My First plastic kits

In between now and next Friday will mark my 10th anniversary starting the hobby (by estimation, as I can’t remember what date I started exactly in February), so I’ve decided to share pictures of my first two model kits I started with. Not Warhammer fantasy battles, nor Warhammer 40k, but instead from the LoTR franchise.

Way back during 2009 after I’ve found my local GW store, I chose the LoTR stater set which was the Mines of Moria Goblins. I didn’t like the Warhammer Fantasy started kit, as the Night Goblins looked boring (back in my early teens I thought so). I couldn’t get the Warhammer 40k set as my parents didn’t like the concept of a violent future where there’s only war.

Looking back, I didn’t really gel well with LoTR tabletop game as I felt I couldn’t really create my own characters, and the story wasn’t something you could change as it was already set in stone. Also, I didn’t enjoy the game that much, even at my local GW store I used to play at felt uninspiring to play LoTR. So it wasn’t long until I left LoTR and move onto Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

As you can see in the first photo, my painting was far from a decent beginners painting. I’m still surprised to this day that I used to paint like that compared to today’s model painting.

I’ve also had another kit which didn’t fair as good as my Goblins. You’ll notice both units don’t have round bases, that’s because I’ve used them for my Skaven and Dark Elves after AoS was released. So I have two very bad looking units that haven’t received a proper paint project since I’ve first brought them.

The last of my LoTR purchase was the big starter set I brought with my brother to share. On the one hand I had more cool looking Goblins, but on the other hand, both me and my brother stopped playing LoTR months later when we got more immersed into Warhammer.

And so that’s a short story of my first interaction with glueing and painting models. Not my finest beginnings like many would recount, but I’ve learnt much from those early days and got to this point in life.

As what I can do with these left over models, I’m not sure to be honest. On the one hand I’d like to re-paint them and base them as substitutes for AoS models (Free-Guild or mercenary warbands). But on the other, I want to leave them as they are as a reminder of those early days of learning and growing in the hobby.

That’s all for today. I’ve got more posts coming out this month to celebrate my 10th anniversary of tabletop hobby. Keep your eyes peeled, or if your a mutant, your third eye peeled.

Until next time!


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