Rejuvenation for the Bloodbound of the Skullfiend Tribe

Following on from my last post I have more Khorne units painted, including a full unit of ten Blood Warriors finally completed! I’ve also got some WIP kitbashing stuff to be added with the army, since I’m feeling really good about the current pace this project is going at. Originally after I’ve painted my lastContinue reading “Rejuvenation for the Bloodbound of the Skullfiend Tribe”

Gathering of the bloody

As I continue to paint more Khorne Bloodbound models to my ever growing collection of the Skullfiend Tribe, I look back and see how far I’ve gotten with my finished models and take pride that my time wasn’t wasted on TV soap operas (and complain to my Xbox One’s lack of faith like one ofContinue reading “Gathering of the bloody”

AoS faction collection: Axes of Skarbrand, Blood warriors

In the realm of Aqshy, in the lands of a fallen dynasty, a bastion on the outskirts of the dynasty stands as a corrupted vigilante mockery of it’s past purity. At the top of the Gorespite bastion, a heavily armoured warrior in black trim and red plating is watching the landscape ahead of him asContinue reading “AoS faction collection: Axes of Skarbrand, Blood warriors”