3D model robot- part 4 [update]

This is just an update blog on what I’ve done so far with the final design model. 

So the pipes I used on the model weren’t as weightless as I thought they were, as they couldn’t hold onto the plant pot by the glue and kept tear off from the bonding. The solution was to use liquid gel cases as the loot of the model, which as you can see from the pic above I’ve only glued one at the moment.

I’ve made extra effort to glue the pots by making a glue barrier around the middle section, just tosecure  the put together. This has resulted in a more stable bonding of the pots to join together, although I’ll need to sand off the glue edgings to make the surface more smoother.

The spray paint process didn’t go as well as I thought, I only had half a small can left of gloss white, which as you can see from the picture above, hasn’t covered much. So I’m hopefully going to get more gloss white spray paint to completely finish off the basecoat stage.

This Friday I’ll be posting part 4 of ‘The Dovaskar Legacy’, I couldn’t do last Friday due to a really busy week, sorry about that. But hopefully I can post part 4 on schedule this time. 


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