3D model robot- part 6: designing backgrounds

Now that I’ve completed painting my model, the next part is to decide what my background will be for my project. Using mediums that can give a bright and professional presentation when applied to my background designs.
I’ve decided to do two different background designs for my final design robot as a scenic background. I used pro marker pens as my medium of use, but I did two different techniques for the designs. One as a detailed pro marker background, and the other in ink drawing and on purpose contamination colouring.

I then made duplicate photocopies of the original picture, altering them for effects and tone to see which two of both designs  will be used in the photography process. 

Las Vegas on Mars

Moon outpost 

Currently I’m in the process of choosing which design effect picture I’ll choose for my background photography work. I’ll post an update on my decision either later on today, or tomorrow. 

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