformers franchise!

I still love the franchise even to this day, although I’m out of the loop when it comes to the latest releases and tv shows. But what has been on my mind since my younger days is that I seriously wanted a toy of G1 Soundwave. It got so bad that I’ve even considered it in my bucket list before I die, just to have Soundwave on my shelf would be an achievement in itself.

But now it’s finally happened, after nearly 15 years of waiting and searching, I’ve finally got Soundwave!

Ah yes, the alt mode of a giant caset player, nobody will notice how big it is…

The toy itself takes a lot of inspiration from it’s G1 origins, from the chest function, to the way the toy is designed. The visor colour is the exception, as originally Soundwave had a red visor. But I’m guessing the yellow is more contrastable than red compared to the dark blue body. 
The caset storage function is a nice gimmick in my opinion, it would have been even better if Ravage and Rat Bat were included in the set 😥.
Poseing wise, the toy certainly gets it right in the way you can pose the toy. I’ve gone for the cowboy style shooting pose, which looks great for Soundwave (if he wasn’t a Uncharismatic bore). 

I don’t what else there is to say to be honest, I’ve certainly enjoyed having sound wave in my collection. Now that the new film is on the horizon (which I’ll certainly not watch for my sanity), I might possibly buy one of the dinobots, the design on those guys are pretty sweet. 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post, if you want me to do more post like this one on my TF collection, post a comment below if your interested. Also, if you have any questions, post it in the comment section and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

Have a great day guys!,


4 thoughts on “Titans Return: Soundwave (a rambling of a Soundwave fan)

  1. I grew up with Transformers G1. Favourite toy by far. One of my biggest regrets was selling my Transformers when I grew into the teenage years. I was too cool for toys. What a mistake. I had all the Dinobots plus Scorponok. Friend had Metroplex.

    Are you sure that’s a G1 Soundwave though? I don’t recall Soundwave having a missile launcher in the cassette player. It looks alike a G2 edition.

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    1. Awesome! Back then they were metal and plastic toys if I remember rightly, not like today’s plastic iterations. I’ve only started collecting TF when Transformers Armada came out, so I hadn’t seen G1 until a few months later. However, I did find a Blitzwing toy (without the tank top attachment), still holds up to this day.

      Quite a good selection of toys you’ve collected, especially Scorponok. Is Scorponok a Headmaster in toy form, or just a big toy with a few alt modes?

      The Soundwave toy on the post is from the Titans Return range, it’s not the actual G1 toy version being re-painted, I should’ve probably have been more accurate on the toy. I’ll probably research it and see what it was re-moulded from.

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      1. I thought it might have been a Headmster, since (I think they call the alien race the Nebulons?) created a city sized Scorponok as well as a Headmaster in the G1 TV series. The Bay version was a let down, not a true reflection of the lore deprecation of Scorponok. There again, Soundwave in the Bay films wasn’t that great either.


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