When Skryre got steam

I’m back with more painted Skaven models done after a few days of spraying and painting my batch of models. I’m getting many backlog models (even neglected ones from 7-8 years ago) painted in order to finally getting a fully painted army ready for gaming.

Today, I have three wizards (one a rocket looney, another a self egotistical renaissance Warlock Engineer and an old Grey Seer) and one Doomwheel.

First up is my second Warlock Engineer, who’s sporting a very proud crest and a fancy warplock pistol. His ego is as long as his halberd (no innuendo joke), so much so he even states his halberd is his way of boasting his genius whilst slashing it at his captives (they prefer a swift death since his boasting is said to drain the life force of any individual who hears his crap).

Next up is my own kitbash of the newest leader option for Clan Skryre, the Warlock Bombardier. I really like this model as it looks ridiculous, but also pretty cool! I think it’s the weird combination of kitbashing of parts that make it kinda unique. I hope to get the official model one day when it gets released as a single kit.

The last Metal Model I brought before Finecast took over for a short period, this Grey Seer has had a rough journey over the years. My first paint job wasn’t amazing as I painted his cloak purple (back when my Skaven army had purple to represent the clans name which I won’t say). Now he’s updated with a better look to fit in with the Grey Seers description. Compared to the latest plastic Grey Seer version, I prefer this metal model as he has the four goat horns which I think look better.

This is my fourth (and hopefully the last repaint) time I’ve painted this model after years of bad painting. It’s a relief now that I’ve painted this model at a good standard, which has made me happy now to use this killing machine in my army lists.

The banner symbols were done using an artist pen to draw the designs based on the Skaven 7th ed art. A way easier method than using black paint as it takes less time to do, and more precise than taking ages using a fine paint brush.


That’s all I have to show for today, but before I go, I thought I’d share my current progress on painting my Skaven army. Rather than making a long list of models I have for each Clan, I’ve decided to just number the units of the total Clan numbers and combine them to total my current progress.

Total painted units of each Clan

  • Clan Moulder- 11 Units
  • Clan Verminus- 3 units
  • Master Clan- 3 units
  • Clan Pestilence- 6 units
  • Clan Esher- 2 units
  • Clan Skryre- 7 units

Total Skaven painted

  • 32/37

most units left to paint are from both Clan Verminus and Clan Skryre, mostly Clanrats they need painting. I’ve only got three more Skryre units left before I’ve finished with the Clan for now.

Then maybe a I can add some Stormfiends………one day……..

I’m looking forward to show you guys the current full army collection once I’ve either painted all the Clanrats, or at least have two units of Clanrats done.

Next up, the last three Skryre units I’m currently working on, with two weapon teams and a Warlock Engineer.

Until next time!


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