3D model robot-part 3: test design part 3

Continuing on from the last part in my 3D model design series, this time I’ve spray painted the whole body and legs seperatly, to see how the model looked once basecoated.

The tape didn’t really go down well, it looked odd from the basecoat. I originally thought it might look smooth but wrinkled once I applied the spray paint, but from the outcome it doesn’t seem to meet my expectations.

However, I was pleased that the top half of the model looks really good in the basecoat. I liked how the tikka lid and the eye stand out a lot more, it looked really smooth as a finishing touch that blended all the parts together. 

I’m also pleased that my sprayed leg parts have overal looked good, surprisingly it was the one that wasn’t sanded that did well. The sanded one looked a bit too rough and scratched to suit my ideal design choice, but I’ll keep it as a reference for future planning.

So for my planning on my final design, I’ll super glue the parts, rather than tapeing them together. That way I’ll have a professional presentation appearance to the model, with some alterations to help it look believable.

Next part will be about the what I’ve Learnt from the test design, and how can transfer improvements to the final design planning.

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