Over the past couple of days I’ve been researching all things Skaven, from new lore in the sample Battletome preview and updated rules for the Skaven in the AoS app.

All things went well. Lore so far was good with the established location of Blight City, and some small bits about post End Times history. But when it came to looking at the AoS warscroll app for the updated Skaven rules, well, I’ll be honest I was not happy with some of the changes implemented.

I’ll list my reasons.

  1. No more Shock prod Pack Master option
  2. Poisoned Wind Mortar is no longer an option
  3. Warlord (Clawlord now) has only one weapon option
  4. Giant Rats are a joke, their old rules were worth building a unit of 30+.

The positives

  1. The Master Moulders are back, and has a useful ability of restoring defeated units back into the field.
  2. Pack Master can be taken in units of three, I can see that being a useful change.
  3. Grey Seers are mad as ever
  4. The option to have a United Skaven army is a dream come true for many long time Skaven players

Anyways, on a brighter subject, I have more units painted for my Skaven army. Plague Priest

Plague Censer Bearers

Poisoned Wind Globadires

That’s all from me for today. I’m planning on doing more of my 10th anniversary posts, as I haven’t done many for the past week with the Skaven being my main focus at the minute. Hopefully after my next batch of Skaven models are painted I can go back to my original post work.

Until next time!


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