3D model robot- part 5: painting and testing techniques

Here’s part five of the 3D model design process, this time I’m focusing on starting to paint the model in plain basecoating. Then I’ll be building this up in several parts, building layers until I get a professional painted model.

Carrying on from part 4, I’ve completely basecoated the model in gloss white spray paint. Whilst it was sort of successful, part of the paint came off due to my incompitence to realise that part of the newspaper sheet was stuck onto the paint whilst drying.

The 135 degree pipes legs were too tedious to glue onto the model, so I’ve made an alternative to use three liquid washer caps. These were more useful to use as they can be glued easily, and they can balance the model without support. 

Now that the whole model is basecoated, I then decided to choose what paints I’ll use for my colour schemes. Using techniques and processes that I’ve previously used in past projects, that are suitable for this project.

Below is my collective picture progress on my painting process for the model.

I’m pretty much impressed with the finished outcome, the model looks really impressive. I tried to keep it in the project theme of 1950’s sci-fi art, not making it too modern in appearance.
My next and final step is to create a background for my model, so I can do some photography work as a final project presentation. I’ll posting updates on the project at some point next week.

[note: I’ve been very busy from a lot of prep work for my art and exams, so I haven’t had much time to do much blogging of late. Hopefully once I’ve done all that, I’ll be going back to posting updates on my Clan pestilence collection, and my on going narrative blog series ‘The Dovaskar legacy’. Hope you guys have a good day 😊]

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