What Is New Grim?

What Is New Grim?

Apologies for not getting this post out on the 31st of December last year as promised, due to my lazy timing in getting it done and wanting to have more time to finalise it to my liking.

I’ve been doing this in a few blog posts throughout the months of last year, each post hinting about the world of New Grim. Ever since the first post there has been one big question, what would happen if 1999’s last second was the dawn of a new dark age in Grimsby?

Yeah Grimsby, not the world, not New York and certainly not some blockbuster cliche city. Instead my whole creative story focuses on a city that’s largely had a bad reputation in the media as a run down city past its golden days. Wether it’s true or not, Grimsby does however offer an opportunity as great place to photograph post apocalyptic scenes (if you know where to find them!).

After leaving college last year I needed a long break from doing art work, as my motivation and energy was spent up on getting my final project done. I felt that I needed to give some time to do other things whilst my imagination and creativity had time to recover. Then after a few months I saw one of the few tower blocks in Grimsby were being demolished, they looked like post apocalyptic carcass’s.

That’s when it hit me that I’ve found my inspiration, a photography/ digital art series on a fictional divergent timeline in 1999. What better place to do that than Grimsby! Why 1999? Well I liked the idea of doing a divergent timeline where today’s technology, lifestyle and even history in nearly twenty years had been taken away by war and massacre.

But what should I call this new art series? I didn’t want a silly Sci-Fi name, nor something too cliche with “apocalyptic” or “Atomic” to name it. Then I decided why not New Grim? Shorten Grimsby to ‘Grim’ as a more grim (ha) and disturbing title.

Set in what was once called Grimsby, New Grim is an art and literature series that explores many horrific and alternative world subjects from the New Grim Cult, to the reorganised British military.

I don’t want this creative project to be just another post apocalyptic world that’s similar to the likes of Fallout, Mad Max, Metro and so on. The series is mainly focusing on the city of Grimsby and it’s changes through the decades, as its culture and identity will be explored through the eyes of those that inhabit the dead city.

My posting schedule for New Grim will be as of when I’m ready to post, as the art and photography (as well as planning) will take time to create and post. But I at least intend to post at least one or two New Grim posts a month.


Thank you for reading this post! If you have any questions or suggestions on what you’d like to see, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


2019 book reading challenge!

2019 book reading challenge!

After counting how many books I’ve read last year, I was surprised to learn that I made a big record of reading twelve books (one being an Omnibus so it’s technically fourteen books), so this year I want to beat that record by reading more books this year. I still have some books left to read on my book shelf, including the Soul Drinkers six book series.

Below is a list of what I’ve read last year, (R) means re-reading books I’ve already read to have a second read to learn things I’ve missed, (S) means second hand book that I’ve brought and (C) means continuing a book I haven’t progressed further from reading years ago but finished this year.

Books I’ve finished reading in 2018

  • Gaunts Ghosts: The Founding, by Dan Abnett
  • (R) The First Heretic, By Aaron Dembski Bowden
  • (R) Horus Heresy: Brotherhood of the Storm, by Chris Wright
    (S) Horus Heresy: False Gods, by Graham McNeill
    The Primarchs: Fulgrim the Palatine Phoenix, by Josh Reynolds
    The Primarchs: Lorgar the Bearer of the Word, by Gav Thorpe
    The Primarchs: Sons of the Emperor, by various authors
    Warhammer AoS: Soul Wars, by Josh Reynolds
    Fifteen Hours, by Mitchel Scanlon
    Warhammer AoS: Winters Heart, by Nick Horth
    Warhammer AoS: The Red Hours, by Evan Dicken
    (C) United States of Japan, by Peter Tieryas

That’s quite a lot of book I’ve read last year, especially finishing an omnibus! Admittedly, some of the books on the list were an on and off progress that were a year or two ago started.

This year I’ve already finished four books, and today I’ve finished reading my fifth book!

Books read so far in 2019

  • (S) The Rats, by James Herbert
  • (S) Lair, by James Herbert
  • Legacy of Dorn, by Mike Lee
  • (R) Horus Heresy: The Crimson Fist, by John French
  • (S) Horus Heresy: Galaxy in Flames, by Ben Counter

In January things were pretty quite so I had tons of time to get reading some books. I’m hoping to get more of my backlog of books read this year as well as buying mire second hand books, only rarely buying new books unless I really like it.

So what’s on my list to read going forward? Well I’m currently reading the third and last book in James Herbert’s Rat trilogy series (and so far, holy sh!t is it a horror fest to read, guys a genius when it comes to writing fiction!). I’ve also got some Warhammer AoS and 40k books to read as well.

Here’s what’s on my incredibly long list of books to read, I won’t be able to finish all of these books this year tbh, but I’m hoping to pass my previous record.

  • Domain, by James Herbert
  • Warhammer AoS: Nagash, The Undying King, by Josh Reynolds
  • Titanicus, by Dan Abnett
  • Space Marine Hero’s, by various Authors
  • Souls Drinkers: Redemption, by Ben Counter
  • Soul Drinkers: Annihilation, by Ben Counter
  • Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at sixteen book 1 and 2 by Takaya Kagami
  • Horus Heresy: Path of Heaven, by Chris Wright
  • Horus Heresy: Betrayer, by Aaron Dembski Bowden
  • Horus Heresy- Primarchs: Magnus Master of Prospero
  • Inside the Firm, by Tony Lambrianou
  • Elric of Malniboné, by Michael Moorcock
  • The sailor on the Seas of Fate, by Michael Moorcock
  • The land Leviathan, by Michael Moorcock
  • Warqueen, by Darius Hinks
  • Drachenfels, by Jack Yeovil

Wish me luck!


The Skaven are here!

Holy heck GW did it, after three years of waiting and waiting and waiting, the children of the Horned Rat are finally getting their own Battletome! Not only that, their finally going to be united in one book!

As a Skaven fan boy, this is what I need for AoS and it’s coming really soon. The dread of having to buy six Battletomes for each clan is no more, just a single book that covers all factions. Not only that, but I can finally learn what the f@£k happened to the Skaven after the End Times, as AoS is vague on the Skaven society as a whole, with only Pestilence getting the most background fleshed out.

Before I lose my head and explode from excitement, I’d like to make a wish list/ things I would like to see for the Skaven Battletome.

1- Make Clan Moulder awesome

Playing Clan Moulder a year or two ago was a fun experience as I’ve never played them much before, but I found playing them to be less enjoyable. I’m hoping GW will give use more unit options like different breeds of Giant Rats, different breeds have different characteristics and effects in play. Or even a Master Moulder option as a leader, rather than just Packmasters (we only get one HQ option so far!).

2- Make some units universal to all clans

My biggest issue with the divided factions by GW is how it made some armies lose their identity as separate small armies, and made a lot less sense for me to collect them. For example, Skaven Slaves used to be the bread and butter for all Skaven factions, wether as hordes for Clan Pestilence, Clan Moulder or Clan Skryre. But when GW decided to separate the Skaven into sub factions, some units became battleline only to their faction. Skaven Slaves got completely taken out and put as an Old World warscroll.

So far only Clanrats are a universal battleline for the Skaven, which is limiting to the variety of options that used to be open for 8th ed. You had the option for many core units including Stormvermin, Giant Rats, Night Runners and etc.

I’ve listed below my suggestions as for what I’d consider to be a universal battleline option, based on the 7th ed Skaven book. I’ve left some out, like for example Stormvermin would be a good unit as a Verminous exclusive Battleline.

  • Clanrats
  • Giant Rats
  • Rat Swarm
  • Skaven Slaves.

I think these options will open up more ways to build a Skaven force, as well as a variety of ways to create lore friendly lists if players want to recreate battles using points.

3- Don’t make the Horned Rat plain

If there’s one universal rule to the Skaven is that Skaven, Skaven never change. Their selfish, cowardly, backstabbing evil little vermin that have no concept of love and respect. Now it’s silly to suggest GW would change the Skaven and their traits that make them fascinating and frightening.

However, such gods like Khorne have become generic as being just being all about the skulls, blood and violence. Now that’s always been part of Khorne’s characteristic for many years, but what made Khorne fascinating was his aspect of honour of fair combat when it came to war, he will not tolerate backstabbing or trickery for he despises such things. He rewards the strongest for not being a coward who hides behind trickery to prove he/she’s power, but for their near fanatical ability to face their foes with their own strength.

For the Horned Rat, don’t just make it a plain god (nor that he is one) but add more dynamic lore to his deity. The idea set by the Clan Pestilence Battletome about the clan swaying the god to the ways of Pestilence is an interesting concept. Are other clans trying to sway their god to their cause? What if Clan Esher swayed their god to the aspect of the assassin?

4- More Verminlord variants

We already have five different variants of the Verminlords including a named character, but out of all six clans, only four clans have these demi gods. Hopefully when the Skaven do get more models made in the future (as I doubt GW are doing any new units for the upcoming Battletome), I’d like to see Clan Moulder and Clan Skryre get their own Verminlord demi gods.

If I remember right, in the Skaven Endtimes novel by Guy Haley, there was a Verminlord that was described as Skryre geared being.

5- Have Jeremy Vetock write the Battletome

Last time the Skaven had a unified army book was way, way, way back at the near end of 2009 (with a second wave splash release in 2010 I think). That’s nearly a decade! Well, they did have the Thanqoul End Times book for expansion rules and new units, but that’s not an entirely whole army book.

What made the last Skaven army book so awesome was the writer of the 7th edition book, Jeremy Vetock, who I think may or may not have also written the Clan Pestilence book for AoS. He knows how to write the Skaven, their culture, phycology and organisation for war. As well as a few background writers who have also contributed interesting lore, I think the Skaven book will feel like a natural continuation from its old world ancestor army book.


I could add more to this post, but it would take forever to write and be too long to read! So I’ll stop it from here for today. I’m thinking of posting my plans for my collection leading up to the new release, maybe an army list or ideas that I might have.

But for now, I think Sektretch needs my assistants for his “nefarious” plans………

Until next time!


Primaris Crimson Fists: part V, Chaplin

Third in line to my HQ pool is the Primaris Chaplin, which was kitbashed using a Castigator model and spare Primaris bitz. I thought it would be cheaper to make my own Chaplin by using my imagination and parts I have spare. It’s saved me some money considering the official Primaris Chaplin is over £20!

I’ve got another unit to add to my collection to fill in the second slot for troops, that being scouts with sniper rifles. I’m aiming to at least have three troop units to bulk my collection and use the second detachment requirement.

After that, it’s just a matter of deciding which elite unit I want to add to my collection to finish off this project.

Until next time!


My First plastic kits

In between now and next Friday will mark my 10th anniversary starting the hobby (by estimation, as I can’t remember what date I started exactly in February), so I’ve decided to share pictures of my first two model kits I started with. Not Warhammer fantasy battles, nor Warhammer 40k, but instead from the LoTR franchise.

Way back during 2009 after I’ve found my local GW store, I chose the LoTR stater set which was the Mines of Moria Goblins. I didn’t like the Warhammer Fantasy started kit, as the Night Goblins looked boring (back in my early teens I thought so). I couldn’t get the Warhammer 40k set as my parents didn’t like the concept of a violent future where there’s only war.

Looking back, I didn’t really gel well with LoTR tabletop game as I felt I couldn’t really create my own characters, and the story wasn’t something you could change as it was already set in stone. Also, I didn’t enjoy the game that much, even at my local GW store I used to play at felt uninspiring to play LoTR. So it wasn’t long until I left LoTR and move onto Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

As you can see in the first photo, my painting was far from a decent beginners painting. I’m still surprised to this day that I used to paint like that compared to today’s model painting.

I’ve also had another kit which didn’t fair as good as my Goblins. You’ll notice both units don’t have round bases, that’s because I’ve used them for my Skaven and Dark Elves after AoS was released. So I have two very bad looking units that haven’t received a proper paint project since I’ve first brought them.

The last of my LoTR purchase was the big starter set I brought with my brother to share. On the one hand I had more cool looking Goblins, but on the other hand, both me and my brother stopped playing LoTR months later when we got more immersed into Warhammer.

And so that’s a short story of my first interaction with glueing and painting models. Not my finest beginnings like many would recount, but I’ve learnt much from those early days and got to this point in life.

As what I can do with these left over models, I’m not sure to be honest. On the one hand I’d like to re-paint them and base them as substitutes for AoS models (Free-Guild or mercenary warbands). But on the other, I want to leave them as they are as a reminder of those early days of learning and growing in the hobby.

That’s all for today. I’ve got more posts coming out this month to celebrate my 10th anniversary of tabletop hobby. Keep your eyes peeled, or if your a mutant, your third eye peeled.

Until next time!


10th hobby anniversary month

In February I’ll be celebrating my 10th anniversary starting my hobby in Games Workshop’s Warhammer Fantasy battles and Warhammer 40k. All because of a White Dwarf magazine appeared on a magazine shelf for me in 2009, like some secret gateway……..

I’ve got some ideas ready to roll out for the month (I have at least 3-4 on draft at the moment!) sharing some stories, old crap painted models and other stuff. I’m not certain what the my timetable will be for posting, as I don’t want to promise a schedule that might be changed. But I’m sure to do my best to make good content*.

I wanted to include you, my readers to vote on which artwork you want to be featured for the month of celebration. Just comment which numbered artwork your voting for (and only one vote), and by the end of this week I’ll reveal the winning artwork.

Here’s the lineup!




Thank you for reading this post. Keep your eyes peeled next week for the start of a month long celebration. If you have any questions or suggestions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can.

Until next time!


*- content that may or may not be worthy for the High Lords of Terra.