Warshrine of Khorne, Skullfiend Tribe Collection

3 thoughts on “Warshrine of Khorne, Skullfiend Tribe Collection

    1. Thank you! 🙂

      I built it out of spare bitz I had in storage, and basically constructed this abomination Warshrine with a bit of creativity inspired by old Warhammer Fantasy artwork.

      I have a lot below of what I roughly used to build the Warshrine.

      -1 broken long pillar, broken horns and Skull from arcane ruins set
      -1 pillar from an old The Lord of the Rings beginner box set
      -1 Bloodreaver
      – A Screaming bell fume altar
      – old square bases
      – Khorne symbol from previous kit of Chaos Space Marines
      – resin sprue, plastic paint brush pipe, Stormtalon thruster and round base for the effect of a floating monolith/ pillar.

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